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Some text is stored in a concatenated archive called crowd.fs. There is an accompanying file called index.fs that contains the file names, offsets, and lengths of the files in crowd.fs.

index.fs is formatted as

  • 4 bytes - start of next file header
  • 4 bytes - absolute offset in crowd.fs for file
  • 4 bytes - length of file
  • 4 bytes - unknown purpose
  • mixed lengths - filename in UTF8

File headers in actual text files

(.subtitles, .btb, .tbl, or individual files within crowd.fs files)

  • 16 bytes of unknown meaning
  • 4 bytes - relative pointer to first text block, which normally contains names, I think
  • 4 bytes - length of name text block
  • 4 bytes - relative pointer to script text block
  • 4 bytes - length of script text block

Japanese text is UTF-16 LE, other languages are UTF-8.