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Ice Climber (NES)/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Ice Climber (NES).

51F3 Nintendo on the front screen.

323F-32FB = bonus area. Star gfx only.

Birds and Toppies is automatic along with the bear. Dropping ice is unknown
Row bytes can affect where the Toppies shows up, but the row of cannot control if the Toppies will show.

If the cloud and Toppies are in the same row, the cloud with go away when Toppies goes into play

Level: 'Row Type'

Starts at 2392, 1 byte per row, 7 bytes per level (the first row is allways fixed). Accessed by absolute X.

T seems to control the terrain
S Seems to make the ground solid unless protected, then it does nothing (protected kills Toppies)
MMM seems to be a mod type (faster cloud or sliding movement)

0,1 = Normal
2,4 = Sliding Right
3,5 = Sliding Left
6 = SR Lar Cloud Left
7 = SL Lar Cloud Right
8 = N Lar Cloud Left
9 = N Lar Cloud Right
A = E Lar C Left Protected
B = E Lar C Right Protected
C = E Med C Left Pro
D = E Med C Right pro
E = E Small C Left Pro
F = E Small C Right Pro


There are a lot of quirks which prevented me to find the infomation.
At one time i had a row that was emptry with no clouds, Toppies and non protected sides.
According to the above that does not exist

pattern 60 60 ?? ?8 Negates Toppies in 2nd row allowing cloud, without the ?8
a Toppies will show up and negate the cloud in the 3rd row (2nd byte)

Found Level rows:
00, 08, 23, 30, 32, A0, A1, A3, B0, B1, B6, C3, C5, D4, F0, E6

Collision Bricks:
1773 Floor bricks collision?
There is 18 peices per row. If you we to make row 0 start on $0 and
row 1 on $10 instead of $18, breaking the left side of row 1 will
let you fall off the level on the right side of row 0