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Breath of Fire/RAM map

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Chip tiny.png The following article is a RAM map for Breath of Fire.

7E104E Character 1 HP (Low Byte)
7E104F Character 1 HP (High Byte)
7E10EE Character 2 HP (Low Byte)
7E10EF Character 2 HP (High Byte)
7E118E Character 3 HP (Low Byte)
7E118F Character 3 HP (High Byte)
7E122E Character 4 HP (Low Byte)
7E122F Character 4 HP (High Byte)

7E5020 Gold

7E1006 X (Set 1)
7E1009 Y (Set 1)

7E1078 X (Set 2)
7E107A Y (Set 2)