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Pokémon Gold and Silver/ROM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a ROM map for Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Locations found by Coolboyman.

Feel free to add any locations you have found that aren't on this document.

Global Pointers

Bank 0 0000

0x2DFD = Pointer to all Tileset pointers
0x2E0F = Pointer to all Tileset Pointers part 2
0x2E50 = Pointer to Colors (Second part)
0x3A8E = Pointer to Pokemon Stats


Bank 1 4000

0x5FC2 = Oak in Intro (Which Trainer?)
0x5FDE = Pokemon in Intro
0x6017 = Oak In Intro 2
0x6037 = Yourself in Intro
0x6061 = Pokemo


Bank 2 8000

Color Arrangements

8097-80C6 Kanto Color Arrangement
80C7-80F6 Johto 1 Color Arrangement
80F7-8126 Johto 2 Color Arrangement
8097-85F1 Color Arrangment (All Tilesets)


92C1-92C8 Flower Mail
92C9-92D0 Surf Mail
92D1-92D8 Lite Blue Mail
92D9-92E0 Portrait Mail
92E1-92E8 Love Mail
92E9-92F0 Eon Mail
92F1-92F8 Morph Mail
92F9-9300 Blusky Mail
9301-9308 Music Mail
9309-9310 Mirage Mail

Intro Colors

0x96E1 to 0x96E4 = Intro Background Palette - Scene 1
0x96E9 to 0x96F8 = Intro Sprite Palette 1
0xA267 to 0x---- = Intro Background Palette - green?
0xA425 to 0xA428 = Intro Background Palette - Scene 3
0xA445 to 0xA448 = Intro Background Palette - Scene 4

Misc. Colors

0x9C27 to 0x9C2E = Great ball Pallette
0xA265 to 0xA26C = Diploma Color 2 
0xA33D to 0xA344 = Diploma Color 1
0xA4CD to 0xA4D4 = Sprites in like... uh copyright thing
0xA4D5 to 0xA4DC = Copyright text stuff
0xA99D to 0xAD2C = Game Border

Pokemon Colors

0xAD45 to 0xB540 = Pokemon Palettes

Trainer Colors

0xB541 to 0xB649 = Trainers Palette

Day Colors

B79E-B7A5 Color 0 Day
B7A6-B7AD Color 1 Day
B7AE-B7B5 Color 2 Day
B7B6-B7BD Color 3 Day
B7BE-B7C5 Color 4 Day
B7C6-B7CD Color 5 Day
B7CE-B7D5 Color 6 Day
B7D6-B7DD Color 7 Day

Night Colors

B7DE-B7E5 Color 0 Night
B7E6-B7ED Color 1 Night
B7EE-B7F5 Color 2 Night
B7F6-B7FD Color 3 Night
B7FE-B805 Color 4 Night
B806-B80D Color 5 Night
B80E-B815 Color 6 Night
B816-B81D Color 7 Night

Darkness Colors

B81E-B825 Color 0 Darkness
B826-B82D Color 1 Darkness
B82E-B835 Color 2 Darkness
B836-B83D Color 3 Darkness
B83E-B845 Color 4 Darkness
B846-B84D Color 5 Darkness
B84E-B855 Color 6 Darkness
B856-B85D Color 7 Darkness

Indoor Colors

B85E-B865 Color 0 Indoor
B866-B86D Color 1 Indoor
B86E-B875 Color 2 Indoor
B876-B87D Color 3 Indoor
B87E-B885 Color 4 Indoor
B886-B88D Color 5 Indoor
B88E-B895 Color 6 Indoor
B896-B89D Color 7 Indoor

Sprite Colors

B8AE-B8B5 Color 0 Sprite (Red)
B8B6-B8BD Color 1 Sprite (Blue)
B8BE-B8C5 Color 2 Sprite (Green)
B8C6-B8CD Color 3 Sprite (Brown)
B8CE-B8D5 Color 4 Sprite (Slightly Pink)
B8D6-B8DD Color 5 Sprite (Black/White)
B8DE-B8E5 Color 6 Sprite (Plant)
B8E6-B8ED Color 7 Sprite (Rock)

Roof Palletes

B9B6-B9B9 Olivine Palette
B9BA-B9BD Olivine Palette Night
B9BE-B9C1 Mahogany Palette
B9C2-B9C5 Mahogany Palette Night
B9C6-B9C9 Bank 3 Palette
B9CA-B9Cd Bank 3 Palette Night
B9CE-B9D1 Ecruteak Palette
B9D2-B9D5 Ecruteak Palette Night
B9D6-B9D9 Blackthorn Palette
B9DA-B9DD Blackthorn Palette Night
B9DE-B9E1 Cinnibar Palette
B9E2-B9E5 Cinnibar Palette Night
B9E6-B9E9 Cerulean Palette
B9EA-B9ED Cerulean Palette Night
B9EE-B9F1 Azalea Palette
B9F2-B9F5 Azalea Palette Night
B9F6-B9F9 Lake of Rage Palette
B9FA-B9FD Lake of Rage Palette Night
B9FE-BA01 Violet Palette
BA02-BA05 Violet Palette Night
BA06-BA09 Goldenrod Palette
BA0A-BA0D Goldenrod Palette Night
BA0E-BA11 Vermilion Palette
BA12-BA15 Vermilion Palette Night
BA16-BA19 Pallet Palette
BA1A-BA1D Pallet Palette Night
BA1E-BA21 Pewter Palette
BA22-BA25 Pewter Palette Night
BA26-BA29 Mt. Moon Palette
BA2A-BA2D Mt. Moon Palette Night
BA2E-BA31 Indigo Palette
BA32-BA35 Indigo Palette Night
BA36-BA39 Fuchsia palette
BA3A-BA3D Fuchsia Palette Night
BA3E-BA41 Lavender Palette
BA42-BA45 Lavender Palette Night
BA46-BA49 Mt. Silver Palette
BA4A-BA4D Mt. Silver Palette Night
BA4E-BA51 Special
BA52-BA55 Special Palette Night
BA56-BA59 Celadon Palette
BA5A-BA5D Celadon Palette Night
BA5E-BA61 Cianwood Palette
BA62-BA65 Cianwood Palette Night
BA66-BA69 Viridian Palette
BA6A-BA6D Viridian Palette Night
BA6E-BA71 New Bark Palette
BA72-BA75 New Bark Palette Night
BA76-BA79 Saffron Palette
BA7A-BA7D Saffron Palette Night
BA7E-BA81 Cherrygrove Palette
BA82-BA85 Cherrygrove Palette Night

Diploma Colors

BAA6-BAC5 Diploma Color 4-7
BAC6-BB05 Diploma "Sprite Colors"

Title Screen Colors

BB36-BB5B Title Screen Palette (Graphics)
BB5E-BB6D Title Screen Palette Sprites

Map Colors

BB86-BB8D Color 0 Map
BB8E-BB95 Color 1 Map
BB96-BB9D Color 2 Map
BB9E-BBA5 Color 3 Map
BBA6-BBAD Color 4 Map
BBAE-BBB5 Color 5 Map
BBB6-BBBD Color 6 Map
BBBE-BBC5 Color 7 Map

Slot Colors

BBBC-BBFD Slot Machine Colors

Items Scripts

Bank 3 C000

0xF405 to 0xF407 = How Much Health does Fresh Water Give you *Byte number then health*
0xF408 to 0xF40A = How Much Health does Soda Gives you *Byte number then health*
0xF40B to 0xF40D = How much Health does Lemonade Give you *Byte number then health*
0xF40F to 0xF411 = How much Health Hyper Potion gives you *Byte number then health*
0xF412 to 0xF414 = How much Health Super Potion gives you *Byte number then health*
0xF415 to 0xF417 = How much Health Potion gives you *Byte number then health*
0xF418 to 0xF41A = How much Health Max Potion gives you *Byte number then health* (Actually Gives you 999 Health!)
0xF41B to 0xF41D = How much Health Full Restore gives you *Byte number then health* (Actually Gives you 999 Health!)
0xF41E to 0xF420 = How much Health Moo Moo Milk gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF421 to 0xF423 = How Much Health Berry Give you *Byte number then health* 
0xF423 to 0xF425 = How Much Health Gold Berry Gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF426 to 0xF428 = How Much Health Energy Powder Gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF429 to 0xF42B = How Much Health Energy Root Gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF42C to 0xF42E = How Much Health Rare Candy Bar Gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF42F to 0xF431 = How Much Health Berry Juice Gives you *Byte number then health* 
0xF432 to 0xF434 = ???
0xF4B9 to 0x---- = Steps For Super Repel
0xF4BD to 0x---- = Steps For Max Repel
0xF4C1 to 0x---- = Steps For Repel

Bank 04 010000

010F31-0117F1 - Inventory Graphics
011A66-011AA2 - TM/HM techniques
011C42 - How Long Your Name can Be Inputted!
012A9B - Menu Coordinates

Bank 5 14000

14409-14468 Emotions and Other Common Overwrold Elements.
15319-1531C Starting Point in Game
15321-15389 Fly Locations
-15500 Pointer to fly locatiosn
156BE-1586F Tileset Pointers
156DA - Johto Tile Data
156F8 - Kanto Tile Data
157F9 - Cave Tile Data

15D1E Number of Pointers in Pointer Table
15D28 Pointer to Pointer Table of Mart Data
162FE-16341 Pointers to Mart Data
16342-16468 Mart Data
1783F-17FFF Blank Data

Tile effects

Bank 6 18000

1A810- Johto 2 Tile Effects
1F750- Cave Effects

Wild Pokemon

Bank A 28000

2AA74-2AA75 Pointer to Johto Pokemon (Land)
2AB35-2B667 Johto Wild Pokemon (Land)
2B669-2B7BE Johto Wild Pokemon (Water)
2B7C0-2BD41 Kanto Wild Pokemon (Land)
2BD43-2BE1A Kanto Wild Pokemon (Water)


Bank E 38000

3993E-399C0- Pointers to Trainer Battles
399C1-3B684- Trainers Pokemon Data
3B685-3BFFF Blank Data

Pokemon Stats / Pokedex

Bank 10 40000

40C1C- How many Pokemon are in the Old Pokedex Order?
40BFC- How many Pokemon are in the New Pokedex?
40BF7- Pointer to New Pokedex Order
40C1C - Ammount
40C65-40D5F ABC Pokedex Order
40D60-40E5B New Pokedex Order

40F81 - How many choices to choose from (kinda)
40F8F - ''
40F9E - '' For Type 2

40FFE-41085 Types (POKEDEX)
4109A- Pointer to Searchable Types
410F6-41107 Types they actually search for in pokedex
416B6-41A25 Slowpoke Reading Graphics
41AFE-421DB Moves Data
42790- Pointer to Pointer table to Pokemon Moves/Evol data
427BD-429B2 Pointers to Pokemon Moves/Evolution Data
429B3-43E56 Pokemon Moves/Evolution Data
43E57-43FFF Blank Data

Bank 11 44000

44328-44329 Pointer to Pointer Table of Pokedex Data
44360-44556 Pointers to Pokedex Data
44AA2-47FFF Blank Data

Pokemon Picture Pointers

Bank 12 48000

48000-485DF Pointers to Pokepics
485E0-4BFFF Pokemon Graphics

Pokemon Menu

Bank 14 50000

509AE-509E5 Types Text Pointers
509E6-50A5A Types Text

50E1E-50E1F Pointer to "Status" text
50E45-50E46 Pointer to "OK" Text
50E7A-50E7B Pointer to "EXPERIENCE POINTS" Text
50EB4-50EB5 Pointer to "TO" Text
50EBA- Position of "To" Text
50EE1- Pointers to colors for first stat menu?
5179D-Value where Pokemon get cut off.
51B0B-53A6A Pokemon Stats
53B15-53FFF Blank Data

Pokemon Pics

Banks 15-20 54000

54000-83FFF Pokemon Pics

Credits Graphics

Bank 21 84000

86CA6-87A36 Credits Graphics

Pokemon Spirte Graphics

Bank 23 8C000

8EABE-8FDBD Pokemon Sprite Graphics

===Bank 24 90000===
90843 - Setting the Time in intro Text Pointer
90864 - How Many Minutes?
90C7C-90CFB - Boat Sprite
90DE0 - What Menus Show on Pokegear!
90FB8 - How many Areas in Johto?

9166C-9166E Pokemon Talk
9166F-91671 Pokemon Music
91672-91674 Lucky Channel
91675-91677 ???
91678-9167A Places and People
9167B-9167D Pokemusic
9167E-91680 Pokeflute
9167F-91681 Unused

91685 - Pokemon Talk
91694 - Pokemon Music
9169C - Lucky Channel
916A4 - ???

916AE - Places and People
916B6 - Pokemusic
916BE - Pokeflute
916CD - Unused?

91B8D - Pointer to Fly Areas
91B43 - Border Fly-to 1
91BCC - Johto Fly To Areas
91E61- Pointer to Johto Map
91F52-920BA Johto Map
920BB-92223 Kanto Map
92382- Text Pointers and ''Map X-Y position''
9243A- Where Kanto's areas start

Map Pointers

Bank 25 94000

940ED-94120 Map Bank Pointers
94121-94E11 Map Primary Headers
94E12-965F8 Map Secondary Headers
97D96-97FFF Blank Data


Bank 2A A8000

A8000-A81C1 Route 32
A81C2-A8275 Route 40
A8276-A8383 Route 36
A8384-A8491 Route 44
A8492-A8545 Route 28
A8546-A8551 **Hiro's House (COPY)**
A8552-A86B9 Celadon City
A86BA-A8821 Saffron City
A8822-A892F Route 2
A8930-A893F Prof Elm's House
A8940-A8999 **Beta Gym** (JP Tower)
A899A-A8A4D Route 11
A8A4E-A8AA7 **Beta Room** (JP Tower)
A8AAA-A8B5B Route 15
A8B5C-A8B7F **Beta Room** (JP Tower)
A8B80-A8C33 Route 19
A8C34-A8D9B **Beta Ecruteak** (Johto)
A8D9C-A8DF5 Route 10 (2)
A8DF6-A8E15 Cable Club
A8E16-A909A Route 41
A909B-A9112 Route 33
A9113-A92D4 Route 45
A92D5-A93E2 Route 29
A93E3-A943C Route 37
A943D-A9496 Lavender Town
A9497-A94F0 Pallet Town
A94F1-A95FE Route 25
A95FF-A9658 Route 24
A9659-A97C0 **Beta Violet** (Johto)
A97C1-A98CE Route 3
A98CF-A9A36 Pewter City
A9A37-A9B9D **Beta Route** (Johto)
A9B9F-A9BF8 **Beta Room** (Jap Tower)
A9BF9-A9D06 Route 12
A9D07-A9E6E **Beta Goldenrod** (Johto)
A9E6F-A9F7C Route 21
A8F7D-A9FD6 **Beta Room** (JP Tower)
A9FD7-A9FF6 **Beta Pokecenter**
A9FF7-AA104 Route 30
AA105-AA320 Route 26
AA321-AA52E Route 42
AA42F-AA53C Route 34 
AA53D-AA5F0 Route 46
AA5F1-AA758 Fuchsia City
AA759-AA80C Route 38
AA80D-AA866 **Beta Town**
AA867-AA876 Houses
AA877-AA88A Route Gate 1
AA88B-AA9F2 **Beta Blackthorn** 
AA9F3-AAA4C **Beta Cherrygrove**
AAA4D-AAAA6 Cinnibar Island
AAAA7-AAB5A Route 4
AAB5B-AAC0E Route 8
AAC0F-AAC68 **Beta Room** (JP Tower)
AAC69-AADD0 Viridian City
AADD1-AAEDE Route 13
AAEDF-AAF92 Route 21
AAF93-AAFEC **Beta Room** (JP Tower)
AAFED-AB1AE Route 17
AB1AF-AB208 **Beta Mahogany**
AB209-AB2BC Route 31
AB2BD-AB424 Route 27
AB425-AB4D8 Route 35
AB4D9-AB5E6 Route 43
AB5E7-AB69A Route 39
AB69B-AB6AE Hiro's House
AB6AF-AB6C2 Route Gate 2
AB6C3-AB82A **Beta Town**
AB82B-AB992 Vermilion City
AB993-ABAFA **Beta Olivine**
ABAFB-ABB54 **Beta Town**
ABB55-ABB72 Prof. Elm's Lab
ABB73-ABCDA Cerulean City
ABD8F-ABDE8 Route 5
ABDE9-ABEF6 Route 9
ABEF7-ABFAA Route 22
ABFAB-ABFFF Blank data

Bank 2B AC000

AC000-AC0B3 Route 14
AC10E-AC125 Mart
AC126-AC17F Route 10 (1)
AC180-AC2E7 **Beta Lake of Rage**
AC2E8-AC2FB Pokecenter
AC340-AC35F School
AC3B4-AC3D3 Big Mart (1)
AC3D4-AC3F3 Big Mart (2)
AC3F4-AC413 Big Mart (3)
AC414-AC433 Big Mart (4)
AC434-AC453 Big Mart (5)
AC454-AC473 Big Mart (6)
AC474-AC477 Big Mart (Elevator)
AC478-AC48B Celadon Mansion (1)
AC48C-AC49F Celadon Mansion (2)
AC4A0-AC4B3 Celadon Mansion (3)
AC4B4-AC4C7 Celadon Mansion (4)
AC4C8-AC4D7 **Celadon Mansion (5) BETA**
AC4D8-AC51D Celadon Casino
AC51E-AC526 Celadon Prizes
AC527-AC53A Battle Room
AC53B-AC54E Trading Room
AC54F-AC55E Japanese House
AC55F-AC5B8 **BETA Cave**
AC8B9-AC66C Union Cave (2)
AC66D-AC720 Union Cave (3)
AC721-AC7D4 Union Cave (1)
AC7D5-AC9F0 National Park
AC9F1-ACA00 Underground Gates
ACA01-ACA10 **Beta Pokecenter**
ACA11-ACA30 Kurt's House
ACA31-ACA8A Train Station
ACA8B-ACB3E Ruins of Alph Outside
ACB40-ACB52 **Ruins of Alph Small Room COPY**
ACB53-ACB66 Ruins of Alph Small Room
ACB67-ACBF2 Ruisn of Alph Basement
ACBF3-ACC4C Sprout Tower (1)
ACC4D-ACCA6 Sprout Tower (2)
ACCA7-ACD00 Sprout Tower (3)
ACD01-ACD24 Radio Tower (1)
ACD25-ACD48 Radio Tower (2)
ACD49-ACD6C Radio Tower (3)
ACD6D-ACD90 Radio Tower (4)
ACD91-ACDB4 Radio Tower (5)
ACDB5-ACE0E New Bark Town
ACE0F-ACEC2 Cerrrygrove City
ACEC3-AD02A Violet City
AD02B-AD0DE Azalea Town
AD0DF-AD273 Cianwood City
AD274-AD3DB Goldenrod City
AD3DC-AD543 Olivine City
AD544-AD6AB Ecruteak City
AD6AC-AD705 Mahogany Town
AD706-AD86D Lake of Rage
AD86E-AD9D5 Blackthorn City
AD9D6-ADB3D Outside Silver Cave
ADB3E-ADB97 Route 6
ADB98-ADBF1 Route 7
ADBF2-ADC4B Route 16
ADC4C-ADCA5 Route 18
ADCA6-ADDB3 Goldenrod Underground
ADDB4-ADEC1 Switch Room
ADEC2-ADF1B Goldenrod Mart Basement
ADF1C-ADF75 Goldenrod Storage Room
ADF76-ADF8E **Elevator COPY* 5x5
ADF8F-ADFE8 Tin Tower (1)
ADFE9-AE042 Tin Tower (2)
AE043-AE09C Tin Tower (3)
AE09D-AE0F6 Tin Tower (4)
AE0F7-AE050 Tin Tower (5)
AE151-AE1AA Tin Tower (6)
AE1AB-AE204 Tin Tower (7)
AE205-AE25E Tin Tower (8)
AE25F-AE2B8 Tin Tower (9)
AE2B9-AE312 Tin Tower (10)
AE313-AE36C Burned Tower (1)
AE36D-AE3C6 Burned Tower (2)
AE3C7-AE4D4 **Burned Tower (3) BETA** 15x18
AE4D5-AE63C Mt. Moltar (1)
AE63D-AE858 Mt. Moltar (2)
AE859-AE9C0 Mt. Moltar (3)
AE9C1-AEB28 Mt. Moltar (4)
AEB29-AEC90 Ice Path (1)
AEC91-AED44 Ice Path (2)
AED45-AED9E Ice Path (3)
AED9F-AEDCB Ice Path (4)
AEDCC-AEE25 Ice Path (5)
AEE26-AEE52 Whirl Islands (1)
AEE53-AEEAC Whirl Islands (2)
AEEAD-AEF06 Whirl Islands (3)
AEF07-AEF33 Whirl Islands (4)
AEF34-AEF60 Whirl Islands (5)
AEF61-AF0C8 Whirl Islands (6)
AF0C9-AF17C Whirl Islands (7)
AF17D-AF1D6 Whirl Islands (8)
AF1D7-AF28A Silver Cave (1)
AF28B-AF398 Silver Cave (2)
AF399-AF44C Silver Cave (3)
AF44D-AF55A **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF55B-AF668 **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF669-AF776 **Room BETA** 15x18 *JP Tower Tileset*
AF777-AF884 **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA**
AF885-AF894 Mahogany Shop
AF895-AF91B Team Rocket Hideout (1)
AF91C-AF9A2 Team Rocket Hideout (2)
AF9A3-AFA29 Team Rocket Hideout (3)
AFA2A-AFA83 **Route 23? BETA**
AFA84-AFAC2 Indigo Plateau Lobby
AFAC2-AFAEF Indigo Room 1
AFAF0-AFB1C Indigo Room 2
AFB1D-AFB49 Indigo Room 3
AFB4A-AFB76 Indigo Room 4
AFB77-AFB9E Azalea Gym
AFB9F-AFBC6 Violet Gym
AFBC7-AFC20 Goldenrod Gym
AFC21-AFC4D Ecruteak Gym
AFC4E-AFC7A Magohany Gym
AFC7B-AFCA2 Olivine Gym
AFCB7-AFCE3 Cianwood Gym
AFCE4-AFD10 Blackthorn Gym (1)
AFD11-AFD3D Blackthorn Gym (2)
AFD3E-AFD97 Lighthouse (1)
AFD98-AFDF1 Lighthouse (2)
AFDF2-AFE4B Lighthouse (3)
AFE4C-AFEA5 Lighthouse (4)
AFEA6-AFEFF Lighthouse (5)
AFF00-AFF59 Lighthouse (6)

Bank 2C B0000

Blank Data

Mail Graphics

BB59D-BBB04 Mail Graphics

Overworld Spirtes

Bank 30 C0000

C0000-C3FFF Oveworld Sprites

Bank 31 C4000

C4000-C7A40 Overworld Sprites

Credits Music

Bank 33 CC000

CFCE3 - Credits Music


Bank 37 DC000

DC000-DC022 **Beta Cave** Tileset 21 5x7
DC023-DC07C Slowpoke Well (1)
DC07D-DC0D6 Slowpoke Well (2)
DC0D7-DC26B Ilex Forest
DC26C-DC3D3 Dark Cave (1)
DC3D4-DC4E1 Dark Cave (2)
DC4E2-DC4F1 Ruins of Alph House
DC4F2-DC501 Bike Shop
DC502-DC52B Ecruteak Dance House
DC52C-DC585 Ecruteak Underground (1)
DC856-DC8CB Goldenrod Casino
DC5CC-DC5DB National Park Gate (1)
DC5DC-DC5EF National Park Gate (2)
DC5F0-DC67F Fast Ship (1)
DC680-DC6FF Fast Ship (2)
DC710-DC74F Fast Ship (3)
DC750-DC78F Fast Ship (4)
DC790-DC7E4 Fast Ship (5)
DC7E5-DC898 Olivine Peer
DC899-DC94C Vermiloin City
DC94D-DC95C Fuchsia Restaraunt
DC95D-DC968 Hiro's Room
DC969-DC9C2 Saffron Train Station
DC9C3-DC9EA Cerulean Gym
DC9EB-DCA17 Vermilion Ftm
DCA18-DCA71 Saffron Gym
DCA72-DCACB Power Plant
DCAE0-DCAFD Saffron Dojo
DCB1E-DCB4A Viridian Gym
DCB4B-DCB6D Trainer House (1)
DCB6E-DCB95 Trainer House (2)
DCB96-DCBA5 Ash's House
DCBA6-DCBB5 Ash's Room
DCBB6-DCBD3 Oak's Lab
DCBD4-DCBE7 Lavender House
DCBE8-DCC0F Lav Radio Tower
DCC10-DCC69 Silver Cave (4)
DCC6A-DCC7D Day Care House
DCC7E-DCC91 Lavender Rest House
DCC92-DCCB4 Pewter Gym
DCCB5-DCCE1 Celadon Gym
DCCF6-DCD0D Celadon Restaraunt
DCD0E-DCD25 **Beta Room**  Tileset 12 6x4
DCD26-DCE33 Rock Tunnel (1)
DCE34-DCF41 Rock Tunnel (2)
DCF42-DCFF5 Digletts Cave
DCFF6-DD07C Mt. Moon
DD07D-DD090 Seafoam Islands
DD091-DD0A0 Mr. Pokemn's House
DD0A1-DD0FA Route 22/26/23/28 Gate
DD0FB-DD154 Olivine/Vermilion Underground
DD155-DD181 Fuchsia Gym
DD182-DD235 Safari Zone
DD236-DD25F Kanto Underground
DD260-DD26F Miltank Pen
DD270-DD3D7 Victory Roady
DD3D8-DD431 Route 23
DD432-DD46D Lance
DD46E-DD490 Hall of Fame Room
DD491-DD4A0 Copycats House 
DD4A1-DD4AF Copycats Room
DD4B0-DD4BF Flower Slop
DD4C0-DD546 Mt. Moon Square
DD547-DD556 Ecruteak Underground (2)
DD557-DD583 Dragon's Den (1)
DD584-DD6EB Dragon's Den (2)
DD6EC-DD772 Tohjo Falls
DD773-E0803 Tilesets

Card Game

Bank 38 E0000

E14A0-E14DF Card Game Colors

Title Screen

Bank 39 E4000

E4000-E45FF Graphics of Title Screen
E5507-E767F Graphics of Intro?


Bank 3A E8000

E8B3A-E8BEB - Pointer to table
E906E-E9184 Pointer Table of Music*
E9185-EBFFF Music
E9492 - S.S. Aqua
E9FE9 - Elm's Lab
EA267 - Ice Path
EAD42 - Trainer- Basic Tune
EB27C - New Bark Town
EB3FC - Goldenrod City
EB61F - Vermilion City
EBD92 - Unown Ruins
EBDCB - Whirl Islands
EBDD5 - Meet trainer - Freaky Tune

Bank 3B EC000

EC000-EFFFF Music
EE35E - Meet Trainer - Japanese Tune 2
EE45F - Special Fanfare?
EE569 - Whirl Islands
EE6C5 - Routes 42-44
EE852 - Indigo Plateau
EE94B - Routes 38-39
EEB75 - Rocket's Hideout
EECE8 - Dragon's Den
EEDCB - Unown Radio Station
EEE3E - Trainer Rocket Tune
EEFB2 - Routes 26-27
EF5B1 - Weird
EF9BC - Dance Theatre
EFB3E - Bug Contest Results

Bank 3C 0F0000

0F0000 - Music
0F0386 - Routes 34-37
0F07FD - Printer Error
0F2747 - Cry data

Bank 3D F4000

F4000-F7FFF Music
F4602 - Defeated a Wild Pokemon
F605C - Wild Pokemon (Johto)
F66C3 - Trainer Girl Tune
F6811 - Tin Tower
F6974 - Sprout Tower
F6A99 - Burned Tower
F6BF2 - Meet Mom
F6C72 - Victory Road
F6D79 - Pokemon Lullaby
F6E23 - Pokemon March
F7055 - Intro - Part 1
F7308 - Intro - Part 2
F766D - Rockets Take Radio Tower
F78FD - New Game/Continue
F7B13 - Pokeflute
F7C16 - Bug Contest

Bank 3E F8000

F86F4-F92FD Graphics of In Battle Stuff, Pokegear, and a font.
F92Fe-FB30D Graphics of Unowns
FB30E-FB4BD Graphics of Unown-dex

Global Text and Scripts

Bank 3F 9C000

FD0C9-FD2C8 "Mystery Gift"

Bank 40 100000

Basic Text

Bank 41 104000

Cell Phone Text


Events for outdoors, caves, and special buildings

Bank 42 108000

Sprout Tower
Tin Tower
Burned Tower
Diglett's Cave
Mt. Moon
Underground Path
Rock Tunnel
Safari Zone
Victory Road
109428-109471 - Unused Entei event

Bank 43 10C000

National Park
Radio Tower

Bank 44 110000

Ruins of Alph
Union Cave
Slowpoke Well

Bank 45 114000

Rocket Hideout
Ilex Forest

Bank 46 118000

Goldenrod Underground
Mt. Moltar
Ice Path

Bank 47 11C000

Whirl Islands Mt. Silver Dark Cave Dragon's Den Tohjo Falls

Bank 48 120000

New Bark Town
Cherrygrove City
Violet City
Azalea Town
Cianwood City
Goldenrod City

Bank 49 124000

Olivine City
Ecruteak City
Mahogany Town
Lake of Rage
Blackthorn City
Mt. Silver

Bank 4A 128000

Route 26
Route 27
Route 28
Route 29
Route 30
Route 31

Bank 4B 12C000

Route 32
Route 33
Route 34
Route 35
Route 36

Bank 4C 130000

Route 37
Route 38
Route 39
Route 40
Route 41
Route 42

Bank 4D 134000

Route 43
Route 44
Route 45
Route 46
Pewter City
Route 2

Bank 4E 138000

Viridian City
Route 22
Route 1
Pallet Town
Route 19
Cinnibar Island
Route 20
Route 21
Fuchsia City
Route 18
Route 17
Route 16
Celadon City
Route 7

Bank 4F 13C000

Route 15
Route 14
Route 13
Route 12
Route 11
Lavender Town
Vermilion City
Route 6
Saffron City
Route 5
Cerulean City

Bank 50 140000

Route 9
Route 24
Route 25
Route 3
Route 4
Route 8
Route 10


Bank 51 144000

Events - Olivine City, Mahogany Town

Bank 52 148000

Events - Ecruteak City

Bank 53 14C000

Events - Blackthorn, Cinnibar Island, Lake of Rage

Bank 54 150000

Events - Cerulean City

Bank 55 154000

Events - Azalea Town

Bank 56 158000

Events - Violet City and Bug Contest

Bank 57 15C000

Events - Goldenrod City

Bank 58 160000

Blank Data

Bank 59 164000

Events - Vermilion City & Pallet Town

Bank 5A 168000

Events - Petwer City & Pokemon League

Bank 5B 16C000

Events - S.S. Aqua, Mt. Moon Square & Floor 10 of Pokemon Tower

Bank 5C 170000

Events - Fuchsia City & Trade Center

Bank 5D 174000

Events - Lavender Town & Cianwood City

Bank 5E 178000

Events - Celadon City

Bank 5F 17C000

Events - Viridian City

Bank 60 180000

Events - New Bark Town

Bank 61 184000

Events - Saffron City

Bank 62 188000

Events - Cherrygrove City

Global Text

Bank 63 18C000

Blank Data

Bank 64 190000

General Text

Bank 61 194000

General Text

Bank 62 198000

General Text

Pokedex Text

Bank 64 1A0000

1A0000-1A3FFF Pokedex 1-64

Bank 65 1A4000

1A4000-1A7FFF Pokedex 65-128

Bank 6A 1A8000

1A8000-1ABFFF Pokedex 129-192

Bank 6B 1AC000

1AC000-1AFFFF Pokedex 193-251



Bank 6C 1B0000

1B0000-1B0954 Item Names
1B0955-1B0B73 Types of Trainers Names
1B0B74-1B1573 Pokemon Names
1B1574-1B1EE0 Moves Names

Move Explanations

Bank 6D 1B4000

1B4000-1B41FF Pointers to Move Explanations
1B4200-1B61F2 Move Explanations
1B61F3-1B7FFF Blank Data

Item Explanations

Bank 6E 1B8000

1B8000-1B81FF Pointers to Items Explanations
1B8200-1B9543 Items Explainations
1B9544-1BBFFF Blank Data

End of the world

Bank 6F 1BC000

Blank Data

Bank 70 1C0000

Banks 71-7F 1C4000-1FC000

Blank Data

Added bonus

Music Bytes

00 = Nothin
01 = Title Screen
02 = Route 1
03 = Routes 3-10, 16-22, 24,25
04 = Routes 11-15
05 = On the Magnet Train
06 = Kanto Gym Battle
07 = Kanto Battle
08 = Kanto Wild Pokemon
09 = Pokecenter
0A = Meet Trainer - Evil Tune
0B = Meet Trainer - Happy Tune
0C = Meet Trainer - UNUSED! (But was used in R/B/Y)
0D = Pokemon Get Healed
0E = Lavender Town
0F = Route 2
10 = Kanto Cave
11 = Following Someone
12 = Casinos
13 = Riding Bike
14 = Hall of Fame Registration
15 = Viridian/Pewter/Cerulean/Saffron/Cinnibar
16 = Celadon/Fuchsia City
17 = You Won a Battle
18 = You killed a Wild Pokemon
19 = You Won a Gym Battle
1A = Mt. Moon Square
1B = Gym
1C = Pallet Town
1D = Prof Oak's Lab
1E = Meet Prof Oak
1F = Rival
20 = Rival 2
21 = Surfing
22 = Safari Zone/Evolving
23 = National Park
24 = Credits
25 = Azalea/Mahogany/Blackthorn
26 = Cherrygrove City
27 = Meet Trainer - Japanese
28 = Unown Cave/Ilex Forest/Unown Rune
29 = Johto Wild Pokemon
2A = Johto Battle
2B = Routes 30-33
2C = Ecruteak/Cianwood City
2D = Violet/Olivine City
2E = Johto Gym Battle
2F = Lance/Red Battle
30 = Rival Battle
31 = Rocket Battle
32 = Prof Elm's Lab
33 = Ice Path
34 = Route 29
35 = Routes 34-37
36 = S.S. Aqua
37 = Meet Trainer - Basic Tune
38 = Meet Trainer - Girl Tune
39 = Meet Trainer - Rocket Tune
3A = Meet Trainer - Freaky Tune
3B = Meet Trainer - Japanese Tune 2
3C = New Bark Town
3D = Goldenrod City
3E = Vermilion City
3F = Special Fanfare?
40 = Pokeflute
41 = Tin Tower
42 = Sprout Tower
43 = Burned Tower
44 = Whirl Islands/Silver cave
45 = Routes 42-44
46 = Indigo Plateau/Routes 23,28
47 = Routes 38, 39
48 = Rockets Hideout
49 = Dragons Den
4A = Johto Wild Pokemon (Slightly Different)
4B = Unown Radio Station
4C = You defeated a Wild Pokemon
4D = Routes 26, 27
4E = Meet Mom
4F = Victory Road
50 = Pokemon Lullaby
51 = Pokemon March
52 = Intro - Part 1
53 = Intro - Part 2
54 = New Game/Continue Menu
55 = Unown Ruins
56 = Rockets Take Radio Tower
57 = Dance Theatre
58 = Bug Contest Results
59 = Bug Contest
5A = Weird
5B = Printer Error
5C = The End

-Crystal Only-

5D = Clair's Theme
5E = Mobile Network Tune*
5F = Mobile Network Tune
60 = Buena's Radio Talk
61 = Eusine's Theme
62 = Intro of Crystal
63 = Outside Battle Tower
64 = Suicine Battle
65 = Inside Battle Tower
66 = Big Pokecenter

Unused Maps

A8546 **Hiro's House (COPY)**
A8940 **Beta Gym** Tileset 20 10x9
A8A4E **Beta Room** Tileset 20 10x9
A8B5C **Beta Room** Tileset 20 10x9
A8C34 **Beta Ecruteak** Tileset 1 20x18
A9659 **Beta Violet** Tileset 1 20x18
A9A37 **Beta Route** Tilset 1 20x18
A9B9F **Beta Room** Tilset 20 10x9
A9D07 **Beta Goldenrod** Tileset 2 20x17
A8F7D **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) Tilset 20 10x9
A9FD7 **Beta Pokecenter** Tileset 6 8x4
A8A4E **Beta Room** (Jap Tower) Tilset 20 10x9
AA80D **Beta Azalea** Tileset 1/2 10x9
AA88B **Beta Blackthorn** Tilset 1 20x18
AA9F3 **Beta Cherrygrove** Tileset 1 10x9
AAC0F **Beta Room** Tilset 20 10x9
AAF93 **Beta Room** Tilset 20 10x9
AB1AF **Beta Mahogany** Tileset 1 10x9
AB6C3 **Beta Cianwood** Tileset 1/2 20x18
AB993 **Beta Olivine** Tileset 1/2 20x18 
ABAFB **Beta New Bark Town** Tileset 1/2 10x9
AC180 **Beta Lake of Rage** Tilset 1 20x18
ACA01 **Beta Pokecenter** Tileset 6 4x4
AC4C8 **Celadon Mansion (5) BETA**
ADF76 **Elevator COPY* Tileset 11 5x5
AE3C7 **Burned Tower (3) BETA** Tileset 21 15x18
AF44D **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA** Tileset 25 15x18
AF55B **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA** Tileset 25 15x18
AF669 **Room BETA** Tileset 20 15x18
AF777 **Team Rocket Hideout? BETA** Tileset 25 15x18
AFA2A **Route 23? BETA** Tileset 3 5x18
DC000 **Beta Cave**  Tileset 21 5x7
DCD0E **Beta Room!*  Tileset 12 6x4