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RAM Function Additional info
0x0021 difficulty 0x00 for normal or 0x01 for difficult.
0x0026 burger pause 0x02 = pausing when collecting burger
0x0027 lives
0x0028 area checkpoint 0x02 = in boss room
0x002a area
0x002f burger healing countdown
0x0042 game mode 2a=in game, 2e=title, 2a=password, 2c=intro/ending, 22 also intro, 20=select screen
0x004a controller input
0x004b controller input filtered to A and B only
0x004c boss room 0x04=normal 0x06=enter boss room 0x08=in boss room
0x004d paused 0x00=unpaused 0x01=paused
0x005a bombs
0x005b life refil items
0x005c current power meter level 0x10=full
0x0099 number of blades
0x009c power suit level
0x0303 currently printing character use password screen to test

Internal Data for Power Blade

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