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Ghostbusters II (NES)/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Ghostbusters II (NES).


  • 00000-0000F: Header
  • 00C1C-00C39: Texts
  • 03B0F-04009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 05BE2-0770F: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 07710-0771F: Palette
  • 07720-07B1F: Screen with city and ghostbusters
  • 07F30-08009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 0AD54-0C009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 0CCE1-0CCF0: Palette
  • 0D5A2-0D67D: Texts
  • 0DBBB-0DBE4: Texts
  • 0DF1A-0E42F: Texts
  • 0E5C0-0E683: Texts
  • 0F8C6-10009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 16508-18009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 18016-1810F: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 18520-1852F: Palette
  • 18530-1892F: Ghostbuster screen
  • 18D40-18D4F: Palette
  • 18D50-1910F: Menú screen
  • 19560-1956F: Palette
  • 19570-1992F: "I,VIGO..." Screen without text
  • 1BA87-1C009: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 1F06A-1F0D5: Pointers
  • 1F0D6-1F2CF: Texts
  • 1F2D0-1F2DF: Pointers
  • 1F5A4-1FEFF: Blank Space ($FF)
  • 20010-4000F: CHR ROM (Tiles)