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  • 0xC2CE to 0xC2EC: event bytes.
  • 0xC2ED and 0xC2EE: current Medal Manor prize.
  • 0xC2F0 to 0xC2FD: local events.
  • 0xC2FE: protection against harmful soil, 0x80 to activate.
  • 0xC2FF: counter for current tiny medal being hold.
    • Raises by each medal found, subtracts by speaking to the "Medal King" with them in the inventory.
  • 0xC300: counter for tiny medal given to the "Medal King".
  • 0xC301 to 0xC30B: the player real name, from the beginning.
    • Obligatory endstring at the ending, in 0xC30B.
  • 0xC30D: player's birth month.
  • 0xC30E: player's birth day.
  • 0xC310 to 0xC4D7: sack items, with 2 bytes per unit meaning type and quantity, respectively.
    • The game doesn't check for quantities higher than 99 (0x63), so it is possible to hold 255 (0xFF) items of some kind, plus 0x00 means infinite! The total limit is 38 pages times 6 items.
  • 0xC4DC to 0xC4DE: counter for gold being hold, 999.999 (0x0F423F) maximum.
  • 0xC4DF and 0xC4E0: gold stocked at the bank, 9.999.000 (0x270F) maximum.
    • There are only 2 bytes because it holds unities in thousands!
  • 0xC546: decremental counter for Repellent and Repel.
  • 0xC548: Change Staff reference index for appearance.
  • 0xC549: decremental counter for Change Staff.
  • 0xC54B to 0xC54D: bit addresses for Return.
  • 0xC54F to 0xC552: character image used, one for each member of the current party.
  • 0xC553: character count for current party.
    • It is used for reading character structures, and also to know how many defeated Baramos (special gift from the king).
  • 0xC55A: structure for member 1.
  • 0xC5A1: structure for member 2.
  • 0xC5E9: structure for member 3.
  • 0xC631: structure for member 4.
  • 0xCBBB to 0xCC07: "Treasure Map".
  • 0xCC0B to 0xCC0D: Map Status.
  • 0xCC0E to 0xCC13: Orb Pedestals from Lamia temple.
  • 0xCC14 and 0xCC15: time counters (day and night).
  • 0xCC16 to 0xCC35: unveiled parts from the map, world of light.
  • 0xCC36 to 0xCC55: unveiled parts from the map, world of darkness.
  • 0xCC56: ship.
  • 0xCC57: Lamia.
  • 0xCC61: decremental counter of steps for random battles.

Every index count listed here begins with 1, not 0.


The limit for decremental counters measured by steps, are: 0xFF to 0x80 for Change Staff and Repel, and 0x7F to 0x00, for the Repellent. As one of them is shared, the highest order bit tells whether Repel or Repellent is active.


The values are bitmaps with the notes listing when they get enabled. 2 here means 0xC2CF in memory and so on...


  • 0x10: after Ortega revival, DivineGon wish.


  • 0x80: after defeating Baramos.
    • Eliminates random battles until 0x04 is set, at the next byte.


  • 0x01: people talk in Aliahan, after defeating Baramos.
  • 0x04: after the Aliahan scene, with the Zoma reveal.


  • 0x02: after defeating Zoma.
    • Eliminates random battles.


  • 0x20: recognized as the child of Ortega by the bard, at Muor.
  • 0x40: boy calls your attention to the Ortega Helmet, at Muor.
    • Always receive the helmet, when entering the village.
  • 0x80: after the Ortega Helmet is delivered to you.


  • 0x02: Tedanki prisoner gives the Green Orb.
  • 0x10: after crossing the portal, first fight against Orochi.
    • Locks the game if set alone, at Himiko's temple.
  • 0x20: after defeating Orochi at Zipangu.
  • 0x80: after entering the prison cell, arrested at Samanao.
    • The false king change his dialogue.


  • 0x01: secret stairway appears at the cemetery, Samanao.
  • 0x04: BossTroll defeated at Samanao.
    • Chest appears.
  • 0x08: after asking for the porn magazine, DivineGon wish.
  • 0x20: after replacing the Change Staff by the Bone, at Wizard's Cabin.
    • Ghost Ship appears at the map.
  • 0x40: after leaving Wizard's Cabin, with the replacement done.
  • 0x80: after asking the new pachisi track, DivineGon wish.
    • Zipangu Pachisi track appears.


  • 0x01: after asking for the "blank", DivineGon wish.
    • Second bonus dungeon enabled.
  • 0x02: after asking once for the medal collection, DivineGon wish.
  • 0x04: after asking twice for the medal collection, DivineGon wish.
  • 0x10: after uniting Erick and Olivia spirits.
    • Shrine Jail enabled.
  • 0x20: after asking thrice for the medal collection, DivineGon wish.
  • 0x80: after finding a merchant for Newburg creation.


  • 0x01: merchant researches Newburg field.
  • 0x02: after speaking with the merchant, when setting to Newburg or while the field researching.
  • 0x04: entering Newburg after talking with the old man, while the merchant does field researching.
  • 0x10: entering Newburg with the theatre built, after defeating Orochi.
  • 0x20: after watching the popular revolt in Newburg, at the night.
  • 0x40: by speaking with the jailed merchant, at Newburg.


  • 0x01: scene with the merchant abdicating the leadership, at final stage.
  • 0x02: by speaking with the merchant, after the abdication.
    • The member returns to Ruida's Tavern.
  • 0x08: after talking with the old man, while the merchant does field researching at Newburg.
  • 0x20: after receiving SilverOrb at Gondo Shrine.
  • 0x40: after setting SilverOrb in one of the pedestals.
  • 0x80: after setting Red Orb in one of the pedestals.


  • 0x01: after setting YellowOrb in one of the pedestals.
  • 0x02: after setting PurpleOrb in one of the pedestals.
  • 0x04: after setting Blue Orb in one of the pedestals.
  • 0x08: after setting GreenOrb in one of the pedestals.
  • 0x10: after Lamia egg hatches.
  • 0x20: after exiting Lamia temple, when the egg hatches.
  • 0x40: by speaking with Baramos, before the fight.
  • 0x80: after the dragon queen dies, leaving a egg.


  • 0x04: by speaking with the fairy, Rubiss servant, at Spirit Shrine.
  • 0x08: by speaking with the priest, at the hero temple, holding the items needed to create the RainbwDrp.
  • 0x10: after using RainbwDrp, at the northwest point of the Rimuldar land.
    • Creates the bridge to the Zoma castle.
  • 0x20: after answering "yes" to the priest, at Tantegal top spot.


  • 0x01: after using the PixyFlute, resurrecting Rubiss.
  • 0x02: after defeating the third statues pair, at Zoma castle.
    • They don't reappear anymore.
  • 0x04: after the fight between Ortega and King Hydra.
    • It gets disabled when Ortega disappears.
  • 0x08: after starting the fight against Zoma.
  • 0x10: returning to the map after defeating Zoma.
    • Transforms the world of darkness.
  • 0x20: by not defeating Baramos Evil (BaraEvil), at the arena in Zenith Cave.
  • 0x40: by speaking with the king, at Zenith Castle.
  • 0x80: by speaking with the bard once, at Zenith Castle.
    • Disables the treasure bit from Tedanki.


  • 0x01: after defeating Baramos Evil (BaraEvil), at the arena in Zenith Cave.
  • 0x02: by speaking with the bard, after finding the first hidden item at Zenith Castle.
    • Disables the treasure bit from Mercado.
  • 0x04: after defeating DivineGon once.
  • 0x08: by speaking with the bard, after finding the second hidden item, at Zenith Castle.
    • Disables the treasure bit from Luzami.
  • 0x10: after asking for a wish, to DivineGon.
  • 0x20: by speaking with the bard, after finding the third hidden item, at Zenith Castle.
    • Enables the information about the medals.
  • 0x40: by accepting to fight against DivineGon.


  • 0x01: by refusing to fight against DivineGon.
    • Disables after accepting the fight.


This byte doesn't look like that stand for "fixed" events!

  • 0x01: entering the prison cell, after being arrested by the false king at Samanao.
  • 0x20: by selling Oricon to the blacksmith, at Kol.


  • 0x40: after Ortega dies.


  • 0x80: after speaking with Garin, at Mercado inn.


  • 0x02: after speaking with the king at the beginning.
  • 0x08: after delivering the Pepper to the king of Portoga.


  • 0x01: after answering the questionnaire at the beginning.
  • 0x08: after speaking with the mother at the room entrance.
  • 0x10: after going together with mother to the castle.
  • 0x80: after asking for a wish twice, to DivineGon.


  • 0x80: after entering the sky world, trough Dragon Queen's Castle.


  • 0x04: after reaching Himiko's lair, trough the portal.
    • It looks like to not hold logical relevance by itself, but also needs to be activated for the second Orochi fight.
  • 0x08: by speaking with the old man from the copper gate, after acquiring the first 155 bronze medals, at Ice Cave.
    • Free pass to the second part.
  • 0x10: by speaking with the old man from the silver gate, after acquiring the first 155 silver medals, at Ice Cave.
    • Free pass to the third part.
  • 0x20: by speaking with the old man from the silver gate once, and without holding the required medals, at Ice Cave.
  • 0x40: by speaking with the old man from the silver gate twice, without holding the required medals, and answering "yes", at Ice Cave.
    • Enables the medal exchanging.
  • 0x80: by speaking with GranDragn once.


  • 0x01: after defeating GranDragn once.


  • 0x80: after acquiring YellowOrb or all the orbs???

Local Events.

These are variably changed whenever something happens in a place.


  • Byte 12, 0x10: Olivia spirit pushes the ship.
    • You can only use LuvMemory with this byte enabled.

Pirates' House

  • Byte 4, 0x01: hidden stairway revealed.
    • It is enabled when entering the stairway, because there isn't another environmental change here!


  • Byte 12, 0x08: stone puzzle solved.


  • Byte 1, 0x02: vase girl appears.
  • Byte 3, 0x02: event with Himiko, before the second fight against Orochi.

Zipangu Cave

  • Byte 3, 0x02: Orochi defeated.

Zoma's Castle

  • Byte 1, 0x80: first statue pair defeated.
  • Byte 2, 0x01: second statue pair defeated.
  • Byte 2, 0x04: after reaching Zoma, before fighting King Hydra.
  • Byte 2, 0x08: after defeating Baramos Bros (BaraBomus).
  • Byte 2, 0x10: after defeating Baramos Zombie (BaraGonus).
  • Byte 4, 0x08: statues enabled.

Ice Cave

  • Byte 13, 0x02: old man from the silver gate acquires another speak, after freeing the pass.
  • Byte 13, 0x04: GranDragn acquires another speak after being defeated.

Medal Manor prizes

This is the current reward registered by the medal man, listed according to the medals. Always work like "shift left 1, sum 1" per prize reached.

  • 0x0000: 0.
  • 0x0001: 5.
  • 0x0003: 10.
  • 0x0007: 20.
  • 0x000F: 30.
  • 0x001F: 35.
  • 0x003F: 50.
  • 0x007F: 60.
  • 0x00FF: 70.
  • 0x01FF: 80.
  • 0x03FF: 90.
  • 0x07FF: 95.
  • 0x0FFF: 100.


Bitmap, 0xFFFF1F for maximum value.


  • 0x01: Aliahan.
  • 0x02: Reeve.
  • 0x04: Romaly.
  • 0x08: Kazave.
  • 0x10: Noaniels.
  • 0x20: Ashalam.
  • 0x40: Isis.
  • 0x80: Portoga.


  • 0x01: Baharata.
  • 0x02: Dharma.
  • 0x04: Lancel.
  • 0x08: Zipangu.
  • 0x10: Edinbear.
  • 0x20: Samanao.
  • 0x40: Soo.
  • 0x80: Castle Zenith.


  • 0x01: Tantegal.
  • 0x02: Domdora.
  • 0x04: Mercado.
  • 0x08: Kol.
  • 0x10: Rimuldar.

Character Structure.

  • 1 byte: probably, character creation order. Heroes with 0x00.
  • 4 bytes: name.
  • 1 byte: class and sex.
  • 1 byte: natural personality.
  • 1 byte: current personality, changed by equipments.
  • 1 byte: level.
  • 4 bytes: experience limited according to the class, general maximum of 0x98967F, or 9.999.999.
  • 9 bytes: real characteristic points in byte pairs, ordered by: strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, and luck. The paired bytes, except for the luck that doesn't have one, are "seeds" that dictate the amount to raise at leveling (they are only used when leveling occurs).
  • 5 bytes: the previous points, copied to display purposes.
  • 2 bytes: attack.
  • 2 bytes: defense.
  • 2 bytes: current HP.
  • 2 bytes: maximum HP.
  • 2 bytes: current MP.
  • 2 bytes: maximum MP.
  • 1 byte: status.
  • 9 bytes: abilities.
  • 12 bytes: inventory.
  • 11 bytes: zero padding up to the next character.
    • Example map, for the first character: 0xC559; 0xC55A to 0xC55D; 0xC55E; 0xC55F; 0xC560; 0xC561; 0xC562 to 0xC565; 0xC566 to 0xC56E; 0xC56F to 0xC573; 0xC574 and 0xC575; 0xC576 and 0xC577; 0xC578 and 0xC579; 0xC57A and 0xC57B; 0xC57C and 0xC57D; 0xC57E and 0xC57F; 0xC580; 0xC581 to 0xC589; 0xC58A to 0xC595; 0xC596 to 0xC5A0.

Class and Sex.

The class is given by second nibble.

  • 0x0: Hero.
  • 0x1: Warrior.
  • 0x2: Mage.
  • 0x3: Cleric.
  • 0x4: Fighter.
  • 0x5: Sage.
  • 0x6: Dealer.
  • 0x7: Jester.
  • 0x8: Thief.

Now for the sex, it is changed trough the most significant bit, like: 0x00 to male hero, 0x80 to female hero.

Not used.

And the appearance used.

  • 0x9: Outlaw, hero.
  • 0xA: Bard, horn man.
  • 0xB: Loto, Ortega.
  • 0xC: Goon (Kandata helper), hero.

0xD onwards goes to the personality bank, beginning with the hero in royal garb.


  • 0x00: ordinary.
  • 0x01: valiant.
  • 0x02: jock.
  • 0x03: bully.
  • 0x04: unique.
  • 0x05: amazon.
  • 0x06: tomboy.
  • 0x07: macho.
  • 0x08: tough.
  • 0x09: ironman.
  • 0x0A: stubborn.
  • 0x0B: diligent.
  • 0x0C: eager.
  • 0x0D: defiant.
  • 0x0E: fearless.
  • 0x0F: lewd.
  • 0x10: quick.
  • 0x11: agile.
  • 0x12: foolish.
  • 0x13: alert.
  • 0x14: careless.
  • 0x15: solitary.
  • 0x16: selfish.
  • 0x17: vain.
  • 0x18: sharp.
  • 0x19: smart.
  • 0x1A: logical.
  • 0x1B: romantic.
  • 0x1C: meddler.
  • 0x1D: lonesome.
  • 0x1E: cowardly.
  • 0x1F: helpless.
  • 0x20: silly.
  • 0x21: weepy.
  • 0x22: lazy.
  • 0x23: twisted.
  • 0x24: timid.
  • 0x25: honest.
  • 0x26: naive.
  • 0x27: carefree.
  • 0x28: kindly.
  • 0x29: happy.
  • 0x2A: lucky.
  • 0x2B: ladylike.
  • 0x2C: sexy.


The first nibble seems to hold only some curse with 1 (0x10). The second nibble is used for...

  • 0x1: death.
  • 0x2: paralysis.
  • 0x4: poison.
  • 0x8: curse.

Example: 0x00 for normal; 0x05 for dead and poisoned; 0x0F for all set.

Note: the cursed status needs a fitting equipment, because it locks the game when you cure it without the cursed equipment! Its symbol also has priority, in a weird way, over the poisoning.


Another bitmap trough many bytes. The hero class has access to exclusive magic, but it also can't use many others even if they are enabled! Example: 0x31500001431191FF00 is the final value to heroes.

Note: there is an underlying scheme of subsequent indexes, pertaining certain magic. If you turn off the first possible magic, the game will not display the next indexes at status screen.


  • 0x01: Blaze.
  • 0x02: Upper.
  • 0x04: IceBolt.
  • 0x08: Increase.
  • 0x10: Firebal.
  • 0x20: Return.
  • 0x40: Bang.
  • 0x80: SlowAll.


  • 0x01: BlazeMore.
  • 0x02: RobMagic.
  • 0x04: SnowStorm.
  • 0x08: BlizMost.
  • 0x10: Firebane.
  • 0x20: TwinHits.
  • 0x40: Boom.
  • 0x80: Bounce.


  • 0x01: BlazeMost.
  • 0x02: PanicAll.
  • 0x04: Blizzard.
  • 0x08: BeDragon.
  • 0x10: Firebolt.
  • 0x20: Transform.
  • 0x40: Explodet.
  • 0x80: Chance.


  • 0x01: Outside.
  • 0x02: X-Ray.
  • 0x04: StepGuard.
  • 0x08: Passtime.
  • 0x10: CurseOff.
  • 0x20: Invisible.
  • 0x40: Open.
  • 0x80: Sap.


  • 0x01: Heal.
  • 0x02: Expel.
  • 0x04: Antidote.
  • 0x08: Infernos.
  • 0x10: SpeedUp.
  • 0x20: Surround.
  • 0x40: Sleep.
  • 0x80: Defense.


  • 0x01: HealMore.
  • 0x02: Beat.
  • 0x04: NumbOff.
  • 0x08: Infermore.
  • 0x10: StopSpell.
  • 0x20: Disperse.
  • 0x40: Awaken.
  • 0x80: Barrier.


  • 0x01: HealAll.
  • 0x02: Defeat.
  • 0x04: HealUs.
  • 0x08: Infermost.
  • 0x10: Vivify.
  • 0x20: Sacrifice.
  • 0x40: Revive.
  • 0x80: Ironize.
    • Only for heroes.


Only the hero class got access to these.

  • 0x01: Zap.
  • 0x02: Thordain.
  • 0x04: HealUsAll.
  • 0x08: Repel.
  • 0x10: Recall.
  • 0x20: Forget.
  • 0x40: Remember.
  • 0x80: Recollect.


Notably, the abilities that are not magic.

  • 0x01: Excavate.
  • 0x02: YellHelp.
  • 0x04: EagleEye.
  • 0x08: Location.
  • 0x10: Tiptoe.
  • 0x20: MapMagic.
  • 0x40: Smell.
  • 0x80: Whistle.

Ruida's Tavern.

To take a character from the listing, copying its data to the main structure, the game puts an "endstring" at the first index of its name. Even the merchant from Newburg follows this rule. Just need to find out where the first letter is...


If the "EMPTY" lies before valid items, the game will drop everything else! These refer to the bank that, in Dragon Warrior, goes from 0x181E42 to 0x182610. The maximum valid index is 0x18252C (0xE4), also the maximum value for items inside the sack.

  • 0x00: EMPTY.
  • 0x01: Stick[STICK].
  • 0x02: Club[STICK].
  • 0x03: Copper[SWORD].
  • 0x04: Knife[KNIFE].
  • 0x05: Spear[LANCE].
  • 0x06: Iron[AXE].
  • 0x07: Steel[SWORD].
  • 0x08: Wizard[STAFF].
  • 0x09: Poison[KNIFE].
  • 0x0A: Iron[CLAW].
  • 0x0B: Spiny[WHIP].
  • 0x0C: Shears[HAMMER].
  • 0x0D: Sickle[SWORD].
  • 0x0E: Thor[SWORD].
  • 0x0F: Snow[SWORD].
  • 0x10: Demon[AXE].
  • 0x11: Rain[STAFF].
  • 0x12: Gaia[SWORD].
  • 0x13: Bounce[STAFF].
  • 0x14: Devil[SWORD].
  • 0x15: 2-Edged[SWORD].
  • 0x16: Force[STAFF].
  • 0x17: Seduce[SWORD].
  • 0x18: Zombie[SWORD].
  • 0x19: Falcon[SWORD].
  • 0x1A: Hammer[HAMMER].
  • 0x1B: Golden[CLAW].
  • 0x1C: Thunder[SWORD].
  • 0x1D: Bolt[STAFF].
  • 0x1E: Kings[SWORD].
  • 0x1F: Orochi[SWORD].
  • 0x20: Dragon[SWORD].
  • 0x21: Judge[STAFF].
  • 0x22: Steel[WHIP].
  • 0x23: Chain[WHIP].
  • 0x24: Ultimate[WHIP].
  • 0x25: Mace[WHIP].
  • 0x26: Wooden[BOOMERANG].
  • 0x27: Blade[BOOMERANG].
  • 0x28: Flame[BOOMERANG].
  • 0x29: Wreck[WHIP].
  • 0x2A: Iron[ABACUS].
  • 0x2B: Magic[ABACUS].
  • 0x2C: Justice[ABACUS].
  • 0x2D: Bastard[SWORD].
  • 0x2E: Lune[STAFF].
  • 0x2F: Sage[STAFF].
  • 0x30: Sleep[STAFF].
  • 0x31: Dagger[KNIFE].
  • 0x32: Holy[LANCE].
  • 0x33: Power[CLAW].
  • 0x34: Dragon[CLAW].
  • 0x35: Beast[CLAW].
  • 0x36: Bronze[KNIFE].
  • 0x37: Fan[HAMMER].
  • 0x38: Mist[STAFF].
  • 0x39: Vivify[STAFF].
  • 0x3A: Battle[AXE].
  • 0x3B: War[HAMMER].
  • 0x3C: Dragon[WHIP].
  • 0x3D: Cloth[CLOAK].
  • 0x3E: Training[CLOAK].
  • 0x3F: Leather[ARMOR].
  • 0x40: Flashy[CLOAK].
  • 0x41: Iron[ARMOR].
  • 0x42: Steel[ARMOR].
  • 0x43: Magic[ARMOR].
  • 0x44: Evade[CLOAK].
  • 0x45: Light[ARMOR].
  • 0x46: Iron[APRON].
  • 0x47: Plush[CLOAK].
  • 0x48: Fighting[CLOAK].
  • 0x49: Magic[ROBE].
  • 0x4A: Devil[ARMOR].
  • 0x4B: Water[ROBE].
  • 0x4C: Chain[ARMOR].
  • 0x4D: Traveler[CLOAK].
  • 0x4E: Tight[BIKINI].
  • 0x4F: Magic[BIKINI].
  • 0x50: Shell[ARMOR].
  • 0x51: Terra[ARMOR].
  • 0x52: Dragon[ARMOR].
  • 0x53: Blade[ARMOR].
  • 0x54: Angel[ROBE].
  • 0x55: Turtle[CLOAK].
  • 0x56: Kilt[SHORTS].
  • 0x57: Leather[ROBE].
  • 0x58: Boxer[SHORTS].
  • 0x59: Skirt[ROBE].
  • 0x5A: Light[ROBE].
  • 0x5B: Dragon[ROBE].
  • 0x5C: Black[CLOAK].
  • 0x5D: Silk[ROBE].
  • 0x5E: Magic[APRON].
  • 0x5F: Dandy[CLOAK].
  • 0x60: Party[ROBE].
  • 0x61: Dark[ROBE].
  • 0x62: Bolero[ROBE].
  • 0x63: Sacred[BIKINI].
  • 0x64: Ninja[CLOAK].
  • 0x65: Leather[SHIELD].
  • 0x66: Iron[SHIELD].
  • 0x67: Heal[SHIELD].
  • 0x68: Hero[SHIELD].
  • 0x69: Sorrow[SHIELD].
  • 0x6A: Bronze[SHIELD].
  • 0x6B: Silver[SHIELD].
  • 0x6C: Scale[SHIELD].
  • 0x6D: Magic[SHIELD].
  • 0x6E: Dragon[SHIELD].
  • 0x6F: Expel[SHIELD].
  • 0x70: PotLid[SHIELD].
  • 0x71: Ogre[SHIELD].
  • 0x72: Crown[TIARA].
  • 0x73: Iron[HELMET].
  • 0x74: Magic[HAT].
  • 0x75: Misery[HELMET].
  • 0x76: Ortega[HELMET].
  • 0x77: Turban[HAT].
  • 0x78: NohMask[HELMET].
  • 0x79: Leather[HAT].
  • 0x7A: IronMask[HELMET].
  • 0x7B: Wooden[HAT].
  • 0x7C: Fur[HAT].
  • 0x7D: Silver[TIARA].
  • 0x7E: Great[HELMET].
  • 0x7F: Black[HAT].
  • 0x80: Bunny[TIARA].
  • 0x81: Silk[HAT].
  • 0x82: Mythril[HELMET].
  • 0x83: Horned[HAT].
  • 0x84: Crest.
  • 0x85: Wizard[RING].
  • 0x86: LUCKShoes.
  • 0x87: Starry[RING].
  • 0x88: Zen[BOOK].
  • 0x89: Rubiss[SWORD].
  • 0x8A: Life[RING].
  • 0x8B: STR[RING].
  • 0x8C: BunnyTail.
  • 0x8D: AGLScarf.
  • 0x8E: StoneWig.
  • 0x8F: Garter.
  • 0x90: MohawkWig.
  • 0x91: Ruby[RING].
  • 0x92: Tattoo.
  • 0x93: Hero[RING].
  • 0x94: INTSpecs.
  • 0x95: Rosary[NECKLACE].
  • 0x96: Sucker.
  • 0x97: Punk[RING].
  • 0x98: Gold[NECKLACE].
  • 0x99: Speed[RING].
  • 0x9A: PowerBelt.
  • 0x9B: GoldBeak.
  • 0x9C: Tiara[TIARA].
  • 0x9D: Pierce.
  • 0x9E: Love[RING].
  • 0x9F: Flee[RING].
  • 0xA0: Toughness.
  • 0xA1: TubeSocks.
  • 0xA2: Pepper.
  • 0xA3: SageRock.
  • 0xA4: LarMirror.
  • 0xA5: Dry Vase.
  • 0xA6: Dark Lamp.
  • 0xA7: Change[STAFF].
  • 0xA8: LifeStone.
  • 0xA9: Hide Herb.
  • 0xAA: MagicBomb.
  • 0xAB: ThiefKey.
  • 0xAC: MagicKey.
  • 0xAD: FinalKey.
  • 0xAE: DreamRuby.
  • 0xAF: Wake Dust.
  • 0xB0: Letter.
  • 0xB1: Oricon.
  • 0xB2: STRseed.
  • 0xB3: AGLseed.
  • 0xB4: VITseed.
  • 0xB5: LUCKseed.
  • 0xB6: INTseed.
  • 0xB7: LifeAcorn.
  • 0xB8: Herb.
  • 0xB9: Antidote.
  • 0xBA: Repellent.
  • 0xBB: WarpWing.
  • 0xBC: WorldLeaf.
  • 0xBD: Music Box.
  • 0xBE: LuvMemory.
  • 0xBF: MoonHerb.
  • 0xC0: SquirtGun.
  • 0xC1: Bone.
  • 0xC2: EchoFlute.
  • 0xC3: PixyFlute.
  • 0xC4: ShinyHarp.
  • 0xC5: Light Orb.
  • 0xC6: BugPowder.
  • 0xC7: SpiderWeb.
  • 0xC8: Sun Stone.
  • 0xC9: RainbwDrp.
  • 0xCA: SilverOrb.
  • 0xCB: Red Orb.
  • 0xCC: YellowOrb.
  • 0xCD: PurpleOrb.
  • 0xCE: Blue Orb.
  • 0xCF: GreenOrb.
  • 0xD0: TinyMedal.
  • 0xD1: Magic Map.
  • 0xD2: Pixy Map.
  • 0xD3: Gold Pass.
  • 0xD4: Goddess[RING].
  • 0xD5: MysticNut.
  • 0xD6: Kindly[BOOK].
  • 0xD7: Wimpy[BOOK].
  • 0xD8: Lady[BOOK].
  • 0xD9: Smart[BOOK].
  • 0xDA: Muscle[BOOK].
  • 0xDB: Hero[BOOK].
  • 0xDC: Lucky[BOOK].
  • 0xDD: Tomboy[BOOK].
  • 0xDE: Tragic[BOOK].
  • 0xDF: Brave[BOOK].
  • 0xE0: Defy[BOOK].
  • 0xE1: Joke[BOOK].
  • 0xE2: Sexy[BOOK].
  • 0xE3: Cheat[BOOK].
  • 0xE4: Token.

From 0xE5 onwards, it uses the monster name bank, from "None" to "Vampire" (0xFF).

Treasure Map.

Yet another bitmap that, when set, opens the chest at some place. There are some treasures that change 2 bytes, so the listing may not be 100% correct.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Shampane Tower.


  • 0x10 to 0xF0: Garuna Tower.
    • 0x20: Zen Scroll.
    • 0x80: TinyMedal.


  • 0x10: FinalKey, Shoal Shrine.
  • 0x40: PurpleOrb, Zipangu.


  • 0x02 to 0x0E: Pirates' House.


  • 0x08 to 0x18: Newburg.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal at mayor's house.
  • 0x80: Change Staff chest, Samanao.


  • 0x01 to 0xFF: Samanao Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0xFF: Samanao Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x7F: Samanao Cave.
    • 0x20: LarMirror.
  • 0x80: TinyMedal, Gondo Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Gondo Cave.
  • 0x04 to 0x1C: Baramos Castle.


  • 0x08 to 0x68: Tantegal Castle.
    • 0x40: Sun Stone.
  • 0x80: empty, Garin's House underground.


  • 0x01 to 0x1F: Nail Mark.
    • 0x01: Hero Shield.
  • 0x20 to 0xE0: Rocky Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Rocky Cave.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal.
  • 0x04 to 0x1C: rewards from Kol Pachisi.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Rubiss Tower.
    • 0x40: Mimic.


  • 0x01 to 0xFF: Rubiss Tower, second floor.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal.
    • 0x04: Mimic.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Rubiss Tower.
    • 0x01: TinyMedal, third floor chest.
    • 0x02: Light Armor.
  • 0x04: Rimuldar.
  • 0x08 to 0xF8: Zoma's Castle.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal from 6 chests.
    • 0x80: Mimic.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Zoma's Castle.
    • 0x02: SageRock.
  • 0x04 to 0xFC: Zenith Cave.
    • 0x10: Mimic.
    • 0x20: Gaia Sword.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal.
    • 0x80: TinyMedal.


  • 0x01: Zenith Cave.
  • 0x02 to 0x3E: Sky Tower.
    • 0x02: Wreck Whip.
    • 0x04: TinyMedal.
    • 0x20: TinyMedal.


  • 0x08: LuvMemory, Ghost Ship.


  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Kol Pachisi.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Kol Pachisi.
    • 0x01: Mimic.
  • 0x04 to 0xBC: Zipangu Pachisi.
    • 0x04 and 0x08: rewards.


  • 0x01 to 0x07: Zipangu Pachisi.
  • 0x08 to 0xF8: Ice Cave.
    • 0x08: Mimic.


  • 0x01 to 0xFF: Ice Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x13: Ice Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Zipangu Shrine.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal.
  • 0x04: Pirates' House.
  • 0x10 to 0xF0: Newburg.
    • 0x20: Garter, part 1.
    • 0x40: Bunny Tiara, part 1.
    • 0x10 and 0x80: Token.


  • 0x01 to 0x07: Newburg.
    • 0x01: Garter, part 2.
    • 0x02: Bunny Tiara, part 2.
    • 0x04: TinyMedal, at the house replacing the prison.
  • 0x08: Soo.
  • 0x20: Samanao Castle.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Wizard's Cabin.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal.


  • 0x01: Muor.
  • 0x02 to 0x1E: Tantegal and Tantegal Castle.
  • 0x20 to 0xE0: Garin's House.
    • 0x80: TinyMedal.


  • 0x01: Domdora.
  • 0x04 to 0x1C: Mercado.
  • 0x20 to 0x60: Kol.
  • 0x80: Rimuldar.


  • 0x01 to 0x0F: Rimuldar.
    • 0x01: TinyMedal at northwest house.
    • 0x08: Zen Scroll.
  • 0x10 to 0x30: starting port from the world of darkness.


  • 0x08 to 0x38: Kol Pachisi.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal at the entrance closet.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Zipangu Pachisi.


  • 0x01 to 0xE7: Zipangu Pachisi.


  • 0x01: Zipangu Pachisi.


  • 0x02: Tedanki.


  • 0x01 to 0x07: Pirates' House.
    • 0x04: TinyMedal from chest.
  • 0x10 to 0x30: Soo.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal inside jar.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Samanao.


  • 0x01 to 0x07: Samanao Castle.
    • 0x01: TinyMedal.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal from prison.
  • 0x08: TinyMedal, Shrine Jail.
  • 0x10 to 0x30: Muor.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal.


  • 0x01 to 0x3F: Tantegal and Tantegal Castle.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal at the castle.
  • 0x40: TinyMedal, Domdora.
  • 0x80: Mercado.


  • 0x00 to 0x0F: Mercado.
  • 0x10 to 0x30: Kol.
    • 0x20: TinyMedal at the blacksmith.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Rimuldar.
    • 0x80: TinyMedal in the vase, north house.


  • 0x01: Rimuldar.
  • 0x02: TinyMedal in the prison vase, Zenith Cave.
  • 0x04 to 0x0C: Zenith Castle.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal, vase.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Ghost Ship.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal, deck.
    • 0x80: TinyMedal, underground.


  • 0x08 to 0x78: Kol Pachisi.
    • 0x20: TinyMedal in the vase, east part of the second floor.
  • 0x80: Zipangu Pachisi.


  • 0x01 to 0x37: Zipangu Pachisi.


  • 0x01 to 0x0B: Zipangu Pachisi.
  • 0x40: Domdora.


  • 0x04: Kol Pachisi.


  • 0x08: TinyMedal, Shoal Shrine.
  • 0x10 to 0x70: Tedanki.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal in the swamp.
    • 0x20: Beast Claw.
  • 0x80: Starry Bracelet, Zipangu Pachisi entrance.
    • You must make the wish to DivineGon!


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Zipangu Pachisi.
  • 0x04: TinyMedal inside prison, Pirates' House.
  • 0x20: YellowOrb, Newburg.
  • 0x40 to 0xC0: Soo.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal close to the fountain.


  • 0x02 to 0x7E: Samanao and Samanao Castle.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal at the cemetery.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal at castle gate.


  • 0x01: Gaia Sword, Shrine Jail.
  • 0x02: TinyMedal, Muor.
  • 0x20: SageRock, Luzami.
  • 0x40: TinyMedal behind the throne, Hobbit Shrine.
  • 0x80: TinyMedal at the entrance of Lamia temple.


  • 0x01: TinyMedal close to the Zenith entrance, at Dragon Queen's Castle.
  • 0x02: TinyMedal at Gondo Cave underground.
  • 0x04 to 0x1C: Gondo Shrine.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal.
  • 0x20 to 0x60: Baramos Castle.
    • 0x20: TinyMedal in front of the throne.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal at the underground.


  • 0x10 to 0xF0: Tantegal and Tantegal Castle.
    • 0x20: TinyMedal.


  • 0x01: ShinyHarp, Garin's House.
  • 0x02 to 0x0E: Domdora.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal inside the stables.
    • 0x04: Oricon.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal in the well.
  • 0x10 to 0xF0: Mercado.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal at northwest, inside region.
    • 0x20: Dark Robe.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Spirit Shrine.
    • 0x02: TinyMedal at the middle of the carpet.
  • 0x04 to 0x7C: Kol.
    • 0x08: TinyMedal in the fountain.
    • 0x10: PixyFlute.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal in the well, pachisi entrance.
  • 0x80: Kol Pachisi.


  • 0x04 to 0x1C: Kol Pachisi.
  • 0x20 to 0x60: Marshy Cave.
    • 0x40: TinyMedal, end of the tunnel.
  • 0x80: Rubiss Tower.


  • 0x01: TinyMedal, Sacred Shrine.
  • 0x02: TinyMedal in the prison, Rimuldar.
  • 0x08 to 0x18: starting port from the world of darkness.
    • 0x10: TinyMedal at the extreme northeast point.
  • 0x20 to 0xE0: Zenith Cave.


  • 0x01 to 0x03: Zenith Cave.
  • 0x08 to 0x48: Zoma's Castle.
    • TinyMedal from the main hall: between thrones and at the harmful northeast soil.

Map Status.


Newburg history...

  • 0x00: initial value.
  • 0x01: merchant researching Newburg field.
  • 0x02: same as 0x01.
    • Looks like it is not used...
  • 0x03: dealer opens one store.
  • 0x04: inn and shop, merchant building other places.
  • 0x05: theatre built, merchant as mayor.
  • 0x06: mayor jailed, soldiers at the city.
  • 0x07: mayor freed, people at peace.
  • 0x08: after abdication and returning to the tavern, final state!


  • 0x04: initial value.
  • 0x02: after using the Dry Vase.
  • 0x10: by finding the hidden stairway at main hall, Zoma's Castle.
    • There is a condition by which this is disabled, still unknown.
  • 0x20: after defeating Zoma, back to the map.
  • 0x30: after defeating Zoma, when the ground cracks at the second underground level, in the cave.


  • 0x00: initial value.
  • 0x06: after using the Gaia Sword, opening the way to Gondo.
    • This value fits exactly the number of tiles filled on the map.

Orb Pedestals.

The order is: from east to west, north to south. Each orb code for them...

  • 0x00: none.
  • 0x01: purple.
  • 0x02: red.
  • 0x03: blue.
  • 0x04: green.
  • 0x05: silver.
  • 0x06: yellow.


The first byte tells the current state...

  • 0x00 to 0x02: morning.
  • 0x03: afternoon.
  • 0x04 to 0x06: evening.

The second has a maximum index of 0x20, according to the steps, and cycles the first byte by 1 (0 to 6) when reaching it.

Note: the visual display is given by changing the color palette.

Map Parts.

They use another bitmap schematic, for each tile filled in, however they are sorted irregularly and not how they are displayed... For the first map, only 0xCC17 remains 0x3F???


  • 0x00: without.
  • 0x80: inside places.
  • 0x81: at the map.
  • 0x83: specific.
    • Inside Portoga, for the ship, and flying with Lamia.

Note: at the world of darkness, the fact that the ship remains at the starting port doesn't change its byte value, plus Lamia remains at 0x80!


Newburg Progress.

  • Walk until 0xC2DA sets 0x01.
  • Enter the city, speak with the merchant and the old man.
  • Enter and leave the city.
  • Defeat Orochi at Zipangu, and get the FinalKey inside Shoal Shrine.
  • Enter and leave the city.
  • By evening, enter the city and watch the popular revolt, at the prison southeast.
  • After speaking with the merchant at the prison, and defeating Baramos.
  • Leaving the city, after the merchant goes back to tavern.



Above average...

  • 70%: Sexy (F) for AGL and LCK.
    • Thief will have total VIT bonus bigger than everything else, give them seeds this way: LCK > VIT, VIT > INT, INT > AGL e STR (second biggest bonus besides LCK). Jester with the biggest LCK possible.
  • 60%: Lucky (M) for LCK.
    • Dealer with biggest LCK possible.
  • 40%: Silly and Quick for AGL.
  • 30%: Sharp for INT; Fearless for AGL.
  • 25%: Ladylike (F) for LCK.

Stubborn and Unique are the worst.


According to how the Dharma guy thinks...

  • Fighter: Eager.
  • Jester: Lucky.
  • Sage: Silly.
  • Dealer: Lucky.
  • Thief: Agile; Quick.
  • Fighter: Quick.
  • Jester: Sexy.

Differences between SNES and GBC.

Better yet, what has not gone into the GBC version...

  • The Open magic opens every door.
  • You should speak with the priestesses to hatch Lamia egg.
    • The event happens automatically, after the last orb set.
  • The leveling gains after switching jobs, begins sooner.
    • Only the Sage job remains the same.
  • You should speak with the King Zenith to set the Return.
    • You only need to enter the main hall of Castle Zenith.
  • Orochi was found by going east, at Zipangu Cave.