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Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES)/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Yie Ar Kung-Fu (NES).

Text Values

  • 0x00A33 to 0x00A39 = "WANG". text at Bottom Right.
  • 0x00A3C to 0x00A41 = "TAO". text at Bottom Right.
  • 0x00A44 to 0x00A4A = "CHEN". text at Bottom Right.
  • 0x00A4D to 0x00A53 = "LANG". text at Bottom Right.
  • 0x00A56 to 0x00A5A = "MU". text at Bottom Right.
  • 0x00B4B to 0x00B51 = "DEMO". text at Bottom in Middle.
  • 0x00AD4 to 0x00ADB = "LEVEL". text at Title Screen.
  • 0x00AE8 to 0x00AF0 = "KONAMI". text at top of Screen.
  • 0x00AF3 to 0x00AFB = "SELECT". text at Title Screen.
  • 0x00A69 to 0x00A70 = "STAGE". text at Top Right.
  • 0x00ACC to 0x00AD0 = "KO". text at Bottom in Middle.
  • 0x00A7D to 0x00A84 = "PAUSE". text at Middle of Screen.