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Dr. Mario (NES)/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Dr. Mario (NES).

This data is relevant to Dr. Mario (JU) [t1] and may not be correct for other dumps.


RAM Address Information
0x0043 Frame counter.
0x0046 Mode.
0x0065 Game option cursor position.
0x008B Speed cursor. (Copied from 0x030B.)
0x0096 Virus level.
0x00A5 Capsule orientation. 00=Original; 01=Vertical, 90 degrees Counterclockwise from Original; 02=Reverse Original; 03=Vertical, 90 degrees Clockwise from Original
0x00F5 Player 1 buttons pressed.
0x00F6 Player 2 buttons pressed.
0x00F7 Player 1 buttons held.
0x00F8 Player 2 buttons held.
0x0301 Falling pill left color. 00=Yellow, 01=Red, 02=Blue
0x0302 Falling pill right color. 00=Yellow, 01=Red, 02=Blue
0x0305 Falling pill X position.
0x0306 Falling pill Y position.
0x030B Pill Speed. (26 = fastest, 85=slowest (hex))
0x0312 Frames left before current pill drops.
0x0316 Level number.
0x031A P1 Next pill: First color.
0x031B P1 Next pill: Second color.
0x0324 Number of remaining virii for P1. stored in the decimal representation of the hex value seen on screen (IE 10 viruses remaining = hex 10 = decimal 16; 20 viruses remaining = hex 20 = decimal 32; 19 viruses remaining = hex 19 = decimal 25).
0x039A P2 Next pill: First color. 0=Yellow, 1=Red, 2=Blue
0x039B P2 Next pill: Second color.
0x03A4 Number of remaining virii for P2, stored same way.
0x0400-0x047F Player 1 Play field tiles from top left to bottom right. 16 rows of 8 tiles. 255 when square is empty; 64/65/66 for top half of pill in Yellow, Red, and Blue; 80/81/82 for bottom half; 96/97/98 for left half; 112/113/114 for right half; 128/129/130 for single pellet; 176/177/178 for dying virii; 208/209/210 for virii. Uses values including 139/140/141/142/143/237/238/239/254 for the "Clear" box.
0x067E Maximum frames to wait before the three viruses move.
0x067F Frames left before the three viruses move.
0x0727 Number of players.
0x0731 Music type.
0x0740 Anti-Piracy flag. -- 0: Disabled, FF (and anything else): Enabled. When Enabled, the game will freeze when a pill lands.