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Mega Man 3 (NES)/Notes

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a Notes Page for Mega Man 3 (NES).

Megaman spite/effect ($003D)

This listing is for the value of $003D (Megaman Sprite/effect showing, some with/or only sounds)

00      Default
01      Jump noise 
04      Spawning noise
06      Damage sprite,  knock back,  no real damage
08      Messed up sprite (This value stays),  can jump and shoot.  I think it's rush marine
09      Health raising noise
0c      Gain power [Auto finish stage]
0d      Auto Finish stage,  no power gained [will give you Rush mobiles though]
0e      Death
11      Takes you to another point,  with screwed up graphics on enemies
13      Dr. Light's Lab [Element message]
14      Walks back,  cannon appears,  ends stage
15      Walks back,  gets stuck
16      Locks up game
17      Locks up game
1c      Locks up game
1d      Locks up game
1e      Screen jumps,  locks up game
1f      Locks up game
20      Invisible.  When get hit,  you forever go back.  You're stuck like that
21      Restart level
22      Game over
23      Restart level
24      Restart Level
25      Game over
26      Restart Level
27      Restart Level
28      Game over
29      Restart Level
2a      Restart level
2b      Game over
2c      Restart Level
2d      Restart Level
2e      Game over
2f      Restart Level
30      Restart Level
31      Game over
(Remaining values are mostly restart level or game over)