Battle City:RAM map

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RAM Address Details
0x0051 Lives
0x0085 Stage counter
0x0080 Skip Current Level (Value = 0x0)
0x0019 Power Counter
0x0086 Power's Position (Value = 0xC0 for Bottom Right)
0x0049 Current Status of Power.
Power Status Value
Power Appeared 0xFF
Power Taken 0x00
0x00A8 Current State of Tank.
Tank State Value
Normal 0x00
1-Star 0x20
2-Star 0x40
3-Star 0x60
0x0089 Shield Status (Value = 0x02 for Shield)
0x005C Current Block Type.
Block Type Value
Brick_Vertical_1 0x0
Brick_Horizontal_1 0x1
Brick_Vertical_2 0x2
Brick_Horizontal_2 0x3
Full_Brick 0x4
Marble_Vertical_1 0x5
Marble_Horizontal_1 0x6
Marble_Vertical_2 0x7
Marble_Horizontal_2 0x8
Full_Marble 0x9
Blue_Tile 0xA
Green_Tile 0xB
Gray_Tile 0xC
Empty 0xD - 0xF
0x0019 Enemies Killed
0x0056 Enemy Position