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In the interest of a more organized ROM hacking community, the administration of the PK Hack community has come to several conclusions based on the extant evidence. One of these being, while the PK Hack community's uniqueness makes it important in the realm of ROM hacking, it also can serve as a model for a greater unification among the general ROM hacking community. It is then, in this interest that we created datacrystal.org which is now datacrystal.romhacking.net. This site is intended to be a repository of all hacking knowledge, a resource for hackers of any console.

Data Crystal's usages have many parallels to Wikipedia and therefore, many of the What Wikipedia is not rules apply to Data Crystal. More specific rules are stated below, including differences from Wikipedia.

What Data Crystal can be

Data Crystal can be a pseudo-dictionary.
Because ROM hacking involves the use of many specialized terms, we encourage the creation of pages to define terms. However, these articles should include more than a simple definition and should be linked to from other pages (see our policy on orphaned pages.)
Data Crystal can be a publisher of original thought.
ROM hacking often involves pioneering work, so we encourage you to submit your own work to Data Crystal. However, please only submit verifiable information. Please do not use Data Crystal for opinion pieces or non-ROM hacking work.
Data Crystal can contain lists of data.
Because of the nature of ROM Hacking, especially ROM and RAM maps, some articles may begin as lists of offsets. However, we expect that these lists will then be supplemented with additional content.

What Data Crystal is not

Data Crystal is not an instant message service.
While we provide user and talk pages, these are not meant for the transmission of messages or to and from our users. Many users have contact information listed on their talk page; please use this to contact them.
Data Crystal is not an image board.
While we do allow the uploading of images for reference purposes, please limit yourself to only a few images per article. Images deemed inappropriate (especially joke images and sexually explicit images) will be removed. Please only upload images to be used in articles.
Data Crystal is not a message board.
Please do not ask ROM hacking related questions using Data Crystal; you're welcome to visit romhacking.net/forum and ask questions about ROM hacking.
Data Crystal is not a free space provider or webhost.
We ask that except for image files, you host such things as hacks and utilities on your own webspace. There are many free webspace providers on the Internet for other purposes.
Data Crystal is not anarchy.
We have specific rules and guidelines, and ask that our users follow them if they wish to have continued access to datacrystal.romhacking.net. On the other hand, we also ask users who have issues with said rules, guidelines or procedures to post their comments on the appropriate discussion pages.
Data Crystal is not a source of free advertising or propaganda.
Opinions on game consoles, advertisement-like feature lists for hacking utilities and qualitative language regarding games, hacks and utilities are generally not welcome on Data Crystal.
Data Crystal is not a gaming encyclopedia.
If information is available on Wikipedia, for example, it is generally outside the scope of Data Crystal. We seek to collect ROM hacking information, not simply gaming information. Please only create pages when there is rom hacking information to be added to them.