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Mega Man 4/Tutorials

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a Tutorial for Mega Man 4.

I will add a few ASM tutorials that you will need for your Mega Man IV hacking experience.

Sound Initial Code while choosing the weapon

Written by Insectduel

In the memory where the ROM offset is located at 0x78010 to 0x7A00F (Bank $3C by $2000). RAM $8000 to $9FFF

Change $992A and $996C to the JSR initial code to the location where the empty unused memory is. Then enter the following below.

  • 20 XX XX JSR $XXXX  ; Location to the Sound ID Code.
  • AD 38 01 LDA $0138
  • 60 RTS
  • A9 2E LDA #$2E  ; Sound ID to play
  • 4C BE F6 JMP $F6BE  ; Init Sound

That way the sound will always hear when you choosing the weapon menu.