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{{Extensively Hacked|name=Zombies Ate My Neighbors}}
{{Extensively Hacked|name=Zombies Ate My Neighbors}}
There are only two known complete hacks of Zombies Ate My Neighbors
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* [[Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors:Ultimate_Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors|Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors]], with all 55 levels changed.
* [[Zombies_Ate_My_Neighbors:ZAMNHard|ZAMNHard]], which adds harder monsters to the original game's levels.
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There have been demos released of other hacks, but only with a few playable levels.
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Name Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Company Konami
Header SWC
Bank LoROM
Interleaved No
Type Normal
ROM 8 Mb
Country USA
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 120ns (SlowROM)
Revision {{{revision}}}
Checksum Good 0xF50C
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Template:Extensively Hacked

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Known Dumps

  • Zombies (Beta)
  • Zombies (E)
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors (U) [!]

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