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About samurai goroh

My nick comes from the famous futuristic racing game called F-zero. He's the best racer to make records on the Snes game ;)

  • Samurai Goroh is a bounty hunter, just like Captain Falcon. He's the boss of an intergalactic group of bandits with a terrible reputation. His hideout is said to be located at Red Canyon. Antonio Guster used to be the right hand of Goroh, but Guster betrayed him.
  • His car is called Fire Stingray. In general lacks in acceleration but compensates in Max Speed & Body. It's a good vehicle to start in any F-zero game that has this car :P...
  • His wife is Lisa Brilliant & his son is Dai Goroh. Lisa only appears on F-zero GP Legend & Dai only appears on F-zero GX.
  • His rivals are Captain Falcon & Antonio Guster.
  • According to F-zero Climax profile, Goroh has 45 years, was born on April 22nd & has a bloodtype of O+


I'm interested mostly in 2 things: Videogames & Chess.

Final Fantasy V is one of the RPGs I love most & is the one I have most knowledge. I've made a Low Level Game FAQ, TAS run, ROM editor & zsnes save state editor. I've also made subtitles for the TAS run...

As for chess, I play on-line at FICS and solve problems at chesstempo.


This space I'll be using as a sandbox to try wiki stuff...



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