MOTHER 3:Town map size table

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Town map size Table
Start Address 0x00C2AF8
End Address 0x00C2BE7
# of Entries 20 (0x14)
Entry Length 12 bytes
Total Length 240 bytes
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Table overview

This table contains 12 bytes entries for every town map in the game.
It determines how a map will be in size and how much it will be scaled.

Table Structure

  • [00]-[02]= Map's X coordinate from the graphic.
  • [03]-[04]= How much walking one step will change the character's position on the map.
  • [05]-[07]= Map's Y coordinate from the graphic.
  • [08]-[09]= Map's X scrollable lenght, it's in pixels, if values are 08=02 and 09=01, map will be scrollable 0x0102 pixels over the default lenght of a screen.
  • [0A]-[0B]= Map's Y scrollable height, it's in pixels, if values are 08=0F and 09=02, map will be scrollable 0x020F pixels over the default height of a screen.