Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer:Instruments

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Game Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer
Start Address 0x12A100
End Address 0x12A4BF
# of Entries 60
Entry Length 16 (0x10)
Total Length 960 bytes (0x3C0)
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The Instruments describes the sample and effect used to produce a sound.


Unknown field 1

Unknown field 2

BRR sample pointer

24-bits pointer to BRR sample using $12A100 as the base address

Unknown field 3

SRCN data

Copied to SPC SRCN register

ADSR1 data

Copied to SPC ADSR1 register

ADSR2 data

Copied to SPC ADSR2 register

GAIN data

Copied to SPC GAIN register

Unknown field 4

Unknown field 5

Sample restart position

Sample restart position from start of sample

Sample length