Adventures of Dino Riki:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0x0070 Lives remaining
0x0089 Hearts Max = $80(128). Anything higher than the Max will cause you to die when you're hit next.
0x0090 Title Screen Demo Countdown When = $00, game goes into the demo.
0x009A Macho Riki Boolean If >= $01, Macho Riki will be active.
0x009B Macho Riki Attack Counter Everytime you attack while Macho Riki, the counter increases by 1.
0x009D Current Weapon Set $01-$04. Zero or anything higher makes you unable to shoot.
Value Weapon Value Weapon
$00 Nothing $03 Boomerang
$01 Rock $04 Torch
$02 Stone Axe $05+ Nothing
0x009F Diamond Counter Once this counter reaches $09, you'll receive an extra life. Set to $08 and you'll get an extra life every time you pick up a diamond.
0x04CD-0x04D3 (7) Hi-Score Low Nybbles are the digits for the Hi-Score (Millions to Ones)
0x04D4-0x04DA (7) Score Low Nybbles are the digits for the Score (Millions to Ones)