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Super Sprint (NES)/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Super Sprint (NES).

Program Address = Base Address + 0x10000
Ram Address = Base Address - 0x00010

Track Data

Table is in order of data, not order of look-up table listings

Track Info
Data Type Size (hex) Description
Tile Mapping (varies) Left-to-right tile placement
Attribute Table 40 Full attribute table definition
Palette 10 Background palette colors
Tile Direction 300 Speed and direction for AI racers,
also affects player steering
Tile Behavior 300 Function pointer for checkpoints
, plus wall handling
Checkpoint Data 3C Direction cars must cross checkpoint,
plus bridge handling data
Wrenches 18 Coordinates wrenches can appear
Traffic Cones 6 Coordinates for each traffic cone
Bonus Points 14 Coordinates bonus points can appear
Puddles/Spills 14 Coordinates puddles/spills can appear
Roadblocks 6 PPU address for pop-up roadblocks
Track Data Look-Up Tables (indexed by $0014)
0x0D357,0x0D35E    Roadblock Nametable Addresses
0x0D50B,0x0D512    Bonus Point Coordinates
0x0D519,0x0D520    Puddle/Spill Coordinates
0x0D527,0x0D52E    Traffic Cone Coordinates
0x0E171,0x0E178    Tile Directions
0x0E17F,0x0E186    Wrench Coordinates
0x0E18D,0x0E19E    Tile Mapping
0x0E1AF,0x0E1C0    Attribute Tables
0x0E1D1,0x0E1E2    Background Palettes
0x0F480,0x0F487    Tile Behavior
0x0F48E,0x0F495    Checkpoint Data
Tile Mappings
0x08010    Track 1
0x0893D    Track 2
0x09259    Track 3
0x09BEB    Track 4
0x0A547    Track 5
0x0AE8B    Track 6
0x0B7D6    Track 7
Attribute Tables
0x08265    Track 1
0x08B81    Track 2
0x09513    Track 3
0x09E6F    Track 4
0x0A7B3    Track 5
0x0B0FE    Track 6
0x0B9BB    Track 7
Background Palettes
0x082A5    Track 1
0x08BC1    Track 2
0x09553    Track 3
0x09EAF    Track 4
0x0A7F3    Track 5
0x0B13E    Track 6
0x0B9FB    Track 7
Tile Directions
0x082B5    Track 1
0x08BD1    Track 2
0x09563    Track 3
0x09EBF    Track 4
0x0A803    Track 5
0x0B14E    Track 6
0x0BA0B    Track 7
Tile Behaviors
0x085B5    Track 1
0x08ED1    Track 2
0x09863    Track 3
0x0A1BF    Track 4
0x0AB03    Track 5
0x0B44E    Track 6
0x0BD0B    Track 7
Checkpoint Directions
0x088B5    Track 1
0x091D1    Track 2
0x09B63    Track 3
0x0A4BF    Track 4
0x0AE03    Track 5
0x0B74E    Track 6
0x0C00B    Track 7
Wrench Locations
0x088F1    Track 1
0x0920D    Track 2
0x09B9F    Track 3
0x0A4FB    Track 4
0x0AE3F    Track 5
0x0B78A    Track 6
0x0C047    Track 7
Traffic Cone Locations
0x08909    Track 1
0x09225    Track 2
0x09BB7    Track 3
0x0A513    Track 4
0x0AE57    Track 5
0x0B7A2    Track 6
0x0C05F    Track 7
Bonus Point Locations
0x0890F    Track 1
0x0922B    Track 2
0x09BBD    Track 3
0x0A519    Track 4
0x0AE5D    Track 5
0x0B7A8    Track 6
0x0C065    Track 7
Puddle/Spill Locations
0x08923    Track 1
0x0923F    Track 2
0x09BD1    Track 3
0x0A52D    Track 4
0x0AE71    Track 5
0x0B7BC    Track 6
0x0C079    Track 7
Roadblock Nametable Addresses
0x08937    Track 1
0x09253    Track 2
0x09BE5    Track 3
0x0A541    Track 4
0x0AE85    Track 5
0x0B7D0    Track 6
0x0C08D    Track 7
Pole Positions (indexed by track)
0x0E1F3    Y-coordinate Car 1
0x0E1FA    Y-coordinate Car 2
0x0E201    Y-coordinate Car 3
0x0E208    Y-coordinate Car 4
0x0E20F    X-coordinate (all cars)
0x0E216    Direction
Wall Normal Vectors (ref. "Tile Behavior")
0x0F49C    Normal Vectors (direction perpendicular to wall)
Tile Behavior Functions
0x0F4CE    Routine Addresses (ref. Super Sprint (NES) Analysis)

Non-Track Screen Data

Track Info
Data Type Size (hex) Description
Tile Mapping (varies) Left-to-right tile placement
Attribute Table 40 Full attribute table definition
Palette 10 Background palette colors
Screen Data Look-Up Tables (indexed by $0014)
0x0E193,0x0E1A4    Tile Mapping
0x0E1B6,0x0E1C7    Attribute Table
0x0E1D8,0x0E1E9    Background Palette
Tile Mappings
0x0C093    Upgrade Screen (repeats 2 times)
0x0C3F1    Winner Screen (repeats 4 times)
0x0C67A    Tengen Logo
0x0C73B    Title Screen
0x0C9B9    Main Menu
0x0CB69    Credits Screen
Attribute Tables
0x0C391    Upgrade Screen (repeats 2 times)
0x0C5B3    Winner Screen (repeats 4 times)
0x0C6EB    Tengen Logo
0x0C969    Title Screen
0x0CB19    Main Menu
0x0CCF7    Credits Screen
Background Palettes
0x0C3D1    Upgrade Screen Car 1
0x0C3E1    Upgrade Screen Car 2
0x0C5F3    Winner Screen Car 1
0x0C603    Winner Screen Car 2
0x0C613    Winner Screen Car 3 
0x0C623    Winner Screen Car 4
0x0C72B    Tengen Logo
0x0C9A9    Title Screen
0x0CB59    Main Menu
0x0CD37    Credits Screen

Sprite Palettes

0x0E249    Car 1
0x0E24D    Car 2
0x0E251    Car 3
0x0E255    Car 4
0x0E259    Menu Steering Wheel 
0x0E25D    Upgrade Steering Wheel
0x0E261    Upgrade Wrench
0x0E265    Upgrade Numbers
0x0E269    Winner Helmet 1
0x0E26D    Winner Helmet 2
0x0E271    Winner Helmet 3
0x0E275    Winner Helmet 4
0x0E279    Winner Screen Clouds

Car Data

AI Speed Tables
0x0E37D    AI Driving Speed Look-Up Table (indexed by $000E)
0x0E27D    Level 0
0x0E2BD    Level 1
0x0E2FD    Level 2
0x0E33D    Level 3
AI RPM Limits
0x0E7C9    RPM Limit Look-Up Table 
0x0E6C9    Level 0
0x0E6D9    Level 1
0x0E6E9    Level 2
0x0E6F9    Level 3
0x0E709    Level 4
0x0E719    Level 5
0x0E729    Level 6
0x0E739    Level 7
0x0E749    Level 8
0x0E759    Level 9
0x0E769    Level 10
0x0E779    Level 11
0x0E789    Level 12
0x0E799    Level 13
0x0E7A9    Level 14
0x0E7B9    Level 15
AI Max Tile RPM

Tiles specify max RPM on scale of 0-7, ref. above table

0x0E154    AI Max Tile RPM
Player Speed Tables
0x0E505    Player Driving Speed Look-Up Table (indexed by $008D)
0x0E385    Level 1
0x0E3C5    Level 2
0x0E405    Level 3
0x0E445    Level 4
0x0E485    Level 5
0x0E4C5    Level 6
Player Acceleration Tables (indexed by $0074)
0x0E5D1    Player Acceleration Look-Up Table (indexed by $0089)
0x0E511    Level 1
0x0E531    Level 2
0x0E551    Level 3
0x0E571    Level 4
0x0E591    Level 5
0x0E5B1    Level 6
Player Turning Tables
0x0E6BD    Player Turning Look-Up Table (indexed by $0085)
0x0E5FD    Level 1
0x0E61D    Level 2
0x0E63D    Level 3
0x0E65D    Level 4
0x0E67D    Level 5
0x0E69D    Level 6
Deceleration Table
0x0E5DD Deceleration Rate (indexed by $0074)
0x0E21D    AI Starting Delay (00 = start immediately)

Miscellaneous Data

Precalculated Arithmetic
0x0E221    Math: pi*sin(Y)/16
0x0E229    Math: pi*cos(Y)/16
Roadblock Animation (indexed by $0331)
0x0EDCB    Roadblock Tile ID 
Dust Sprite Data
0x0F6EF    Normalized Angles (used to index following data)
0x0F70F    Sprite
0x0F71B    Sprite Attributes
0x0F727    Horizontal Offset
0x0F733    Vertical Offset