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Dragon Warrior III (NES)/Values

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This is a sub-page of Dragon Warrior III (NES).

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The item index only uses the bottom 7 bits so values range from $00 to $7f.

In the item bags, the high bit %10000000 indicates that the item is equipped. So, to get the equipped value add $80 to the item index.

Value Description
$00 Cypress stick
$01 Club
$02 Copper sword
$03 Magic Knife
$04 Iron Spear
$05 Battle Axe
$06 Broad Sword
$07 Wizard's Wand
$08 Poison Needle
$09 Iron Claw
$0a Thorn Whip
$0b Giant Shears
$0c Chain Sickle
$0d Thor's Sword
$0e Snowblast Sword
$0f Demon Axe
$10 Staff of Rain
$11 Sword of Gaia
$12 Staff of Reflection
$13 Sword of Destruction
$14 Multi-Edge Sword
$15 Staff of Force
$16 Sword of Illusion
$17 Zombie Slasher
$18 Falcon Sword
$19 Sledge Hammer
$1a Thunder Sword
$1b Staff of Thunder
$1c Sword of Kings
$1d Orochi Sword
$1e Dragon Killer
$1f Staff of Judgement
$20 Clothes
$21 Training Suit
$22 Leather Armor
$23 Flashy Clothes
$24 Half Plate Armor
$25 Full Plate Armor
$26 Magic Armor
$27 Cloak of Evasion
$28 Armor of Radiance
$29 Iron Apron
$2a Animal Suit
$2b Fightting Suit
$2c Sacred Robe
$2d Armor of Hades
$2e Water Flying Cloth
$2f Chain Mail
$30 Wayfarers Clothes
$31 Revealing Swimsuit
$32 Magic Bikini
$33 Shell Armor
$34 Armor of Terrafirma
$35 Dragon Mail
$36 Swordedge Armor
$37 Angel's Robe
$38 Leather Shield
$39 Iron Shield
$3a Shield of Strength
$3b Shield of Heroes
$3c Shield of Sorrow
$3d Bronze Shield
$3e Silver Shield
$3f Golden Crown
$40 Iron Helmet
$41 Mysterious Hat
$42 Unlucky Helmet
$43 Turban
$44 Noh Mask
$45 Leather Helmet
$46 Iron Mask
Items #1
$47 Sacred Amulet
$48 Ring of Life
$49 Shoes of Happiness
$4a Golden Claw
$4b Meteorite Armband
$4c Book of Satori
$4d '   '
$4e Wizard's Ring
$4f Black Pepper
$50 Sage's Stone
$51 Mirror of Ra
$52 Vase of Draught
$53 Lamp of Darkness
$54 Staff of Change
$55 Stone of Life
$56 Invisibility Herb
$57 Magic Ball
$58 Thief's Key
$59 Magic Key
$5a Final Key
Items #2
$5b Dream Ruby
$5c Wake-up Powder
$5d Royal Scroll
$5e Oricon
$5f Strength Seed
$60 Agility Seed
$61 Vitality Seed
$62 Luck Seed
$63 Intelligence Seed
$64 Acorns of Life
$65 Medical Herb
$66 Antidote Herb
$67 Fairy Water
$68 Wing of Wyvern
$69 Leaf of the World Tree
Items #3
$6a '   '
$6b Locket of Love
$6c Full Moon Herb
$6d Water Blaster
$6e Sailors Thigh Bone
$6f Echoing Flute
$70 Fairy Flute
$71 Silver Harp
$72 Sphere of Light
$73 Poison Moth Powder
$74 Spiders Web
$75 Stone of Sunlight
$76 Rainbow Drop
$77 Silver Orb
$78 Red Orb
$79 Yellow Orb
$7a Purple Orb
$7b Blue Orb
$7c Green Orb
Glitch Items
$7d Stick Slime
$7e Black Raven
$7f Sword Horned


Value Description
$00 Blaze
$01 Blazemore
$02 Blazemost
$03 Firebal
$04 Firebane
$05 Firevolt
$06 Bang
$07 Boom
$08 Explodet
$09 IceBolt
$0a SnowBlast
$0b Snowstorm
$0c IceSpears
$0d Infernos
$0e Infermore
$0f Infermost
$10 Zap
$11 Lightning
$12 Beat
$13 Defeat
$14 Sacrifice
$15 Expell
$16 Limbo
$17 RobMagic
$18 Slow
$19 SpeedUp
$1a Heal
$1b Healmore
$1c Heallall
$1d Dummy Spell
$1e Healus
$1f Healusall
$20 Vivify
$21 Revive
$22 Sleep
$23 Awake
$24 StopSpell
$25 Surround
$26 Return
$27 Chaos
$28 Transform
$29 BeDragon
$2a Ironize
$2b Sap
$2c Defense
$2d Upper
$2e Increase
$2f Increase 2
$30 Bounce
$31 Barrier
$32 Bikill
$33 Chance
$34 Antidote
$35 Numboff
$36 CurseOff
$37 Repel
$38 Day-Night
$39 Open
$3a X-Ray
$3b Outside
$3c Invisible
$3d Stepguard