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Shingen the Ruler/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Shingen the Ruler.

$65E8 - $65FF 	Castle list
	The routine used to generate this list is designed to create a specific order. Starting with the Players Capital, then Player controlled territories Highest to lowest, Then Comp controlled territories Highest to lowest. The last 3 bytes are reserved for Player territories chosen to act for the month (Captial is always chosen).
	It determines how the scroll works on the world map as well as Battlefield map selected.
	Pretty sure its also used to generate pointers to Castle data RAM.

$7000   Current Battlefield Map ID
	The Battlefield Map is determined by the Castle List. When selecting a manual battle The selected castle is stored into $3FD. Battlefield Maps are then chosen via $90CB which simply Decrements the Value and Stores it into $7000 for a range of Field Maps (#$00 - #$14) the exact number of castles #21.
	Castle Maps are selected from this same value the exact same way, but when a castle battle is chosen #$15 is added to $3FD via $917E so when its decremented your given a range of castle maps that correspond with the field maps #$15 - #$29 the exact number of castles 21.    

$7032   Battle turn count

$70F4 - $70FF 	TOTAL TROOP COUNT Player/Comp (HQ, CAV, RM, AR, LNC, INF)
	this is used in conjunction with $70D0 - $70DC to determine after battle 	rewards 	(XP, Money, Product)

Auto Battle Data: Note this is also apparent during manual battles but use $4A0 instead.
	Attacker data: Defender Data is + #$10 
		$300    	Ruler ID (#$00-#$11/ +#$11 for heirs) of Attacking castle
		$301    	Equal to $300 (Castle RULER ID) if it is the RULER's Capital, otherwise = 00
		$302 - $303	 Attacker Rank (though afaik the Rank only goes up to #100 so idk why its given a high byte)
		$304 - $305	 Attacker XP
		$306 - $30B    # of troops (HQ, CAV, RM, AR, LNC, INF)				
		$30C		CIP(Castle ID pointer)		
0x3748A - 0x374A7    Field unit battle statistics: (HQ, CAV, RM, AR, LNC, INF)
	#$05(00 - 04) bytes each
	BYTE #$00 Movement Range (# of squares)
	BYTE #$01 Attack Range (only RM and AR # of squares)
	BYTE #$02 Melee Damage 
	BYTE #$03 Ranged Damage
	BYTE #$04 Defense
$4A0 - $4CF(player data) $4D0 - $4FF(Comp data) Field unit statistics 
	Each army has 12 units: (1 HQ, 2 each of CAV, RM, AR, LNC, and 3 INF)
	#$04(00 - 03) bytes each
	BYTE #$00 Unit ID (00 - 05) 
    		00 = HQ
    		01 = CAV
    		02 = RM
    		03 = AR
    		04 = LNC
    		05 = INF
	BYTE #$01 Unit X coord
	BYTE #$02 Unit Y coord
	BYTE #$03 Unit # of troops	

$700E		Selected Unit Movement

$700F		Selected Unit ID (#$00 - #$0B:	 HQ, CAV1, CAV2, RM1, RM2, AR1, AR2, LNC1 LNC2, INF1, INF2, INF3)

$7010		Selected Unit # of troops (written from $ 4A0 - $4FF)

$7033		Slected Unit Movement (once movement is selected)

$7088 	2 bytes (low/high byte) Attacker Unit Damage if succesful Rush command initiated

$708A 	2 bytes (low/high byte) Defender Unit Defense if Rush command initiated.

$708C		Player's Castle Rank

$708D		Computer Castle Rank

$70C4 - $70CF	Unit Action Flag: For all 12 units (HQ, CAV1, CAV2, etc) Note shared by player and computer.
A value of #$01 means units action has been confirmed for current turn. A value of 00 means unit has yet to act.