Monster World IV

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Monster World IV
Company SEGA
Header Yes
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ROM 510 KiB or 4 MB
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Compression / Decompression



  • Sound Test: On the title screen, press Start then highlight the "New Game" option.

Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right.

  • Super Debug Mode: During gameplay, hold A + C + Start on Controller 2 and press B + Start on Controller 1. Menu is opened. Change value with A/C, Confirm with B+Start. Hold A on Controller 2 and press Start on Controller 1 to see the ending


This game uses a custom compression for most of its graphics. (Any help about that?)
The font is 1 bpp, uncompressed (unlike MW III). Its location is:

  • 2012 Version: 15560F (English), 7E204 (Japanese), Credits font and debug font compressed (any help?)

Text is uncompressed.
Control Codes (2012 Version):

  • BC = Line Break
  • BD = Wait for button press
  • BF 09 3C = Timer
  • BF 03 1E (begin), BF 03 1F (end) = Red Text
  • FF FC = Close Dialog / End dialog
  • Text encoded in Ascii For the 2012 Version.

Other Text locations (2012 version):

  • 00004B09 (sound test)
  • 00009FA5 (continue y/n)
  • 0001B8B6 (super debug mode)

Known Dumps

  • Monster World IV (J)

Sega re-released the game in 2012 in English, applying their own translation directly to the Japanese ROM, which has now dual language according to the emulator's region (English if set to US/PAL, Japanese if set to JP). It has a wrong check-sum, though.

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