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Binary Land (NES)/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Binary Land (NES).

Graphics Data

0x350 and 0x4350 = Title Screen data
0x2a0 and 0x42a0 = Level Palette data
(Source: Googie's document)

Music Data

Music is grouped all together and has a simple storage structure. Starting at the specified offset, each 'beat' in a song is stored in 3 bytes: one byte for each note that a sound channel will play. First byte is the note for square 1. Second byte is the note for square 2. Third byte is the note for triangle.

* 0x6F3E = Beginning of note data for introduction to main theme
* 0x6F65 = Beginning of main theme notes
* 0x7088 = Beginning of death notes
* 0x707F = Beginning of winning notes
* 0x7166 = Beginning of game over notes

Any value up to 0x79 is a note. 0x80 to 0x83 have special functions:

* 0x80 = end of song
* 0x81 = rest (silence)
* 0x82 = jump to offset 0x6F65 (beginning of main theme notes)
* 0x83 = bypass