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PAR Codes

PAR Code What Code? Notes?
7E02A840 After-Battle, The party doesn't go back off-screen? This is an interesting code, I got stuck when the Merchant arrived with this code on
7E002CXX Walk-Around-Music Modifier? Replace XX with any Value, try 02 and 05.
7E01E1XX In-Battle Music? Maybe? Replace XX with any Value, In Theory AA-FF crashes emulator. You have to turn it on before any battle then turn it off when you engage in a battle.
7E0291XX Day Modifier Replace XX with any of the values below:
00 = Day, Slight Loop
01 = Day to Afternoon
02 = Afternoon to Early Night
03 = Early Night to Night
04 = Night to Mid-Night
05 = Mid-Night to Morning
06 = Morning to Day
FF = Gay Glenn Mode?!
When the code is on, the enviroment will go in a loop, like Night to Morning and on once it reaches a certian point, it goes back to Night again. Meaning, a REAL Day Modifier looks at the value of this address and then sets where in time it is, probably 0-255, on where the sun is...
7E0020-7E0200 Projected Music Range Right now we are trying to find a Music Area Modifier so it will play the music you choose instead of whatever music. It's possible that the music is chosen by one value and the projected area of music-related glitches are that range.
7E002A34 No Random Encounters, I believe It disabled all random encounters from monsters, Merchant still shows up.

Palettes Note

Palettes for colors used in the game do not have their own address but it rather shared. I learned this by messing with their choice in blue (found in water outside in-game) and not only did it glitch the game a bit, it changed the Display picture of the 3rd player's coat to blue and some things that are suppose to be blue are the green I chose. So meaning, to change the color fo your character, doing so would also change the colors of the levels of where you are and if you step out of the level and into the over world, most likely your changes will be gone or set do a different color scheme.


I found this, and I'm not sure if it's exactly right. I just compared a SPC (SNES Music file)to the rom, and tried to find the most logical points (In my opinion),,, I didn't change it to test it however, sou I'm not definite if it's right. I'm posting it here anyway
E5ee4 - Kemko Jingle Start
Ea25b - Track 30

Internal Data for Drakkhen

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