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Hudson's Adventure Island II (NES)/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Hudson's Adventure Island II (NES).

RAM Address Function Details
0x007B Direction
Value Property
$01 Facing right
$02 Facing left
0x007C Other properties
Value Property
$10 Skateboard
$20 Strike Dino
$30 Fire Strike Dino
$40 Sky Dino
$50 Water Dino
0x00D0 World Number not exactly sure how it works, differs for each world
0x00D1 Level Pointer not exactly sure how it works, differs for each world
0x0630 Player's current frame
0x0631 PPU data?
0x07C8 Number of Fire Strike Dinos in reserve
0x07C9 Number of Strike Dinos in reserve
0x07CA Number of Water Dinos in reserve
0x07CB Number of Sky Dinos in reserve
0x07CC Number of Stone Hammers in reserve
0x07D2 Number of Lives in reserve
0x07D3 Amount of Time left
0x07D8 0000*0 score
0x07D9 000*00 score
0x07DA 00*000 score
0x07DB 0*0000 score
0x07DC *00000 score