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Mega Man (NES)/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Mega Man (NES).

Note: Memory locations discovered using the 'FCEU' Emulator for Windows.

Given values: $Hexadecimal value(Decimal value), ex. $63(99)

Any values less than $0A(10) will only show the Hex value.

RAM Function Details
0x0014 Controller 1 buttons held
0x0015 Controller 2 buttons held
0x0016 Controller 1 buttons held clone of 0x0014?
0x0017 Controller 2 buttons held clone of 0x0015?
0x0018 Controller 1 buttons tapped
0x0019 Controller 2 buttons tapped
0x001A Camera X position
0x001B Camera X screen when 0x001A gets larger than $FF(255), this value increases by $01
0x001C Camera state
$00 Default
$01 Changing the nametable (Ex.: scrolling within an area, creating the pause menu, blinking palette in the stage select screen,…)
$02 Freeze before and after scrolling to a new area
$40 Scrolling to a new area
0x001E Camera Y position
0x0020 Mega Man's X screen when 0x0022 gets larger than $FF(255), this value increases by $01
0x0021-22 Mega Man's X position 0x0021 is sub-pixel, 0x0022 is pixel
0x0023 Timer increases by $01/frame. If we pause the game, it continues while in the menu, but when the game is unpaused, it reverts back to what value it had before pausing.
0x0024-25 Mega Man's Y position 0x0024 is sub-pixel, 0x0025 is pixel
0x002C Type of object that Mega Man is touching from the top $00-Air, $01-Solid, $02-Ladder, $03-Spike, $04-Ice, $05-Water
0x0031 Stage ID $00-Cut Man, $01-Ice Man, $02-Bomb Man, $03-Fire Man, $04-Elec Man, $05-Guts Man, $06-Wily 1, $07-Wily 2, $08-Wily 3, $09-Wily 4, $0A(10)-Title Screen, $0B(11)-Ending BG
0x0055 Mega Man's I-frame Counter Starts counting down from $6F(111) $01/frame each time Mega Man gets hurt. When it gets to zero, Mega Man stops being invincible. Notes: Mega Man's "is hurt" animation lasts from $6E(110) to $50(80).
0x005D Which enemies have been defeated/Weapons unlocked
bit 1 Bomb Man/Hyper Bomb
bit 2 Elec Man/Thunder Beam
bit 3 Guts Man/Super Arm
bit 4 Ice Man/Ice Slasher
bit 5 Cut Man/Rolling Cutter
bit 6 Fire Man/Fire Storm
bit 7 Magnet Beam
Setting a bit will defeat/unlock the corresponding villain/weapon. Set this byte to $FE(254) to go directly to Dr. Wily.
0x005F Weapon Select (Works only when pausing, otherwise values will be different.)
$00 Mega Buster(normal weapon)
$01 Hyper Bomb
$02 Thunder Beam
$03 Super Arm
$04 Ice Slasher
$05 Rolling Cutter
$06 Fire Storm
$07 Magnet Beam
This only controls the weapon function, it will not change his color. You can select any weapon even if it's still locked.
0x0060 Are Mega Man's bullets on-screen $C0(192)-are on-screen, $00-aren't on screen

Probably a boolean to see if some bullet collision-detection routine is executed or not.

0x006A Mega Man Life Bar Value $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x006B Cut Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x006C Ice Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x006D Bomb Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x006E Fire Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x006F Elec Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x0070 Guts Man Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x0071 Magnet Beam Weapon Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty
0x0072-78 Score Each byte represents one digit in BCD. Starts with ones digit (0x0072)
0x0094 Type of object that Mega Man is touching from the sides $00-Air, $01-Solid, $02-Ladder, $03-Spike, $04-Ice, $05-Water
0x00A6 Lives Maximum is $80(128). Bit 7 set gives Game Over. Game will not raise it past $63(99).
0x00AE Bonus Number of bonus energy balls picked up during level. Is multiplied by 1000 at level completion screen.
0x0100-FF Stack RAM used by CPU for stack.
0x0200-FF Sprite Data 256 byte block that is transferred via DMA to PPU memory during each NMI Routine.
0x03D0-DF Palette Data The whole BG palette. $10(16) bytes long.
0x0440 Mega Man's Blink Timer Counts upwards $01/frame in pseudo base 9 ($07, $08, $10…) to $A8. Mega Man closes his eyes beginning at $A2 and lasting 9 frames.
0x0500-7F Sound Values Each channel is attributed $20(32) addresses. Pulse 1, Pulse 2, Triangle and Noise, in that order.
$00 Note ID
$01 Music Pattern?
$02-03 Countdown for when note ends (in frame quarters)
$06 Vibrato Speed
$0a Note Pitch ID
$0e Current number of frames after note started
$14 Vibrato bend direction
$1d Current number of frames after note or silence started
0x06C1 Boss Energy $1C(28)-Full, $00-Empty