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Control Code Description
[00] (Line Break) This code causes a line break in a text window. The cursor will drop down to the start of the next line. If the cursor is already at the bottom of the window, the text will simply be scrolled up and will start printing again at the start of the same line. As commonly used in EB, a [00] will either be followed by a bullet symbol (type @ in most EB editors) or two spaces to keep everything nice and lined up.
[01] (Start on Blank Line; Capitalization of "The") This code behaves similarly to [00]. It will cause the text window's cursor to drop down to the next line. However, this code will have no effect if the cursor is already on a blank line. This code is useful for ensuring that text will be printed on a new line when you do not know what text will precede it, such as after a menu or conditional jump. In addition, in battle, this controls whether or not the word "the" is capitalized when the "the" flag is used: it is decapitalized if there is no [01], and capitalized otherwise.