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Treasure Chests Count Calculation

There are 52 treasure chests in the game, and every time you loot one of them, this information is stored by setting a proper flag in memory. 64 1-byte flags are located at the offset 0x80061958. They are set to 0x00 by default, and when a chest is looted, the flag associated with it is set to 0x01.

The first column is the flag number, the second column is the final offset of the flag in memory. The last two columns stores the zone and the map in which the chest can be found.

01  80061959  Wine Cellar, The Hero's Winehall
02  8006195A  Wine Cellar, The Gallows
03  8006195B  Sanctum, Alchemists' Laboratory
04  8006195C  Great Cathedral L2, An Arrow into Darkness
05  8006195D  Snowfly Forest, Hewn from Nature
0B  80061963  Abandoned Mines B2, Hidden Resources
0C  80061964  Wine Cellar, The Reckoning Room
0D  80061965  Limestone Quarry, Stone and Sulfurous Fire
0E  80061966  Limestone Quarry, Companions in Arms
0F  80061967  Abandoned Mines B1, Rust in Peace
10  80061968  Catacombs, Rodent-Ridden Chamber
11  80061969  Catacombs, Bandits' Hideout
12  8006196A  Catacombs, The Lamenting Mother
13  8006196B  Snowfly Forest, Forest River
14  8006196C  Wine Cellar, Worker's Breakroom
15  8006196D  Great Cathedral L1, The Flayed Confessional
16  8006196E  Limestone Quarry, Excavated Hollow
17  8006196F  Limestone Quarry, Bonds of Friendship
18  80061970  Limestone Quarry, Drowned in Fleeting Joy
19  80061971  Iron Maiden B1, The Wheel
1A  80061972  Iron Maiden B1, The Judas Cradle
1B  80061973  Iron Maiden B1, The Branks
1C  80061974  Iron Maiden B2, Squassation
1D  80061975  Iron Maiden B2, Lead Sprinkler
1E  80061976  Iron Maiden B3, Dunking the Witch
1F  80061977  Wine Cellar, The Gallows (Zombie Minotaur version)
20  80061978  Town Center East, Gharmes Walk
21  80061979  Abandoned Mines B2, Suicidal Desires
22  8006197A  Abandoned Mines B2, Acolyte's Burial Vault
26  8006197E  Town Center East, The House Gilgitte
27  8006197F  Great Cathedral L1, Where Darkness Spreads
28  80061980  Abandoned Mines B1, Miners' Resting Hall
2A  80061982  Abandoned Mines B1, Mining Regrets
2D  80061985  Forgotten Pathway, Awaiting Retribution
2E  80061986  Escapeway, Buried Alive
2F  80061987  Wine Cellar, Blackmarket of Wines
30  80061988  Undercity West, Larder for a Lean Winter
31  80061989  Undercity East, Catspaw Blackmarket
32  8006198A  Snowfly Forest East, Nature's Womb
33  8006198B  Abandoned Mines B2, Delusions of Happiness
34  8006198C  Forgotten Pathway, The Fallen Knight
35  8006198D  Undercity West, The Children's Hideout
36  8006198E  Undercity East, Weapons Not Allowed
37  8006198F  Undercity East, Sale of the Sword
38  80061990  Iron Maiden B1, The Ducking Stool
39  80061991  Temple of Kiltia, The Chapel of Meschaunce
3A  80061992  Undercity West, The Crumbling Market
3B  80061993  Abandoned Mines B1, Coal Mine Storage
3C  80061994  Town Center South, The House Khazabas
3D  80061995  Iron Maiden B3, Saint Elmo's Belt
3E  80061996  Escapeway, Where Body and Soul Part
3F  80061997  The Keep, The Warrior's Rest

To calculate how many chests player looted so far, simply count how many flags are set to 0x01.