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Building Table Format

Offset	Num Bytes	Description
00	2		x
02	2		y
04	2		z
06	1		Building type id
07	1		?
08	1		1 bit is destroyable flag (this and preceding are 2Bs of flags?)
09	1		?
0A	1		State
0B	1		Rotation
0c	3		?
0f	1		Hit Points
10	2		?
12	1		Door one state
13	1		Door two state
14	4		?

Debug Menu

13cbe4 000b

Changing A1474 to Jump to 00095130 shows debug thing, says max speed
	00090A9C is the lowest tested so far that loads dbg line
	NOP 000B03EC
	Set 000B03F4 to 0C025440 (JAL to 00095100)
	0009594C calls 00095100 JAL from cheat routine?, maybe nop the 00095100 skip inside it (try 9594c)
"%@DEMO" text is drawn with 8000a4a4? Can hijack to draw other debug txt?

Global variables
Timing bars





Scale +
Scale -


80 0953e0
80 0953e8
80 0953f0
80 0953f8
80 095400
80 0953f0
80 095428
80 095438

80 0954c4
80 0954c4
80 0954c4
80 0954c4
80 0954dc
80 0954f4
80 095538

80 0957c8
80 0957d4
80 0957e0
80 0957ec
80 0957f8
80 0957e0
80 095824
80 095830

80 095920
80 095928
80 095930
80 095938
80 095940
80 095930
80 095964


Misc Codes


Activator 1 P1 	D00475D8 00??

Activator 2 P1 	D00475D9 00??

Infinite Fuel 	8004E43C 0050

Total Game Time Modifiers Are 00:00:?? 	80052A91 0000
8006EF8E 0000
8006EF83 0000
8006831E 0000
NOTE: I only found the first four digits for the in-game timer, but I doubt it would be necessary to find the tens and ones of the seconds portion of the timer!

Infinite Greece 	81052B18 0098
81052B1A 967F

Weapon Power Up 	81052ACE FFFF

Bugs Have No Legs 	81157FF0 0001
Works only for ants and harvesters. They can't move without legs.

L Button For Moon Jump 	D0047589 0020
8104DD04 414C
Press and hold the L button to go up in the air, and release at the desired height. With this one, you must be in the air first, and it will work with vehicles.

Arme 2 	8104815A 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Waffe 2 	8104815C 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Chaingun 	8104815E 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Fragcannon 	81048160 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Laser Missiles 	81048162 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Resonator 	81048164 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Infinite Ammo Codes
Plasma Bombs 	81048166 8000
Author: CodeMaster
Miscellaneous Codes
Level Highlighted Modifier 	800D7496 00??
Author: ShadowKnight
Miscellaneous Codes
Can't Fire 	8104DCEE 0101
Author: Crocc
Miscellaneous Codes
Invisible 	8104DCF0 0101
Author: Crocc
Miscellaneous Codes
Flash Man 	8104DCF0 FFFF

Miscellaneous Codes
Size Modifier 	81157A3C ????
0022 - Tall Mode
0104 - Dwarf Mode
Author: Robb
Miscellaneous Codes
Bad Adam 	81052ACC 00C2
Author: Robb
File 1 Codes
Current Level 	800D6D90 00??
File 1 Codes
Score Modifier 	810D6D98 ????
810D6D9A ????
File 2 Codes
Current Level 	800D6D91 00??
File 2 Codes
Score Modifier 	810D6D9C ????
810D6D9E ????
File 3 Codes
Current Level 	800D6D92 00??
File 3 Codes
Score Modifier


Some Weapon stat mods, which can only be applied via activator(or only the modified data will load)
8014xxxx weapon offset data:
Offsets(pointer address +0 to 23):
0,1- travel distance, 16-bit
2,3- damage and impact force, signed(8000+ has no effect on vehicles or buldings, but will heal bugs)
4,5- splash range
6/7-vehicle knockback when shot/fired from vehicle, signed(8000+ will bring vehicles closer when hit)
8-graphic effect, mostly adds side graphics
9-graphic effect, projectile travel type
10-projectile travel type, graphic/sound effects
11-lighting effect
12/13-firing sound
14/15-missile-type projectile's remote guidance level(higher number=greater control, but is also signed)
16-Innaccuracy level
17-impact effect?
18- ?
19-travel speed
20- firing rate, smaller number=faster rate
21- ?
22-missile object, photon color/size
23- ?
Data doesn't appear to have number of projectiles shot or certain graphic effects and sounds.

Vertex data seems to be: Nico @ 3A2C20
xxxx yyyy zzzz ???? ???? ???? RRGG BBAA?
Triangle data comes after in a block

Textures store their pallette after them.
Texture format, each byte is two pixels: XY
Pallete format:
2 bytes: XXXX
it is done at a bit scale!
to get the true hex value of the color you have to:
Red = (RRRRR * 8) + (RRRRR / 4)   (Previously I did this instead of / 4: (((RRRRR * 8) / 10) / 2)
Gre = (GGGGG * 8) + (GGGGG / 4)
Blu = (BBBBB * 8) + (BBBBB / 4)
A = Bool for Alpha or not, but won't necessarly make it transparent

BMP colour table starts at 0x36 each entry 32-bits BGRA

800312f0 Change last byte of word, does funky graphics

RGB 16bit BMP
Ground vertex height value near greece first nico supplies
80209525 vertex directly west of vertex A
80209527 vertex A

80209727 vertex directly south of vertex A

Ground X/Y/Z/?

Ground wireframe

human's shadow
8125674C 0101
8125674E 0101

Confirmed E codes

first greek processor's crap fire modifier
81257102 0059

D00475B8 0000

81052AC1 0000

HCU Mental
Brain blob
Gun Flea
Drone King
Shield Generator
Gun enplacement
Drone Cruiser
Kraken Spawn
Brain Gun
Ambush Bug1
Ambush Bug2
Black Adam
Cerberus Sphere
Cerberus Left Head
Cerberus Front Body
Cerberus Right Head
Crab Boss
Crab lower-left Arm
Crab upper-left Arm
Crab lower-right Arm
Crab upper-right Arm
Boss3 right arm
Boss3 left arm
Boss3 buzzsaw
Beelzebub head
Beelzebub tail
Beelzebub left arm
Beelzebub right arm
Tomegatherion visor
Tomegatherion left arm
Tomegatherion right arm

First harvester modifier Java
81048A52 ????

First fly java

First ant java

Spiky hand java

2nd spikey hand java

Pause menu

Model data  8034bc90?
00000000 Daisy
00000000 Adam
00000001 human

05002d40 Alpha One

0e006988 crab lower-left arm
0e006a08 crab boss

0900A220 River lock
0900A830 River lock door
0900AD50 Mine Entrance
0900BA30 Boatshed
0900CE98 Church
0900E0A8 Monastary
0900F438 Temple Ruins
0900FB58 Fountain
090108E0 Military building
09011040 Wharf
09011908 Tank hanger
09012198 Red and white house
09012858 House with covered courtyard
09012E60 Grass oblong
09013680 Blue and white house
09014658 Blue and white house
09015348 Blue and white house UNUSED
09016180 Temple
09016E80 Pointer statue
09018590 Tunnel guardian statue
090193F8 Windmill
090198A8 Windmill sails
0901A488 Brown and white house
0901B478 Blue and white house
0901c058 Column
0901D408 Bridge

090246c0 Damaged Church
09025CA8 Damaged Military building
09027288 Damaged Blue and white house
090286B0 Damaged Blue and white house
090295d0 Damaged House with covered courtyard
0902A1C8 Damaged Red and white house
0902B008 Damaged windmill? Beta?-------------
0902c200 Damaged Blue and white house
0902C910 Damaged fountain? Beta?----------
0902DCA8 Damaged Well? Beta?-----------
0902E7E0 Damaged Tank hanger

09030440 Wooden door?
09030E70 Giant boulder

09030818 Fire station door?
050309E8 Rocket
090309E8 Door?

09031DC0 Three rocks
09032460 Cluster of rocks
09032748 Oblong rock
09032F08 Small rock cluster
09033440 Large rock
09033810 Small tree
09033BD0 Tall tree
09033F98 Medium tree

05037250 shield generator
05037d10 gun emplacement
05038538 doodle bug
05038BB0 White rectangle
05038D48 Shadow from inside tank hanger?
050394D8 Church door
05039620 Transparent black square
0503ce20 mental hcu
0503ce20 hcu

05040770 black adam

   408c8 blue thing
   40908 blue thing with no texture

09040a08 G piranha
09040a48 G gun flea
09040a88 G flea
09040ac8 G drone king
09040b38 G processor
09040bf0 G drone
09040c48 G spyder
09040cd0 G warrior2
09040d28 G bomber
09040d98 G sniper
09040e08 G scout
09040ec0 G mutant

09041D00 Riley 150 (Motorbike) (0x5B8E30 RAM: 38E520)
09042400 Large Driving Adam	(RAM: 38F750)
09046070 Sapworth Camel (Green plane) (0x5BB3E0)(In RAM at: 391D00 Confirmed!!! Others might be wrong)
090480B0 Sapworth Trainer (Yellow plane) (In RAM at: 393640)
09049A00 Cruiser (Little boat) (395680)
0904c010 Fire engine (396FD0)
0904E5C0 Howitzer
09050AB8 Panzerkampfwagen (German Tank)
09052400 Mk.1 Crocodile(WW1 Tank)
090545C0 Grimly Transport (Green truck) (0x5C9980)
05054DE8 Alpha one
09056650 Nico's Supplies (0x5CBB30
09058690 Saloon (Yellow car)
0905AB80 SR Shadow (Red car)
0905E750 Transport truck (Red Cross truck)
0905C8E0 Alder DR1 (Red plane)
09060908 Bulldog (Armoured car)
09062260 Lifeboat (Big boat)
09062CE0 Target practice balloon

0504E070 Black rectangle
0504E3B8 Grey rectangle
0504EB58 Church door shape, black
0504EDA0 Square
0504EF60 Tank hanger door
0504F2D0 Grey rectangle
0504F400 Black rectangle
0504F530 White shape
0504FAB0 Black rectangle shape
0504FBC0 Wide grey shape
0504FBC0 Metal door?

JAVA (80259240 Houses behind big house in first village)(257B10 Hovercrafts)

0A002000 Boulder
0A0037F8 Lava chunk

0A00F190 Alien Dam
0A012158 Battleship
0A013308 Very small shrine
0A014998 ? (Untextured Beta)
0A014A38 Tunnel entrance, with eyes
0A014EF8 Bridge
0A0167E0 Large Buddha statue
0A019AE8 Aircraft Carrier
0A01A9A8 Grey two-story building
0A01CE30 Concrete gate fortifications
0A01D290 Gate
0A01E340 Power generator building
0A01EC58 Ammo bunker
0A01F7B8 Cable car building
0A01FF80 Cable car wheel
0A0211E0 Large native building
0A021BC8 Barracks
0A022358 Large shrine
0A0240C0 Radio station
0A025190 Tank factory
0A026688 Really large shrine
0A026F58 White "L" house
0A027CB0 White house
0A028B30 Small native house
0A028FA8 Smaller native house
0A029CC0 Large "C" shaped house (Beta?)
0A02CFD0 Large, broken Buddha statue
0A02DC18 White house damage model
0A02E718 Wooden house damage model (beta)
0A02F298 Smaller native house damage model
0A02FA70 Small native house damage model
0A030EF8 Large native house damage model
0A031D48 White "L" shaped house damage model
0A032430 Large Metal door
0A032B80 Wooden door
0A0330C0 Metal boat door
0A033498 Metal door
0A033778 Small metal door

0A034DE0 Tree
0A0352A0 Small palm tree
0A0358D0 Large Bush
0A035DB0 Palm tree
0A035FC0 Two stone blocks?
0A0366A0 Stones
0A0368D0 Stone blocks
0A036FA0 Large boulder
0A037470 Smaller rocks

0A03B7A0 Proccessor head

0A04E3B0 Ack Ack turret
0A04ECE0 Ack Ack guns
0A04F3A0 Right Gun Barrel
0A04F6C0 Left Gun Barrel


0A04FDB0 Ack Ack
0A051020 Airboat
0A051BE0 Bulldog turret
0A053628 Bulldog
0A056970 B25 Eagle
0A05A4D0 Gyrocopter
0A05EA80 Howitzer
0A05C1B0 Jagdpanther
0A060600 Kubelwagen
0A060E50 Landing craft (Untextured Beta)
0A063720 Trekker ATJ
0A0643A0 Trekker Machine gun
0A065FE8 Swordfish MTB
0A0681E0 P38 Gryphon
0A0692B0 Adam's clone
0A06B520 Tiger
0A06D240 Grimly Transport
0A06F920 Lifeboat
0A071AC0 Zero

0B0076B8 Oil Rig
0B0087A8 Part of oil rig
0B009A20 Petrol Station
0B00A720 Metal building with blue car image
0B00B718 Sewer entrance building
0B00D1B0 School Building
0B00E4E8 Sewer pipe entrance
0B010850 "L" shaped tall building
0B011180 Two tone tall building (Beta?)
0B012580 Tall building
0B0146D0 Different school building
0B024EB0 Tan house with rock garden
0B0161D0 Three-storied white house
0B017CB0 "Poke" building
0B018FC8 Grocers store
0B01B2C8 "G G" Guitar building
0B01CA00 Church
0B01D7D8 Military hanger
0B01ED68 Tall brown building
0B01F9E8 Military Hummvee
0B0202F8 Control tower
0B022648 Very large grey building
0B023BB8 Caravan
0B024950 Water tower
0B0250F8 Barracks
0B025FA8 Another Military hanger

0B02A3F8 Damaged brown building (beta?)
0B02AEC8 Damaged small brown building
0B02BF38 Damaged "Poke" building
0B02C5E0 Damaged house with rock garden
0B02D520 Damaged wooden building (beta?)
0B02E1D0 Damaged sewer entrance building
0B02EEF8 Damaged Caravan
0B02FD68 Damaged building with car sign
0B0304C8 Damaged long building
0B030D98 Damaged petrol station?
0B031498 Hanger door

0B0330E0 Fire hydrant
0B0338D8 Cactus
0B033C40 Lampost
0B034018 Tree
0B034428 Bigger tree
0B034988 Small green tree
0B0357C0 Rocks
0B036B80 Partial alpha tank

0B038800 Alien Harvester's head

0b04a618 A scout
0b04a6d0 A spyder
0b04aa60 A Locust
0b04a8f8 A Warrior1

0B04C438 Alien tank
0B04E510 Dune buggy
0B0508A8 Big wheeled VW
0B052C90 Icecream truck
05054DE8 Alpha 1 tank
0B055310 Hot rod
0B057620 Brown muscle car
0B059F50 Edzil
0B05BF00 Huey
0B05DFA0 Helicopter
0B060598 Military hummer
0B0620B0 Schoolbus
0B0641A0 Police vehicle
0B0668B8 Missle launcher
0B068110 Jet plane (Beta)
0B06A838 Tank
0B06CE50 Taxi
0B06F300 Tipper
0B070900 UFO

0C007??? Train Bridge

0C008D90 Train station

0C00BD?? Oil Rig platform

0C04D980 APC
0C04F750 Dozer


0C06FC40 Biohazard train car

0D005BB0 Demon head building
0D007158 Huge alien tower
0D008468 Alien warp tunnel? (Beta?)
0D0089A0 Door for tunnel above?
0D0001B8 Large alien tree
0D009A68 Alien building

Save Format

offset	bytes	Description
00		??
		high scores
4f		First save file

c9		Second save file

Save file format:
00	?

04	4	Score (bytes are in reverse order)
08	1	People
09	3	Time (bytes reverse order, number of seconds)
0a	4	Score (bytes are in reverse order)
0e	1	People
0f	3	Time
	4	Score (bytes are in reverse order)
	1	People
	3	Time
	4	Score (bytes are in reverse order)
	1	People
	3	Time
	4	Score (bytes are in reverse order)
	1	People
	3	Time
	4	Greece Score (bytes are in reverse order)
	1	People
	3	Greece Time
34	1	(x & f = Level) (x >> 4 = Completed, don't know what this is)
35	1	Warp point

3a	6	Name
40	1	Inventory 1
41	1	Inventory 2
42	1	Inventory 3
43	1	Inventory 4
44	1	Inventory 5
45	1	Inventory 6
46	1	Inventory 7

Vehicle Instance Format

offset	bytes	Description
0x00	2B	X ?
0x02	2B	Y ?
0x04	2B	Z ?

0x1a	1B	Vehicle Template

0x3c	2B	Fuel remaining

0x44 	1F	Vertical acceleration

0x68 	1F	Forwards/backwards acceleration

Vehicle Template Format

Offset Hex	Size Bytes	Description
00		4		Model reference
04		4		Unknown
08		4		Unknown
0C		2		Unknown
0E		2		Frontal armor
10		2		Side armor
12		2		Rear armor
14		2		Penalty (Possibly upper 4 bytes of a float, or a signed short)
16		2		Collision type
18		4		Vehicle name table name offset
1C		4		First weapon
20		2		Gun 1 Xposition (float/signed short) Seems to change where the gun points, not position
22		2		Gun 1 Yposition (float/signed short) ""
24		2		Gun 1 Zposition (float/signed short) ""
26		2		Unknown
28		4		Second weapon
2C		2		Gun 2 Xposition (float/signed short) Seems to change where the gun points, not position
2E		2		Gun 2 Yposition (float/signed short) ""
30		2		Gun 2 Zposition (float/signed short) ""
32		2		Mass
34		2		Unknown
36		2		Unknown
38		2		Unknown
3A		2		Hits/Max health
3C		2		Arc of fire
3E		2		Acceleration (Might this only be 1 Byte?)
40		2		Max speed (Appears to be signed)
42		2		Min speed (Appears to be signed, for reverse is negative)
44		1		Tension
45		1		Damping
46		1		Hill climb
47		1		Water drag
48		2		Max steer
4A		2		Unknown
4C		1		Certain values allow vehicle to drive underwater
4D		1		Certain values allow vertical take-off and landing
4E		1		Water flag? (00 = Drive ON water, 01 = Drive UNDER water)
4F		1		Unknown
50		2		Launch angle
52		1		Pivot point
53		1		Detail prop
54		2		Unknown
56		1		Side grip
57		1		Grip
58		4		Unknown
5C		1		Camera min
5D		1		Camera max
5E		2		Left/Right position of Adam in vehicle
60		2		Forward/Back position of Adam in vehicle
62		2		Unknown
64		1		Unknown
65		1		Shadow size
66		2		Steer point
68		4		Unknown
6C		1		Shadow X
6D		1		Shadow Z
6E		2		Unknown
(Source: Jaytheham)

Internal Data for Body Harvest

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