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Dungeon Special Tiles: Graphics
Game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Start Address 04F2480
End Address 04F451F
# of Entries 29
Entry Length 288 (0x120)
Total Length 8352 bytes (0x20A0)
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This is the graphic data for special dungeon tiles, including all traps.

global    entry  
offeset  offeset   description
-------  -------  -------------
04F2480    0120   Trip Trap
04F25A0    0240   Mud Trap
04F26C0    0360   Sticky Trap
04F27E0    0480   Grimy Trap
04F2900    05A0   Summon Trap
04F2A20    06C0   Pitfall Trap
04F2B40    07E0   Warp Trap
04F2C60    0900   Gust Trap
04F2D80    0A20   Spin Trap
04F2EA0    0B40   Slumber Trap
04F2FC0    0C60   Slow Trap
04F30E0    0D80   Seal Trap
04F3200    0EA0   Poison Trap
04F3320    0FC0   Selfdestruct Trap
04F3440    10E0   Explosion Trap
04F3560    1200   PP-Zero Trap
04F3680    1320   Chestnut Trap
04F37A0    1440   Wonder Tile
04F38C0    1560   Pokémon Trap
04F39E0    1680   Spiked Tile
04F3B00    17A0   Grid Tile 1
04F3C20    18C0   Grid Tile 2
04F3D40    19E0   Stairs (ascending)
04F3E60    1B00   Stairs (descending)
04F3F80    1C20   Rescue Point
04F40A0    1D40   Shop Tile
04F41C0    1E60   Locked Door
04F42E0    1F80   Broken Pitfall Trap
04F4400    20A0   Stairs (Blocked)