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Arkanoid (NES)/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Arkanoid (NES).

This data is relevant to Arkanoid (J) [!] and may not be correct for other dumps.


RAM Information
0x0145 Brick hit flag
  • 0 - the ball did not hit a brick in current frame
  • 1 - the ball did hit a brick in current frame
0x008C Current power up id
  • 0 - Nothing
  • 1 - Slow ball
  • 2 - Sticky ball
  • 3 - Enlarge paddle
  • 4 - Multi ball
  • 5 - Laser
  • 6 - Early exit
  • 7 - Extra life
0x0100 Global speed for ball
0x0102 No of bricks broken