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Snowboard Champion

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Title Screen

Snowboard Champion

Developer: Dream Japan
Publisher: Bottom Up
Platforms: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: 2000

ROMIcon.png ROM map
Snowboard Champion
Internal Name SNOWCHAMP
Region Code 0x00 - Japan
Type 0xC0 - GBC Only
SGB Support 0x00 - No
Cartridge Type 0x19 - MBC5[[Category:0x19 - MBC5 Game Boy games]]
License Code 9H - Bottomp Up
ROM Size 0x05 - 8 MBit (64 banks)[[Category:Game Boy games of 0x05 - 8 MBit (64 banks) ROM size]]
ROM Checksum 0x57B6
SRAM Size 0x02 - 64 Kbit[[Category:Game Boy games of 0x02 - 64 Kbit SRAM size]]
Header Checksum 0x61


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ROM map