Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:RAM map

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Address Size    Description
------- ----    -----------
   46           Continues (You start with 03)
   48           World Number
   5B           Whether the special weapon is selected or not
   5D           Current side-scrolling area (0 in overhead areas)
   67           Current Turtle Selected (0:Leo, 1:Raph, 2:Mike, 3:Don)
   73           Leo's Special Weapon (0:Nothing, 1:Stars, 2:Triple Stars, 3:Boomerangs, 4:Scrolls)
   74           Raph's Special Weapon
   75           Mike's Special Weapon
   76           Don's Special Weapon
   77           Leo's Energy (0 - 80)
   78           Raph's Energy
   79           Mike's Energy
   7A           Don's Energy
   A7           Amount of Ropes (0 - 63)
   A8           Leo's Special Weapon Quantity (0 - 63)
   A9           Raph's Special Weapon Quantity
   AA           Mike's Special Weapon Quantity
   AB           Don's Special Weapon Quantity
   BB           Dam Timer
   BF           Turtle Van Missiles
   C0           Score 99xxxx0
   C1           Score xx99xx0
   C2           Score xxxx990
   C3           Unknown Score 99xxxx0
   C4           Unknown Score xx99xx0
   C5           Unknown Score xxxx990
   C6           High Score 99xxxx0
   C7           High Score xx99xx0
   C8           High Score xxxx990
  200   100      Sprite Memory
  460            Turtle Y Position
  480            Turtle X Position
  4B0            Turtle Y Velocity
  4E0            Turtle X Velocity
  500            Invincibility Timeout
  56X            Enemy Hit Points
  630            Invincibility Timeout
  631   5        Timer for items disappearing