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Persona 3 and 4/Tutorials

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a Tutorial for Persona 3 and 4.


Exporting RMD to DAE

Tools Required

  1. Open 3DS Max.
  2. Run the RMD MaxScript
  3. Open the RMD File.
  4. Select all parts and flip it 90 degrees on the X-axis
  5. Go to File > Export and Export as DAE.


Modifying texts

This method allows you to exceed the current limit of the text. Tools Required

  • Hex Editor (HxD is used in the tutorial.)
  • a text you want to modify (data.cvm -> HELP -> DATMyth.bmd is used in the tutorial.)

  1. Open the text file in the hex editor.
  2. Find the text you want to edit
  3. Edit it to your liking (if it exceeds the old text, insert the bytes, instead of overwriting them)
  4. Look for F205 before your text