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EarthBound/Store Inventories Table

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This is a sub-page of EarthBound.

Store Inventories Table
Game EarthBound
Start Address 0x1578B9
End Address 0x157A86
# of Entries 66
Entry Length 7 bytes (0x07)
Total Length 462 bytes (0x1CE)
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The Store Inventories Table stores what items are sold by the various stores in EarthBound. It is essientially a list of indexes in the Item Properties Table, seven for each store.


Item #N

The index in the Item Properties Table of the Nth item sold by this store or 0 for no item. N can be 0-6 for up to 7 items per store. Note that the cost of an item is controlled by the Item Properties Table and will be the same at every store which sells that item.

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