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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES).

RAM Address Description
$0000 - $0017 Temp/Scratch memory
$0019 Temp X Register Backup
$001a Temp Y Register Backup
$001b Current Game State ID
$001c Substate ID of Current Game State
$001e Global Timer
$001f NMI Ignore Flag
$0020 Disable Rendering Timer
$0021 Current PRG Bank
$0027 Current CHR Bank 0
$0028 Current CHR Bank 1
$0029 - $002a HUD PPU Position (stored as big endian value)
$002c Current Primary BG Color
$0030 - $0031 Current Buttons being Pressed
$0032 - $0033 Current Buttons being Held
$0035 Game is Paused Flag
$0036 Pausing is Disabled Flag
$0045 Random Number (used for things based on randomization)
$0046 Continues (You start with 3)
$0048 World Number
$0055 Technodrome Location Subarea ID (Can be 2, 3, or 4)
$0056 Has Rescued Captured Turtle in Level Flag
$0057 Captured Turtle ID
$0059 PRG Bank before Sound Engine Update
$005b Whether the special weapon is selected or not
$005c Is Inside Subarea Flag (0 if overworld, 1 if subarea)
$005d Current side-scrolling area (0 in overhead areas)
$005e Is Mandatory Fight Flag (0 = false, 1 = fight queued, 2 = miniboss, 3 = boss)
$0067 Current Turtle Selected (0:Leo, 1:Raph, 2:Mike, 3:Don)
$006e Item(s) in Subarea Collect (bitwise and depends on subarea)
$0073 Leo's Special Weapon (0:Nothing, 1:Stars, 2:Triple Stars, 3:Boomerangs, 4:Scrolls)
$0074 Raph's Special Weapon
$0075 Mike's Special Weapon
$0076 Don's Special Weapon
$0077 Leo's Energy ($00 - $80)
$0078 Raph's Energy
$0079 Mike's Energy
$007a Don's Energy
$007d Disarmed Bombs (bitwise)
$0080 - $0081 Destroyed Barricades (bitwise)
$00a0 Last Turtle Selected Upon Pause (Set when pause screen starts. Mainly used for writing which turtle has been caught)
$00a7 Amount of Ropes ($00 - $63)
$00a8 Leo's Special Weapon Quantity ($00 - $63)
$00a9 Raph's Special Weapon Quantity
$00aa Mike's Special Weapon Quantity
$00ab Don's Special Weapon Quantity
$00b5 Miscellaneous Game Scene ID (Can be $01-$10)
$00ba - $00bb Dam Timer (first byte is countdown, second is for displaying the timer)
$00bf Turtle Van Missiles
$00c0 Score 99xxxx0
$00c1 Score xx99xx0
$00c2 Score xxxx990
$00c3 Unknown Score 99xxxx0
$00c4 Unknown Score xx99xx0
$00c5 Unknown Score xxxx990
$00c6 High Score 99xxxx0
$00c7 High Score xx99xx0
$00c8 High Score xxxx990
$00d0 Pause Screen State ID
$00d4 Is Attacking While Ducking Flag
$00f0 Skip Music Engine Update Flag
$00fc PPU Scroll X
$00fd PPU Scroll Y
$00fe PPU Mask
$00ff PPU Control
$0200 Sprite Memory
$0460 Turtle Y Position
$0480 Turtle X Position
$04B0 Turtle Y Velocity
$04E0 Turtle X Velocity
$0500 Invincibility Timeout
$056X Enemy Hit Points
$0630 Invincibility Timeout
$0631 Timer for items disappearing