Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Kaiba Deck:ROM map

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Bank 0


rst 00

ROM0:0000 D9               reti 

rst 08

ROM0:0008 C3 A2 11         jp   125E          ;rst 08 instructions

rst 10

ROM0:0010 D9               reti 

rst 18

ROM0:0018 D9               reti

rst 20

ROM0:0020 D9               reti 

rst 28

ROM0:0028 D9               reti 

rst 30

ROM0:0030 D9               reti 

rst 38 (error trap)

ROM0:0038 00               nop  
ROM0:0039 18 FE            jr   0039

rst 40 (vblank)

ROM0:0040 C3 1A 05         jp   051A

rst 48 (LCD)

ROM0:0048 00               nop  
ROM0:0049 D9               reti 

rst 50 (timer)

ROM0:0050 C3 88 36         jp   3688

rst 58 (serial)

ROM0:0058 C3 D0 02         jp   02D0

rst 60 (joypad)

ROM0:0060 D9               reti 

ROM start

ROM0:0100 00               nop  
ROM0:0101 C3 50 01         jp   0150
ROM0:0150 E0 DD            ld   (ff00+DD),a        ;System running the game
ROM0:0152 21 00 D0         ld   hl,D000
ROM0:0155 F9               ld   sp,hl
ROM0:0156 CD AB 12         call 12AB
ROM0:0159 CD C5 2C         call 2CC5
ROM0:015C 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:015E E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a        ;WRAM Bank 1
ROM0:0160 CD 84 01         call 0184
ROM0:0163 CF               rst  08
ROM0:0164 07 04
ROM0:0166 CF               rst  08
ROM0:0167 23 04
ROM0:0169 CD 91 27         call 2791
ROM0:016C CD ED 16         call 16ED
ROM0:016F CD 96 04         call 0496
ROM0:0172 CD 7C 0F         call 0F7C
ROM0:0175 CD 8F 02         call 028F
ROM0:0178 CF               rst  08
ROM0:0179 03 0B
ROM0:017B CD 5F 2A         call 2A5F
ROM0:017E CF               rst  08
ROM0:017F 05 04
ROM0:0181 18 FE            jr   0181               ;Error trap
ROM0:0183 C9               ret


ROM0:0184 F5               push af
ROM0:0185 3E E0            ld   a,E0
ROM0:0187 E0 DF            ld   (ff00+DF),a        ;hFFDF = 0xE0
ROM0:0189 CD 07 02         call 0207
ROM0:018C CD 91 01         call 0191
ROM0:018F F1               pop  af
ROM0:0190 C9               ret  


ROM0:0191 F5               push af
ROM0:0192 C5               push bc
ROM0:0193 D5               push de
ROM0:0194 E5               push hl
ROM0:0195 21 B5 01         ld   hl,01B5
ROM0:0198 0E E0            ld   c,E0
ROM0:019A 06 02            ld   b,02
ROM0:019C 1E 05            ld   e,05
ROM0:019E 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:019F E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01A0 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01A1 1D               dec  e
ROM0:01A2 20 FA            jr   nz,019E
ROM0:01A4 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:01A5 5F               ld   e,a
ROM0:01A6 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:01A7 57               ld   d,a
ROM0:01A8 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:01A9 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:01AA 13               inc  de
ROM0:01AB 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:01AC 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:01AD 05               dec  b
ROM0:01AE 20 EC            jr   nz,019C
ROM0:01B0 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:01B1 D1               pop  de
ROM0:01B2 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:01B3 F1               pop  af
ROM0:01B4 C9               ret  

0:01B5 (array)

76 CF 04 00 01 7E CF C9 41 76 CD 3D 00 03 7E CD 04 40


ROM0:01C7 F5               push af
ROM0:01C8 C5               push bc
ROM0:01C9 D5               push de
ROM0:01CA E5               push hl
ROM0:01CB F8 08            ld   hl,sp+08
ROM0:01CD 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:01CE 5F               ld   e,a
ROM0:01CF 56               ld   d,(hl)
ROM0:01D0 1A               ld   a,(de)
ROM0:01D1 47               ld   b,a
ROM0:01D2 13               inc  de
ROM0:01D3 7A               ld   a,d
ROM0:01D4 32               ldd  (hl),a
ROM0:01D5 73               ld   (hl),e
ROM0:01D6 F0 DF            ld   a,(ff00+DF)
ROM0:01D8 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:01D9 F8 00            ld   hl,sp+00
ROM0:01DB 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:01DC E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01DD 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01DE 7C               ld   a,h
ROM0:01DF E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01E0 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01E1 FA 00 40         ld   a,(4000)
ROM0:01E4 E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01E5 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01E6 FA 01 40         ld   a,(4001)
ROM0:01E9 E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01EA 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01EB F0 70            ld   a,(ff00+70)
ROM0:01ED E2               ld   (ff00+c),a
ROM0:01EE 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:01EF E0 DF            ld   (ff00+DF),a
ROM0:01F1 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:01F2 F2               ld   a,(ff00+c)
ROM0:01F3 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:01F4 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01F5 F2               ld   a,(ff00+c)
ROM0:01F6 67               ld   h,a
ROM0:01F7 F9               ld   sp,hl
ROM0:01F8 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01F9 F2               ld   a,(ff00+c)
ROM0:01FA 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01FB 0C               inc  c
ROM0:01FC CD BC 12         call 12BC
ROM0:01FF F2               ld   a,(ff00+c)
ROM0:0200 E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a
ROM0:0202 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:0203 D1               pop  de
ROM0:0204 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:0205 F1               pop  af
ROM0:0206 C9               ret

00s (C5A0) and (C5A1)

ROM0:0207 F5               push af
ROM0:0208 AF               xor  a
ROM0:0209 EA A0 C5         ld   (C5A0),a          ;(C5A0) = 0
ROM0:020C EA A1 C5         ld   (C5A1),a          ;(C5A1) = 0
ROM0:020F F1               pop  af
ROM0:0210 C9               ret  


ROM0:0211 F5               push af
ROM0:0212 C5               push bc
ROM0:0213 D5               push de
ROM0:0214 FA A0 C5         ld   a,(C5A0)
ROM0:0217 5F               ld   e,a
ROM0:0218 FA A1 C5         ld   a,(C5A1)
ROM0:021B BB               cp   e
ROM0:021C 20 04            jr   nz,0222          ;if((C5A0) ≠ (C5A1)), jump to 0:0222
ROM0:021E CD C7 01         call 01C7
ROM0:0221 E5               push hl
ROM0:0222 16 C0            ld   d,C0             ;de = 0xC000
ROM0:0224 0E 80            ld   c,80             ;c = 128
ROM0:0226 1A               ld   a,(de)
ROM0:0227 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0228 1C               inc  e                ;de++
ROM0:0229 0D               dec  c                ;c--
ROM0:022A 20 FA            jr   nz,0226          ;if(c ≠ 0), loop to 0:0226
ROM0:022C 7B               ld   a,e
ROM0:022D EA A0 C5         ld   (C5A0),a         ;(C5A0) = e
ROM0:0230 D1               pop  de
ROM0:0231 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:0232 F1               pop  af
ROM0:0233 C9               ret  


ROM0:0F87 F5               push af
ROM0:0F88 C5               push bc
ROM0:0F89 E5               push hl
ROM0:0F8A EA AE C5         ld   (C5AE),a
ROM0:0F8D 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:0F8E 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM0:0F90 21 A4 0F         ld   hl,0FA4
ROM0:0F93 09               add  hl,bc
ROM0:0F94 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:0F95 66               ld   h,(hl)
ROM0:0F96 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:0F97 01 9C 0F         ld   bc,0F9C
ROM0:0F9A C5               push bc
ROM0:0F9B E9               jp   hl
ROM0:0F9C AF               xor  a
ROM0:0F9D EA AD C5         ld   (C5AD),a
ROM0:0FA0 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:0FA1 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:0FA2 F1               pop  af
ROM0:0FA3 C9               ret

0:0FA4 (pointers array)

C4 0F - ret
C4 0F - ret
C4 0F - ret
C5 0F - 
C4 0F - ret
EA 0F - 
47 10 - 
7C 10 - 
E1 10 - 
0E 11 - 
43 11 - 
C4 0F - ret
C4 0F - ret
60 11 - ret
61 11 - 
6E 11 - 

0:0FC4 (ret)

ROM0:0FC4 C9               ret


ROM0:0FC5 F5               push af
ROM0:0FC6 E5               push hl
ROM0:0FC7 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:0FCA 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:0FCC 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FCD 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FCF 21 16 C1         ld   hl,C116
ROM0:0FD2 3E 18            ld   a,18
ROM0:0FD4 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FD5 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FD7 21 2C C1         ld   hl,C12C
ROM0:0FDA 3E 2E            ld   a,2E
ROM0:0FDC 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FDD 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FDF 21 42 C1         ld   hl,C142
ROM0:0FE2 3E 42            ld   a,42
ROM0:0FE4 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FE5 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FE7 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:0FE8 F1               pop  af
ROM0:0FE9 C9               ret  


ROM0:0FEA F5               push af
ROM0:0FEB E5               push hl
ROM0:0FEC 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:0FEF 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:0FF1 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FF2 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FF4 21 64 C1         ld   hl,C164
ROM0:0FF7 3E 66            ld   a,66
ROM0:0FF9 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:0FFA 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:0FFC 21 6E C1         ld   hl,C16E
ROM0:0FFF 3E 70            ld   a,70
ROM0:1001 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1002 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1004 21 78 C1         ld   hl,C178
ROM0:1007 3E 7A            ld   a,7A
ROM0:1009 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:100A 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:100C 21 82 C1         ld   hl,C182
ROM0:100F 3E 84            ld   a,84
ROM0:1011 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1012 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1014 21 8C C1         ld   hl,C18C
ROM0:1017 3E 8E            ld   a,8E
ROM0:1019 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:101A 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:101C 21 96 C1         ld   hl,C196
ROM0:101F 3E 98            ld   a,98
ROM0:1021 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1022 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1024 21 A0 C1         ld   hl,C1A0
ROM0:1027 3E A2            ld   a,A2
ROM0:1029 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:102A 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:102C 21 AA C1         ld   hl,C1AA
ROM0:102F 3E AC            ld   a,AC
ROM0:1031 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1032 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1034 21 B4 C1         ld   hl,C1B4
ROM0:1037 3E B6            ld   a,B6
ROM0:1039 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:103A 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:103C 21 BE C1         ld   hl,C1BE
ROM0:103F 3E C0            ld   a,C0
ROM0:1041 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1042 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1044 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1045 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1046 C9               ret  


ROM0:1047 F5               push af
ROM0:1048 E5               push hl
ROM0:1049 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:104C 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:104E 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:104F 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1051 21 14 C1         ld   hl,C114
ROM0:1054 3E 16            ld   a,16
ROM0:1056 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1057 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1059 21 28 C1         ld   hl,C128
ROM0:105C 3E 2A            ld   a,2A
ROM0:105E 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:105F 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1061 21 3A C1         ld   hl,C13A
ROM0:1064 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:1066 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1067 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1069 21 4E C1         ld   hl,C14E
ROM0:106C 3E 50            ld   a,50
ROM0:106E 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:106F 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1071 21 62 C1         ld   hl,C162
ROM0:1074 3E 64            ld   a,64
ROM0:1076 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1077 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1079 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:107A F1               pop  af
ROM0:107B C9               ret  


ROM0:107C F5               push af
ROM0:107D E5               push hl
ROM0:107E 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:1081 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:1083 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1084 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1086 21 0A C1         ld   hl,C10A
ROM0:1089 3E 0C            ld   a,0C
ROM0:108B 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:108C 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:108E 21 14 C1         ld   hl,C114
ROM0:1091 3E 16            ld   a,16
ROM0:1093 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1094 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1096 21 1A C1         ld   hl,C11A
ROM0:1099 3E 1C            ld   a,1C
ROM0:109B 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:109C 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:109E 21 20 C1         ld   hl,C120
ROM0:10A1 3E 22            ld   a,22
ROM0:10A3 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10A4 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10A6 21 26 C1         ld   hl,C126
ROM0:10A9 3E 28            ld   a,28
ROM0:10AB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10AC 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10AE 21 2C C1         ld   hl,C12C
ROM0:10B1 3E 2E            ld   a,2E
ROM0:10B3 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10B4 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10B6 21 36 C1         ld   hl,C136
ROM0:10B9 3E 38            ld   a,38
ROM0:10BB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10BC 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10BE 21 40 C1         ld   hl,C140
ROM0:10C1 3E 42            ld   a,42
ROM0:10C3 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10C4 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10C6 21 4A C1         ld   hl,C14A
ROM0:10C9 3E 4C            ld   a,4C
ROM0:10CB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10CC 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10CE 21 54 C1         ld   hl,C154
ROM0:10D1 3E 56            ld   a,56
ROM0:10D3 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10D4 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10D6 21 5E C1         ld   hl,C15E
ROM0:10D9 3E 60            ld   a,60
ROM0:10DB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10DC 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10DE E1               pop  hl
ROM0:10DF F1               pop  af
ROM0:10E0 C9               ret  


ROM0:10E1 F5               push af
ROM0:10E2 E5               push hl
ROM0:10E3 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:10E6 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:10E8 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10E9 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10EB 21 14 C1         ld   hl,C114
ROM0:10EE 3E 16            ld   a,16
ROM0:10F0 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10F1 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10F3 21 28 C1         ld   hl,C128
ROM0:10F6 3E 2A            ld   a,2A
ROM0:10F8 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:10F9 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:10FB 21 3C C1         ld   hl,C13C
ROM0:10FE 3E 3E            ld   a,3E
ROM0:1100 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1101 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1103 21 50 C1         ld   hl,C150
ROM0:1106 3E 52            ld   a,52
ROM0:1108 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1109 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:110B E1               pop  hl
ROM0:110C F1               pop  af
ROM0:110D C9               ret  


ROM0:110E F5               push af
ROM0:110F E5               push hl
ROM0:1110 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:1113 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:1115 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1116 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1118 21 06 C1         ld   hl,C106
ROM0:111B 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:111D 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:111E 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1120 21 0C C1         ld   hl,C10C
ROM0:1123 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:1125 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1126 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1128 21 12 C1         ld   hl,C112
ROM0:112B 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:112D 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:112E 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1130 21 18 C1         ld   hl,C118
ROM0:1133 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:1135 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1136 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1138 21 1E C1         ld   hl,C11E
ROM0:113B 3E DE            ld   a,DE
ROM0:113D 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:113E 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1140 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1141 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1142 C9               ret  


ROM0:1143 F5               push af
ROM0:1144 E5               push hl
ROM0:1145 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:1148 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:114A 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:114B 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:114D 21 0A C1         ld   hl,C10A
ROM0:1150 3E 0C            ld   a,0C
ROM0:1152 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1153 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:1155 21 8C C1         ld   hl,C18C
ROM0:1158 3E 8E            ld   a,8E
ROM0:115A 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:115B 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:115D E1               pop  hl
ROM0:115E F1               pop  af
ROM0:115F C9               ret  

0:1160 (ret)

ROM0:1160 C9               ret  


ROM0:1161 F5               push af
ROM0:1162 E5               push hl
ROM0:1163 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:1166 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM0:1168 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:1169 36 C1            ld   (hl),C1
ROM0:116B E1               pop  hl
ROM0:116C F1               pop  af
ROM0:116D C9               ret  


ROM0:116E F5               push af
ROM0:116F E5               push hl
ROM0:1170 3E D0            ld   a,D0
ROM0:1172 EA B0 C5         ld   (C5B0),a
ROM0:1175 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1177 EA B1 C5         ld   (C5B1),a
ROM0:117A E1               pop  hl
ROM0:117B F1               pop  af
ROM0:117C C9               ret  


ROM0:117D F5               push af
ROM0:117E FA AE C5         ld   a,(C5AE)
ROM0:1181 EA AF C5         ld   (C5AF),a
ROM0:1184 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1186 EA AE C5         ld   (C5AE),a
ROM0:1189 CD 07 12         call 1207
ROM0:118C F1               pop  af
ROM0:118D C9               ret  


ROM0:118E F5               push af
ROM0:118F E5               push hl
ROM0:1190 FA AE C5         ld   a,(C5AE)
ROM0:1193 FE 1A            cp   a,1A
ROM0:1195 20 0A            jr   nz,11A1
ROM0:1197 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:1198 EA B2 C5         ld   (C5B2),a
ROM0:119B 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:119C EA B3 C5         ld   (C5B3),a
ROM0:119F 18 1C            jr   11BD
ROM0:11A1 FE 1E            cp   a,1E
ROM0:11A3 20 0A            jr   nz,11AF
ROM0:11A5 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:11A6 EA B2 C5         ld   (C5B2),a
ROM0:11A9 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:11AA EA B3 C5         ld   (C5B3),a
ROM0:11AD 18 0E            jr   11BD
ROM0:11AF 26 C1            ld   h,C1
ROM0:11B1 FA AD C5         ld   a,(C5AD)
ROM0:11B4 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:11B5 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:11B6 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:11B7 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:11B8 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:11B9 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:11BA EA AD C5         ld   (C5AD),a
ROM0:11BD E1               pop  hl
ROM0:11BE F1               pop  af
ROM0:11BF C9               ret  


ROM0:11C0 F5               push af
ROM0:11C1 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:11C2 EA B0 C5         ld   (C5B0),a
ROM0:11C5 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:11C6 EA B1 C5         ld   (C5B1),a
ROM0:11C9 F1               pop  af
ROM0:11CA C9               ret  

0:11CB (store a in (C5B4))

ROM0:11CB EA B4 C5         ld   (C5B4),a
ROM0:11CE C9               ret  


ROM0:11CF F5               push af
ROM0:11D0 E5               push hl
ROM0:11D1 F5               push af
ROM0:11D2 26 C1            ld   h,C1
ROM0:11D4 FA AD C5         ld   a,(C5AD)
ROM0:11D7 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:11D8 F1               pop  af
ROM0:11D9 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:11DA 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:11DB EA AD C5         ld   (C5AD),a
ROM0:11DE E1               pop  hl
ROM0:11DF F1               pop  af
ROM0:11E0 C9               ret  


ROM0:11E1 F5               push af
ROM0:11E2 E5               push hl
ROM0:11E3 26 C1            ld   h,C1
ROM0:11E5 FA AD C5         ld   a,(C5AD)
ROM0:11E8 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:11E9 CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM0:11EC 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:11ED EA AD C5         ld   (C5AD),a
ROM0:11F0 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:11F1 F1               pop  af
ROM0:11F2 C9               ret  


ROM0:11F3 F5               push af
ROM0:11F4 E5               push hl
ROM0:11F5 21 00 C1         ld   hl,C100
ROM0:11F8 CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM0:11FB CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM0:11FE CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM0:1201 CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM0:1204 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1205 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1206 C9               ret  

0:1207 (Wait until the player can press a button ?)

ROM0:1207 F5               push af
ROM0:1208 AF               xor  a
ROM0:1209 EA AC C5         ld   (C5AC),a
ROM0:120C FA AC C5         ld   a,(C5AC)
ROM0:120F B7               or   a
ROM0:1210 28 FA            jr   z,120C
ROM0:1212 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1213 C9               ret


ROM0:1214 F5               push af
ROM0:1215 C5               push bc
ROM0:1216 0E 0A            ld   c,0A
ROM0:1218 CD 07 12         call 1207
ROM0:121B 0D               dec  c
ROM0:121C 20 FA            jr   nz,1218
ROM0:121E C1               pop  bc
ROM0:121F F1               pop  af
ROM0:1220 C9               ret  


ROM0:1221 F5               push af
ROM0:1222 E5               push hl
ROM0:1223 AF               xor  a
ROM0:1224 EA B5 C5         ld   (C5B5),a
ROM0:1227 EA B6 C5         ld   (C5B6),a
ROM0:122A EA B7 C5         ld   (C5B7),a
ROM0:122D CD 41 12         call 1241
ROM0:1230 FE 01            cp   a,01
ROM0:1232 28 06            jr   z,123A
ROM0:1234 FA A2 C5         ld   a,(C5A2)
ROM0:1237 B7               or   a
ROM0:1238 28 F3            jr   z,122D
ROM0:123A AF               xor  a
ROM0:123B EA A2 C5         ld   (C5A2),a
ROM0:123E E1               pop  hl
ROM0:123F F1               pop  af
ROM0:1240 C9               ret  


ROM0:1241 FA B5 C5         ld   a,(C5B5)
ROM0:1244 C6 01            add  a,01
ROM0:1246 EA B5 C5         ld   (C5B5),a
ROM0:1249 FA B6 C5         ld   a,(C5B6)
ROM0:124C CE 00            adc  a,00
ROM0:124E EA B6 C5         ld   (C5B6),a
ROM0:1251 FE FF            cp   a,FF
ROM0:1253 20 07            jr   nz,125C
ROM0:1255 CD 59 1B         call 1B59
ROM0:1258 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:125A 18 01            jr   125D
ROM0:125C AF               xor  a
ROM0:125D C9               ret

Banks and Interrupts handling

Initialize Banks

ROM0:12AB F5               push af
ROM0:12AC 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:12AE EA 00 20         ld   (2000),a          ;ROM Bank = 1
ROM0:12B1 AF               xor  a
ROM0:12B2 EA 00 30         ld   (3000),a          ;ROM Bank (High) = 0
ROM0:12B5 EA 00 40         ld   (4000),a          ;RAM Bank = 0
ROM0:12B8 E0 4F            ld   (ff00+4F),a       ;VRAM Bank = 0
ROM0:12BA F1               pop  af
ROM0:12BB C9               ret  

ROM Bank switch

  • 0x12BC-0x12BF - ROM Bank switch
ROM0:12BC EA 00 20         ld   (2000),a
ROM0:12BF C9               ret  
  • 0x12C0-0x12CC - ROM Bank switch, two bytes
ROM0:12C0 F5               push af
ROM0:12C1 F3               di   
ROM0:12C2 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:12C3 EA 00 20         ld   (2000),a          ;Low
ROM0:12C6 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:12C7 EA 00 30         ld   (3000),a          ;High
ROM0:12CA FB               ei   
ROM0:12CB F1               pop  af
ROM0:12CC C9               ret  

VRAM Bank switch

  • 0x12CD-0x12D2 - VRAM bank 0
ROM0:12CD F5               push af
ROM0:12CE AF               xor  a
ROM0:12CF E0 4F            ld   (ff00+4F),a
ROM0:12D1 F1               pop  af
ROM0:12D2 C9               ret  
  • 0x12D3-0x12D9 - VRAM bank 1
ROM0:12D3 F5               push af
ROM0:12D4 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:12D6 E0 4F            ld   (ff00+4F),a
ROM0:12D8 F1               pop  af
ROM0:12D9 C9               ret  
  • 0x12DA-0x12DF - VRAM bank 0 (initialize)
ROM0:12DA F5               push af
ROM0:12DB AF               xor  a
ROM0:12DC E0 4F            ld   (ff00+4F),a
ROM0:12DE F1               pop  af
ROM0:12DF C9               ret

WRAM Bank switch

  • 0x12E0-0x1303 - WRAM Bank switch
ROM0:12E0 F5               push af
ROM0:12E1 E8 FF            add  sp,FF
ROM0:12E3 E5               push hl
ROM0:12E4 C5               push bc
ROM0:12E5 D5               push de
ROM0:12E6 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:12E7 F8 06            ld   hl,sp+06
ROM0:12E9 54               ld   d,h
ROM0:12EA 5D               ld   e,l
ROM0:12EB F8 07            ld   hl,sp+07
ROM0:12ED 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:12EE 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:12EF 13               inc  de
ROM0:12F0 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:12F1 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:12F2 13               inc  de
ROM0:12F3 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:12F4 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:12F5 13               inc  de
ROM0:12F6 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:12F7 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:12F8 13               inc  de
ROM0:12F9 F0 70            ld   a,(ff00+70)
ROM0:12FB 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:12FC 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:12FD E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a          ;SVBK
ROM0:12FF D1               pop  de
ROM0:1300 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:1301 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1302 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1303 C9               ret  

WRAM Bank restore

ROM0:1304 F5               push af
ROM0:1305 E5               push hl
ROM0:1306 C5               push bc
ROM0:1307 F8 08            ld   hl,sp+08
ROM0:1309 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM0:130A E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a          ;SVBK
ROM0:130C 44               ld   b,h
ROM0:130D 4D               ld   c,l
ROM0:130E 0B               dec  bc
ROM0:130F 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM0:1310 32               ldd  (hl),a
ROM0:1311 0B               dec  bc
ROM0:1312 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM0:1313 32               ldd  (hl),a
ROM0:1314 0B               dec  bc
ROM0:1315 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM0:1316 32               ldd  (hl),a
ROM0:1317 0B               dec  bc
ROM0:1318 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM0:1319 32               ldd  (hl),a
ROM0:131A C1               pop  bc
ROM0:131B E1               pop  hl
ROM0:131C E8 01            add  sp,01
ROM0:131E F1               pop  af
ROM0:131F C9               ret


  • 0x1490-0x14C5 - Divides register de by register bc, returns result in register de
ROM0:1490 F5               push af
ROM0:1491 C5               push bc
ROM0:1492 E5               push hl
ROM0:1493 21 00 00         ld   hl,0000
ROM0:1496 3E 10            ld   a,10          ;Loop counter
ROM0:1498 F5               push af
ROM0:1499 CB 23            sla  e
ROM0:149B CB 12            rl   d             ;de << 1
ROM0:149D CB 15            rl   l
ROM0:149F CB 14            rl   h             ;hl << 1
ROM0:14A1 7C               ld   a,h
ROM0:14A2 B8               cp   b
ROM0:14A3 38 19            jr   c,14BE        ;if(h < b), jump to 0:14BE
ROM0:14A5 7C               ld   a,h
ROM0:14A6 B8               cp   b
ROM0:14A7 20 0D            jr   nz,14B6       ;if(h ≠ b), jump to 0:1458
ROM0:14A9 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:14AA B9               cp   c
ROM0:14AB 38 07            jr   c,14B4        ;if(l < c), jump to 0:1456
ROM0:14AD 91               sub  c             ;Handle carry
ROM0:14AE 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:14AF 7C               ld   a,h
ROM0:14B0 98               sbc  b             ;bc--
ROM0:14B1 67               ld   h,a
ROM0:14B2 CB C3            set  0,e
ROM0:14B4 18 08            jr   14BE
ROM0:14B6 7D               ld   a,l
ROM0:14B7 91               sub  c
ROM0:14B8 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:14B9 7C               ld   a,h
ROM0:14BA 98               sbc  b              ;bc --
ROM0:14BB 67               ld   h,a
ROM0:14BC CB C3            set  0,e            ;Set bit 0 of register e to 1
ROM0:14BE F1               pop  af             ;pop iterations counter in accumulator
ROM0:14BF 3D               dec  a              ;a--
ROM0:14C0 20 D6            jr   nz,1498        ;Loop 16 times
ROM0:14C2 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:14C3 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:14C4 F1               pop  af
ROM0:14C5 C9               ret


ROM0:16CB C5               push bc
ROM0:16CC CD D8 16         call 16D8
ROM0:16CF 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:16D0 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM0:16D1 A1               and  c
ROM0:16D2 28 02            jr   z,16D6
ROM0:16D4 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:16D6 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:16D7 C9               ret  

Updates card zone

ROM0:19C8 F5               push af
ROM0:19C9 C5               push bc
ROM0:19CA E5               push hl
ROM0:19CB CD 03 1A         call 1A03
ROM0:19CE 60               ld   h,b
ROM0:19CF 69               ld   l,c
ROM0:19D0 FA DD C7         ld   a,(C7DD)
ROM0:19D3 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:19D4 FA DE C7         ld   a,(C7DE)
ROM0:19D7 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:19D8 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:19DB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM0:19DC E1               pop  hl
ROM0:19DD C1               pop  bc
ROM0:19DE F1               pop  af
ROM0:19DF C9               ret

Retrieves card zone pointer

ROM0:1A03 F5               push af
ROM0:1A04 E5               push hl
ROM0:1A05 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM0:1A07 FA DC C7         ld   a,(C7DC)
ROM0:1A0A 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:1A0B CB 21            sla  c
ROM0:1A0D 21 2B 1A         ld   hl,1A2B
ROM0:1A10 09               add  hl,bc
ROM0:1A11 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:1A12 66               ld   h,(hl)
ROM0:1A13 6F               ld   l,a
ROM0:1A14 E5               push hl
ROM0:1A15 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM0:1A17 FA DB C7         ld   a,(C7DB)
ROM0:1A1A 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:1A1B CB 21            sla  c
ROM0:1A1D 21 33 1A         ld   hl,1A33
ROM0:1A20 09               add  hl,bc
ROM0:1A21 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:1A22 46               ld   b,(hl)
ROM0:1A23 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:1A24 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1A25 09               add  hl,bc
ROM0:1A26 44               ld   b,h
ROM0:1A27 4D               ld   c,l
ROM0:1A28 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:1A29 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1A2A C9               ret  

Card zone pointer offset array

00 00
03 00
06 00
09 00
0C 00
0F 00

Checks if bc ≠ 0

  • 0x1A3F-0x1A50 - Returns 0 if bc ≠ 0, returns 1 otherwise.
ROM0:1A3F D5               push de
ROM0:1A40 1E 00            ld   e,00
ROM0:1A42 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:1A43 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM0:1A45 20 07            jr   nz,1A4E
ROM0:1A47 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:1A48 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM0:1A4A 20 02            jr   nz,1A4E
ROM0:1A4C 1E 01            ld   e,01
ROM0:1A4E 7B               ld   a,e
ROM0:1A4F D1               pop  de
ROM0:1A50 C9               ret

Card Status


ROM0:1EDD F5               push af
ROM0:1EDE FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1EE1 E6 CF            and  a,CF
ROM0:1EE3 F6 10            or   a,10
ROM0:1EE5 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1EE8 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1EE9 C9               ret  


ROM0:1EEA FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1EED E6 30            and  a,30
ROM0:1EEF CB 37            swap a
ROM0:1EF1 C9               ret  


ROM0:1EF2 F5               push af
ROM0:1EF3 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1EF6 F6 40            or   a,40
ROM0:1EF8 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1EFB F1               pop  af
ROM0:1EFC C9               ret  


ROM0:1EFD F5               push af
ROM0:1EFE FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F01 E6 BF            and  a,BF
ROM0:1F03 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F06 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F07 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F08 F5               push af
ROM0:1F09 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F0C F6 08            or   a,08
ROM0:1F0E EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F11 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F12 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F13 F5               push af
ROM0:1F14 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F17 E6 F7            and  a,F7
ROM0:1F19 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F1C F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F1D C9               ret  


ROM0:1F1E F5               push af
ROM0:1F1F FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F22 F6 80            or   a,80
ROM0:1F24 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F27 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F28 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F29 F5               push af
ROM0:1F2A FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F2D E6 7F            and  a,7F
ROM0:1F2F EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F32 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F33 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F34 F5               push af
ROM0:1F35 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F38 E6 F8            and  a,F8
ROM0:1F3A F6 00            or   a,00
ROM0:1F3C EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F3F F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F40 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F41 F5               push af
ROM0:1F42 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F45 E6 F8            and  a,F8
ROM0:1F47 F6 01            or   a,01
ROM0:1F49 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F4C F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F4D C9               ret  


ROM0:1F4E F5               push af
ROM0:1F4F FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F52 E6 F8            and  a,F8
ROM0:1F54 F6 02            or   a,02
ROM0:1F56 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F59 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F5A C9               ret  


ROM0:1F5B F5               push af
ROM0:1F5C FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F5F E6 F8            and  a,F8
ROM0:1F61 F6 03            or   a,03
ROM0:1F63 EA DF C7         ld   (C7DF),a
ROM0:1F66 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1F67 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F68 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F6B E6 07            and  a,07
ROM0:1F6D C9               ret  


ROM0:1F6E FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F71 E6 40            and  a,40
ROM0:1F73 28 02            jr   z,1F77
ROM0:1F75 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:1F77 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F78 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F7B E6 08            and  a,08
ROM0:1F7D 28 02            jr   z,1F81
ROM0:1F7F 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:1F81 C9               ret  


ROM0:1F82 FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F85 E6 10            and  a,10
ROM0:1F87 28 02            jr   z,1F8B
ROM0:1F89 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:1F8B C9               ret  


ROM0:1F8C FA DF C7         ld   a,(C7DF)
ROM0:1F8F E6 80            and  a,80
ROM0:1F91 28 02            jr   z,1F95
ROM0:1F93 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM0:1F95 C9               ret  

Destroy Player's card

ROM0:1F96 F5               push af
ROM0:1F97 C5               push bc
ROM0:1F98 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM0:1F9B CD E0 19         call 19E0
ROM0:1F9E FA DD C7         ld   a,(C7DD)	// Current card ID
ROM0:1FA1 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:1FA2 FA DE C7         ld   a,(C7DE)
ROM0:1FA5 47               ld   b,a
ROM0:1FA6 CD 8E 2D         call 2D8E		// Add card to Player's Graveyard
ROM0:1FA9 CD B3 19         call 19B3
ROM0:1FAC C1               pop  bc
ROM0:1FAD F1               pop  af
ROM0:1FAE C9               ret  

Destroy CPU's card

ROM0:1FAF F5               push af
ROM0:1FB0 C5               push bc
ROM0:1FB1 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM0:1FB4 CD E0 19         call 19E0
ROM0:1FB7 FA DD C7         ld   a,(C7DD)	// Current card ID
ROM0:1FBA 4F               ld   c,a
ROM0:1FBB FA DE C7         ld   a,(C7DE)
ROM0:1FBE 47               ld   b,a
ROM0:1FBF CD AA 2D         call 2DAA		// Add card to CPU's Graveyard
ROM0:1FC2 CD B3 19         call 19B3
ROM0:1FC5 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:1FC6 F1               pop  af
ROM0:1FC7 C9               ret


ROM0:1FC8 C5               push bc
ROM0:1FC9 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM0:1FCC CD E0 19         call 19E0
ROM0:1FCF CD 6E 1F         call 1F6E
ROM0:1FD2 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM0:1FD4 20 08            jr   nz,1FDE
ROM0:1FD6 CD F2 1E         call 1EF2
ROM0:1FD9 CD C8 19         call 19C8
ROM0:1FDC 18 06            jr   1FE4
ROM0:1FDE CD F2 1E         call 1EF2
ROM0:1FE1 CD C8 19         call 19C8
ROM0:1FE4 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:1FE5 C9               ret  

0:1FE6 (ret)

ROM0:1FE6 C9               ret  

0:1FE7 (00s (C8D7) to (C8DC))

ROM0:1FE7 F5               push af
ROM0:1FE8 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1FEA EA D7 C8         ld   (C8D7),a
ROM0:1FED 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1FEF EA D8 C8         ld   (C8D8),a
ROM0:1FF2 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1FF4 EA D9 C8         ld   (C8D9),a
ROM0:1FF7 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1FF9 EA DA C8         ld   (C8DA),a
ROM0:1FFC 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:1FFE EA DB C8         ld   (C8DB),a
ROM0:2001 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2003 EA DC C8         ld   (C8DC),a
ROM0:2006 F1               pop  af
ROM0:2007 C9               ret  

0:2008 (00s (C8D7) to (C8DC)) (sic)

ROM0:2008 F5               push af
ROM0:2009 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:200B EA D7 C8         ld   (C8D7),a
ROM0:200E 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2010 EA D8 C8         ld   (C8D8),a
ROM0:2013 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2015 EA D9 C8         ld   (C8D9),a
ROM0:2018 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:201A EA DA C8         ld   (C8DA),a
ROM0:201D 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:201F EA DB C8         ld   (C8DB),a
ROM0:2022 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2024 EA DC C8         ld   (C8DC),a
ROM0:2027 F1               pop  af
ROM0:2028 C9               ret

Starter Deck

0x2451-0x24A1 : Starter Deck

38 00 E0 00 50 01 51 01 56 01 56 01 56 01 5C 01 
1C 02 1F 02 1F 02 26 02 26 02 26 02 2F 02 42 02 
42 02 42 02 62 02 83 02 83 02 83 02 91 02 A0 02 
AE 02 BE 02 D0 02 DB 02 DE 02 0D 03 10 03 15 03 
7E 03 7F 03 81 03 81 03 81 03 82 03 82 03 82 03


0x29F1-0x2A17 -

ROM0:29F1 F5               push af
ROM0:29F2 C5               push bc
ROM0:29F3 D5               push de
ROM0:29F4 E5               push hl
ROM0:29F5 21 AD C8         ld   hl,C8AD
ROM0:29F8 11 AB C9         ld   de,C9AB
ROM0:29FB 0E 04            ld   c,04
ROM0:29FD 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM0:29FE 12               ld   (de),a
ROM0:29FF 13               inc  de
ROM0:2A00 0D               dec  c
ROM0:2A01 20 FA            jr   nz,29FD
ROM0:2A03 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2A05 E0 DA            ld   (ff00+DA),a
ROM0:2A07 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2A09 E0 DB            ld   (ff00+DB),a
ROM0:2A0B 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2A0D E0 D9            ld   (ff00+D9),a
ROM0:2A0F 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2A11 E0 DC            ld   (ff00+DC),a
ROM0:2A13 E1               pop  hl
ROM0:2A14 D1               pop  de
ROM0:2A15 C1               pop  bc
ROM0:2A16 F1               pop  af
ROM0:2A17 C9               ret

Graveyard management

Initialize Graveyards

ROM0:2D77 F5               push af
ROM0:2D78 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2D7A EA DD CA         ld   (CADD),a	// Player's Graveyard
ROM0:2D7D 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2D7F EA DE CA         ld   (CADE),a
ROM0:2D82 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2D84 EA DF CA         ld   (CADF),a	// CPU's Graveyard
ROM0:2D87 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM0:2D89 EA E0 CA         ld   (CAE0),a
ROM0:2D8C F1               pop  af
ROM0:2D8D C9               ret  

Add card to Player's Graveyard

ROM0:2D8E F5               push af
ROM0:2D8F CD 3F 1A         call 1A3F		// Checks if bc ≠ 0
ROM0:2D92 FE 01            cp   a,01
ROM0:2D94 28 12            jr   z,2DA8		// If there's no card, get out of this function
ROM0:2D96 CF               rst  08
ROM0:2D99 FA AF C6         ld   a,(C6AF)	// Card Effect IDs (Magic Ritual Trap)
ROM0:2D9C FE 02            cp   a,02
ROM0:2D9E 20 08            jr   nz,2DA8		// If it's not a Monster card, get out of this function
ROM0:2DA0 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:2DA1 EA DD CA         ld   (CADD),a	// Player's Graveyard
ROM0:2DA4 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:2DA5 EA DE CA         ld   (CADE),a
ROM0:2DA8 F1               pop  af
ROM0:2DA9 C9               ret  

Add card to CPU's Graveyard

ROM0:2DAA F5               push af
ROM0:2DAB CD 3F 1A         call 1A3F		// Checks if bc ≠ 0
ROM0:2DAE FE 01            cp   a,01
ROM0:2DB0 28 12            jr   z,2DC4		// If there's no card, get out of this function
ROM0:2DB2 CF               rst  08
ROM0:2DB5 FA AF C6         ld   a,(C6AF)	// Card Effect IDs (Magic Ritual Trap)
ROM0:2DB8 FE 02            cp   a,02
ROM0:2DBA 20 08            jr   nz,2DC4		// If it's not a Monster card, get out of this function
ROM0:2DBC 79               ld   a,c
ROM0:2DBD EA DF CA         ld   (CADF),a	// CPU's Graveyard
ROM0:2DC0 78               ld   a,b
ROM0:2DC1 EA E0 CA         ld   (CAE0),a
ROM0:2DC4 F1               pop  af
ROM0:2DC5 C9               ret

Bank 1

Initialize cards in trunk

  • 0x4696-0x46B8 - Loops until the 900 cards quantities are written
ROM1:4696 F5               push af
ROM1:4697 C5               push bc
ROM1:4698 E5               push hl
ROM1:4699 01 00 00         ld   bc,0000
ROM1:469C CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:469F 3E FF            ld   a,FF		// Card not registered
ROM1:46A1 CD 1C 47         call 471C		// Write card quantities in Trunk
ROM1:46A4 03               inc  bc
ROM1:46A5 CD 51 1A         call 1A51
ROM1:46A8 FE 03            cp   a,03
ROM1:46AA 28 02            jr   z,46AE
ROM1:46AC 18 EE            jr   469C
ROM1:46AE AF               xor  a
ROM1:46AF EA ED C5         ld   (C5ED),a
ROM1:46B2 EA EE C5         ld   (C5EE),a
ROM1:46B5 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:46B6 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:46B7 F1               pop  af
ROM1:46B8 C9               ret


ROM1:46B9 F5               push af
ROM1:46BA CD 51 1A         call 1A51
ROM1:46BD FE 03            cp   a,03
ROM1:46BF 28 0A            jr   z,46CB
ROM1:46C1 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:46C2 EA ED C5         ld   (C5ED),a
ROM1:46C5 78               ld   a,b
ROM1:46C6 EA EE C5         ld   (C5EE),a
ROM1:46C9 18 07            jr   46D2
ROM1:46CB AF               xor  a
ROM1:46CC EA ED C5         ld   (C5ED),a
ROM1:46CF EA EE C5         ld   (C5EE),a
ROM1:46D2 F1               pop  af
ROM1:46D3 C9               ret  


ROM1:46D4 F5               push af
ROM1:46D5 CD 3B 47         call 473B
ROM1:46D8 FE FF            cp   a,FF
ROM1:46DA 20 05            jr   nz,46E1
ROM1:46DC 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM1:46DE CD 1C 47         call 471C
ROM1:46E1 CD 3B 47         call 473B
ROM1:46E4 FE FA            cp   a,FA
ROM1:46E6 28 04            jr   z,46EC
ROM1:46E8 3C               inc  a
ROM1:46E9 CD 1C 47         call 471C
ROM1:46EC F1               pop  af
ROM1:46ED C9               ret  


ROM1:46EE C5               push bc
ROM1:46EF D5               push de
ROM1:46F0 16 00            ld   d,00
ROM1:46F2 CD 3B 47         call 473B
ROM1:46F5 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:46F7 20 04            jr   nz,46FD
ROM1:46F9 16 01            ld   d,01
ROM1:46FB 18 0C            jr   4709
ROM1:46FD FE FF            cp   a,FF
ROM1:46FF 20 04            jr   nz,4705
ROM1:4701 16 01            ld   d,01
ROM1:4703 18 04            jr   4709
ROM1:4705 3D               dec  a
ROM1:4706 CD 1C 47         call 471C
ROM1:4709 7A               ld   a,d
ROM1:470A D1               pop  de
ROM1:470B C1               pop  bc
ROM1:470C C9               ret  


ROM1:470D F5               push af
ROM1:470E CD 3B 47         call 473B
ROM1:4711 FE FF            cp   a,FF
ROM1:4713 20 05            jr   nz,471A
ROM1:4715 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM1:4717 CD 1C 47         call 471C
ROM1:471A F1               pop  af
ROM1:471B C9               ret  

Write card quantities in Trunk

ROM1:471C F5               push af
ROM1:471D C5               push bc
ROM1:471E D5               push de
ROM1:471F E5               push hl
ROM1:4720 57               ld   d,a
ROM1:4721 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM1:4723 CD E0 12         call 12E0
ROM1:4726 FA ED C5         ld   a,(C5ED)
ROM1:4729 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:472A FA EE C5         ld   a,(C5EE)
ROM1:472D 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:472E 21 00 D0         ld   hl,D000
ROM1:4731 09               add  hl,bc
ROM1:4732 72               ld   (hl),d
ROM1:4733 CD 04 13         call 1304
ROM1:4736 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4737 D1               pop  de
ROM1:4738 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:4739 F1               pop  af
ROM1:473A C9               ret


ROM1:473B C5               push bc
ROM1:473C E5               push hl
ROM1:473D 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM1:473F CD E0 12         call 12E0
ROM1:4742 FA ED C5         ld   a,(C5ED)
ROM1:4745 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:4746 FA EE C5         ld   a,(C5EE)
ROM1:4749 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:474A 21 00 D0         ld   hl,D000
ROM1:474D 09               add  hl,bc
ROM1:474E 4E               ld   c,(hl)
ROM1:474F CD 04 13         call 1304
ROM1:4752 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:4753 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4754 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:4755 C9               ret  


ROM1:4756 C5               push bc
ROM1:4757 D5               push de
ROM1:4758 1E 01            ld   e,01
ROM1:475A FA ED C5         ld   a,(C5ED)
ROM1:475D 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:475E FA EE C5         ld   a,(C5EE)
ROM1:4761 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:4762 CF               rst  08
ROM1:4765 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:4767 20 04            jr   nz,476D
ROM1:4769 16 03            ld   d,03
ROM1:476B 18 02            jr   476F
ROM1:476D 16 01            ld   d,01
ROM1:476F CD D8 4D         call 4DD8
ROM1:4772 BA               cp   d
ROM1:4773 30 16            jr   nc,478B
ROM1:4775 C5               push bc
ROM1:4776 CD 25 4D         call 4D25
ROM1:4779 78               ld   a,b
ROM1:477A C1               pop  bc
ROM1:477B FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:477D 20 0C            jr   nz,478B
ROM1:477F CD EE 46         call 46EE
ROM1:4782 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:4784 20 05            jr   nz,478B
ROM1:4786 CD D7 4C         call 4CD7		// Add card to deck subroutine
ROM1:4789 1E 00            ld   e,00
ROM1:478B 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:478C D1               pop  de
ROM1:478D C1               pop  bc
ROM1:478E C9               ret  


ROM1:478F F5               push af
ROM1:4790 C5               push bc
ROM1:4791 CD 25 4D         call 4D25
ROM1:4794 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:4795 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:4797 28 0C            jr   z,47A5
ROM1:4799 CD C3 4C         call 4CC3
ROM1:479C CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:479F CD D4 46         call 46D4
ROM1:47A2 CD F1 4C         call 4CF1
ROM1:47A5 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:47A6 F1               pop  af
ROM1:47A7 C9               ret  


ROM1:47A8 F5               push af
ROM1:47A9 C5               push bc
ROM1:47AA CD 0A 66         call 660A
ROM1:47AD 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:47AE FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:47B0 28 0C            jr   z,47BE
ROM1:47B2 CD AA 65         call 65AA
ROM1:47B5 CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:47B8 CD D4 46         call 46D4
ROM1:47BB CD D6 65         call 65D6
ROM1:47BE C1               pop  bc
ROM1:47BF F1               pop  af
ROM1:47C0 C9               ret

1:4CA7 (store a in (C5F8))

ROM1:4CA7 EA F8 C5         ld   (C5F8),a
ROM1:4CAA C9               ret  

Add card to the deck

ROM1:4CAB F5               push af
ROM1:4CAC C5               push bc
ROM1:4CAD D5               push de
ROM1:4CAE E5               push hl
ROM1:4CAF 16 00            ld   d,00
ROM1:4CB1 FA F8 C5         ld   a,(C5F8)
ROM1:4CB4 5F               ld   e,a
ROM1:4CB5 CB 23            sla  e
ROM1:4CB7 21 F9 C5         ld   hl,C5F9
ROM1:4CBA 19               add  hl,de
ROM1:4CBB 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:4CBC 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM1:4CBD 70               ld   (hl),b
ROM1:4CBE E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4CBF D1               pop  de
ROM1:4CC0 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:4CC1 F1               pop  af
ROM1:4CC2 C9               ret  


ROM1:4CC3 F5               push af
ROM1:4CC4 E5               push hl
ROM1:4CC5 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM1:4CC7 FA F8 C5         ld   a,(C5F8)
ROM1:4CCA 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:4CCB CB 21            sla  c
ROM1:4CCD 21 F9 C5         ld   hl,C5F9
ROM1:4CD0 09               add  hl,bc
ROM1:4CD1 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM1:4CD2 46               ld   b,(hl)
ROM1:4CD3 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:4CD4 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4CD5 F1               pop  af
ROM1:4CD6 C9               ret  

Add card to deck subroutine

ROM1:4CD7 F5               push af
ROM1:4CD8 C5               push bc
ROM1:4CD9 D5               push de
ROM1:4CDA 50               ld   d,b
ROM1:4CDB 59               ld   e,c
ROM1:4CDC CD 25 4D         call 4D25
ROM1:4CDF 78               ld   a,b
ROM1:4CE0 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:4CE2 20 09            jr   nz,4CED
ROM1:4CE4 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:4CE5 CD A7 4C         call 4CA7		// Store a in (C5F8)
ROM1:4CE8 42               ld   b,d
ROM1:4CE9 4B               ld   c,e
ROM1:4CEA CD AB 4C         call 4CAB		// Add card to the deck
ROM1:4CED D1               pop  de
ROM1:4CEE C1               pop  bc
ROM1:4CEF F1               pop  af
ROM1:4CF0 C9               ret  


ROM1:4CF1 F5               push af
ROM1:4CF2 C5               push bc
ROM1:4CF3 D5               push de
ROM1:4CF4 E5               push hl
ROM1:4CF5 FA F8 C5         ld   a,(C5F8)
ROM1:4CF8 6F               ld   l,a
ROM1:4CF9 16 00            ld   d,00
ROM1:4CFB 1E 00            ld   e,00
ROM1:4CFD 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:4CFE CD A7 4C         call 4CA7
ROM1:4D01 CD C3 4C         call 4CC3
ROM1:4D04 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:4D05 BD               cp   l
ROM1:4D06 28 08            jr   z,4D10
ROM1:4D08 7A               ld   a,d
ROM1:4D09 CD A7 4C         call 4CA7
ROM1:4D0C CD AB 4C         call 4CAB
ROM1:4D0F 14               inc  d
ROM1:4D10 1C               inc  e
ROM1:4D11 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:4D12 FE 28            cp   a,28
ROM1:4D14 38 E7            jr   c,4CFD
ROM1:4D16 7A               ld   a,d
ROM1:4D17 CD A7 4C         call 4CA7
ROM1:4D1A 01 00 00         ld   bc,0000
ROM1:4D1D CD AB 4C         call 4CAB
ROM1:4D20 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4D21 D1               pop  de
ROM1:4D22 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:4D23 F1               pop  af
ROM1:4D24 C9               ret  


ROM1:4D25 F5               push af
ROM1:4D26 D5               push de
ROM1:4D27 E5               push hl
ROM1:4D28 21 F9 C5         ld   hl,C5F9
ROM1:4D2B 1E 00            ld   e,00
ROM1:4D2D 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM1:4D2E 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:4D2F 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM1:4D30 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:4D31 CD 3F 1A         call 1A3F
ROM1:4D34 FE 01            cp   a,01
ROM1:4D36 28 06            jr   z,4D3E
ROM1:4D38 1C               inc  e
ROM1:4D39 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:4D3A FE 28            cp   a,28
ROM1:4D3C 38 EF            jr   c,4D2D
ROM1:4D3E 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM1:4D40 4B               ld   c,e
ROM1:4D41 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:4D42 FE 28            cp   a,28
ROM1:4D44 20 01            jr   nz,4D47
ROM1:4D46 04               inc  b
ROM1:4D47 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:4D48 D1               pop  de
ROM1:4D49 F1               pop  af
ROM1:4D4A C9               ret

Card display

ROM1:5E71 F5               push af
ROM1:5E72 C5               push bc
ROM1:5E73 D5               push de
ROM1:5E74 E5               push hl
ROM1:5E75 CD 4F 60         call 604F
ROM1:5E78 CF               rst 08
ROM1:5E78 05 13
ROM1:5E7B CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:5E7E CD 3B 47         call 473B
ROM1:5E81 FE FF            cp   a,FF
ROM1:5E83 20 09            jr   nz,5E8E
ROM1:5E85 CD 3C 28         call 283C
ROM1:5E88 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5E89 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a
ROM1:5E8C 18 4E            jr   5EDC
ROM1:5E8E F5               push af
ROM1:5E8F CF               rst  08
ROM1:5E90 03 07         => Read card data - main routine
ROM1:5E92 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5E93 3B 05         => Load Deck Capacity in bc, Duelist Level in e
ROM1:5E95 5F               ld   e,a
ROM1:5E96 FA AC C6         ld   a,(C6AC)          ;a = Card_Cost
ROM1:5E99 BB               cp   e
ROM1:5E9A 28 16            jr   z,5EB2
ROM1:5E9C 38 14            jr   c,5EB2            ;if(Card_Cost ≤ Duelist Level), jump to 1:5EB2
ROM1:5E9E CD 2C 28         call 282C
ROM1:5EA1 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5EA2 07 05
ROM1:5EA4 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5EA5 09 05
ROM1:5EA7 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5EA8 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a          ;wC5DD = 0
ROM1:5EAB CD 82 40         call 4082
ROM1:5EAE E8 02            add  sp,02
ROM1:5EB0 18 2A            jr   5EDC
ROM1:5EB2 F1               pop  af
ROM1:5EB3 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5EB5 20 15            jr   nz,5ECC
ROM1:5EB7 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5EB8 03 07
ROM1:5EBA CD 2C 28         call 282C
ROM1:5EBD CF               rst  08
ROM1:5EBE 05 05
ROM1:5EC0 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5EC1 09 05
ROM1:5EC3 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5EC4 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a          ;wC5DD = 0
ROM1:5EC7 CD 82 40         call 4082
ROM1:5ECA 18 10            jr   5EDC
ROM1:5ECC CD 2C 28         call 282C
ROM1:5ECF CF               rst  08
ROM1:5ED0 03 05
ROM1:5ED2 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5ED3 09 05
ROM1:5ED5 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5ED6 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a          ;wC5DD = 0
ROM1:5ED9 CD 82 40         call 4082
ROM1:5EDC E1               pop  hl
ROM1:5EDD D1               pop  de
ROM1:5EDE C1               pop  bc
ROM1:5EDF F1               pop  af
ROM1:5EE0 C9               ret


ROM1:5F51 F5               push af
ROM1:5F52 C5               push bc
ROM1:5F53 D5               push de
ROM1:5F54 E5               push hl
ROM1:5F55 CD 4F 60         call 604F
ROM1:5F58 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5F5B CF               rst  08
ROM1:5F5E FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5F60 28 39            jr   z,5F9B
ROM1:5F62 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5F65 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5F68 5F               ld   e,a
ROM1:5F69 FA AC C6         ld   a,(C6AC)
ROM1:5F6C BB               cp   e
ROM1:5F6D 28 0E            jr   z,5F7D
ROM1:5F6F 38 0C            jr   c,5F7D
ROM1:5F71 CD 3C 28         call 283C
ROM1:5F74 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5F75 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a
ROM1:5F78 EA DF C5         ld   (C5DF),a
ROM1:5F7B 18 1E            jr   5F9B
ROM1:5F7D CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:5F80 CD 56 47         call 4756
ROM1:5F83 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5F85 28 0E            jr   z,5F95
ROM1:5F87 CD 3C 28         call 283C
ROM1:5F8A AF               xor  a
ROM1:5F8B EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a
ROM1:5F8E EA DF C5         ld   (C5DF),a
ROM1:5F91 18 08            jr   5F9B
ROM1:5F93 18 06            jr   5F9B
ROM1:5F95 CD 2C 28         call 282C
ROM1:5F98 CD 64 60         call 6064
ROM1:5F9B E1               pop  hl
ROM1:5F9C D1               pop  de
ROM1:5F9D C1               pop  bc
ROM1:5F9E F1               pop  af
ROM1:5F9F C9               ret


ROM1:5FA0 F5               push af
ROM1:5FA1 C5               push bc
ROM1:5FA2 D5               push de
ROM1:5FA3 E5               push hl
ROM1:5FA4 CD 4F 60         call 604F
ROM1:5FA7 CF               rst  08
ROM1:5FA8 05               dec  b
ROM1:5FA9 13               inc  de
ROM1:5FAA CD EE 5F         call 5FEE
ROM1:5FAD FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5FAF 20 11            jr   nz,5FC2
ROM1:5FB1 CD CD 5F         call 5FCD
ROM1:5FB4 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5FB6 20 05            jr   nz,5FBD
ROM1:5FB8 CD 2C 28         call 282C
ROM1:5FBB 18 03            jr   5FC0
ROM1:5FBD CD 3C 28         call 283C
ROM1:5FC0 18 03            jr   5FC5
ROM1:5FC2 CD 3C 28         call 283C
ROM1:5FC5 CD 64 60         call 6064
ROM1:5FC8 E1               pop  hl
ROM1:5FC9 D1               pop  de
ROM1:5FCA C1               pop  bc
ROM1:5FCB F1               pop  af
ROM1:5FCC C9               ret  


ROM1:5FCD C5               push bc
ROM1:5FCE D5               push de
ROM1:5FCF CD B9 46         call 46B9
ROM1:5FD2 1E 01            ld   e,01
ROM1:5FD4 C5               push bc
ROM1:5FD5 CD 0A 66         call 660A
ROM1:5FD8 78               ld   a,b
ROM1:5FD9 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:5FDA FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5FDC 20 0C            jr   nz,5FEA
ROM1:5FDE CD EE 46         call 46EE
ROM1:5FE1 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:5FE3 20 05            jr   nz,5FEA
ROM1:5FE5 CD BE 65         call 65BE
ROM1:5FE8 1E 00            ld   e,00
ROM1:5FEA 7B               ld   a,e
ROM1:5FEB D1               pop  de
ROM1:5FEC C1               pop  bc
ROM1:5FED C9               ret  


ROM1:5FEE C5               push bc
ROM1:5FEF D5               push de
ROM1:5FF0 E5               push hl
ROM1:5FF1 FA E2 C5         ld   a,(C5E2)
ROM1:5FF4 FE 8F            cp   a,8F
ROM1:5FF6 28 03            jr   z,5FFB
ROM1:5FF8 AF               xor  a
ROM1:5FF9 18 22            jr   601D
ROM1:5FFB 50               ld   d,b
ROM1:5FFC 59               ld   e,c
ROM1:5FFD 21 21 60         ld   hl,6021
ROM1:6000 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM1:6001 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:6002 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM1:6003 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:6004 CD 3F 1A         call 1A3F
ROM1:6007 FE 01            cp   a,01
ROM1:6009 20 04            jr   nz,600F
ROM1:600B 0E 00            ld   c,00
ROM1:600D 18 0D            jr   601C
ROM1:600F CD 77 1A         call 1A77
ROM1:6012 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM1:6014 20 04            jr   nz,601A
ROM1:6016 0E 01            ld   c,01
ROM1:6018 18 02            jr   601C
ROM1:601A 18 E4            jr   6000
ROM1:601C 79               ld   a,c
ROM1:601D E1               pop  hl
ROM1:601E D1               pop  de
ROM1:601F C1               pop  bc
ROM1:6020 C9               ret  


ROM1:604F F5               push af
ROM1:6050 FA DE C5         ld   a,(C5DE)
ROM1:6053 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:6054 CD 74 46         call 4674
ROM1:6057 FA E4 C5         ld   a,(C5E4)
ROM1:605A 81               add  c
ROM1:605B 4F               ld   c,a
ROM1:605C FA E5 C5         ld   a,(C5E5)
ROM1:605F CE 00            adc  a,00
ROM1:6061 47               ld   b,a
ROM1:6062 F1               pop  af
ROM1:6063 C9               ret  


ROM1:6064 F5               push af
ROM1:6065 D5               push de
ROM1:6066 AF               xor  a
ROM1:6067 EA DD C5         ld   (C5DD),a
ROM1:606A EA DF C5         ld   (C5DF),a
ROM1:606D 3E 04            ld   a,04
ROM1:606F CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM1:6072 CD A2 45         call 45A2
ROM1:6075 CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM1:6078 CD C1 40         call 40C1
ROM1:607B D1               pop  de
ROM1:607C F1               pop  af
ROM1:607D C9               ret  


ROM1:607E F5               push af
ROM1:607F 3E 0A            ld   a,0A
ROM1:6081 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM1:6084 CD A8 60         call 60A8
ROM1:6087 CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM1:608A F1               pop  af
ROM1:608B C9               ret  


ROM1:608C F5               push af
ROM1:608D 3E 0A            ld   a,0A
ROM1:608F CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM1:6092 CD B4 60         call 60B4
ROM1:6095 CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM1:6098 F1               pop  af
ROM1:6099 C9               ret  


ROM1:609A F5               push af
ROM1:609B C5               push bc
ROM1:609C FA B7 C6         ld   a,(C6B7)
ROM1:609F CD 33 19         call 1933
ROM1:60A2 CD E4 60         call 60E4
ROM1:60A5 C1               pop  bc
ROM1:60A6 F1               pop  af
ROM1:60A7 C9               ret

Bank 2

Password screen text

0x9C2C - Password screen text

Bank 3

Field management

Reverts field to Arena

  • 0xC12C-0xC133 - Reverts field to Arena
ROM3:412C F5               push af
ROM3:412D 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM3:412F EA D9 C5         ld   (C5D9),a
ROM3:4132 F1               pop  af
ROM3:4133 C9               ret  

Field change

  • 0xC134-0xC137 - Changes Field to the value in accumulator
ROM3:4134 EA D9 C5         ld   (C5D9),a	// Field ID
ROM3:4137 C9               ret  

Change field to Forest

  • 0xC138-0xC13F - Change field to Forest
ROM3:4138 F5               push af
ROM3:4139 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM3:413B CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:413E F1               pop  af
ROM3:413F C9               ret  

Change field to Wasteland

  • 0xC140-0xC148 - Change field to Wasteland
ROM3:4140 F5               push af
ROM3:4141 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM3:4143 CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:4146 F1               pop  af
ROM3:4147 C9               ret  

Change field to Mountain

  • 0xC148-0xC14F - Change field to Mountain
ROM3:4148 F5               push af
ROM3:4149 3E 03            ld   a,03
ROM3:414B CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:414E F1               pop  af
ROM3:414F C9               ret  

Change field to Sogen

  • 0xC150-0xC157 - Change field to Sogen
ROM3:4150 F5               push af
ROM3:4151 3E 04            ld   a,04
ROM3:4153 CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:4156 F1               pop  af
ROM3:4157 C9               ret  

Change field to Umi

  • 0xC158-0xC15F - Change field to Umi
ROM3:4158 F5               push af
ROM3:4159 3E 05            ld   a,05
ROM3:415B CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:415E F1               pop  af
ROM3:415F C9               ret  

Change field to Yami

  • 0xC160-0xC167 - Change field to Yami
ROM3:4160 F5               push af
ROM3:4161 3E 06            ld   a,06
ROM3:4163 CD 34 41         call 4134		// Field change
ROM3:4166 F1               pop  af
ROM3:4167 C9               ret


ROM3:5ED0 F5               push af
ROM3:5ED1 C5               push bc
ROM3:5ED2 FA 3A C7         ld   a,(C73A)
ROM3:5ED5 47               ld   b,a
ROM3:5ED6 0E 03            ld   c,03
ROM3:5ED8 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM3:5EDB CD E0 19         call 19E0
ROM3:5EDE 01 03 00         ld   bc,0003
ROM3:5EE1 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM3:5EE4 CD 4E 1F         call 1F4E
ROM3:5EE7 CD C8 19         call 19C8		// Updates card zone
ROM3:5EEA FA 3A C7         ld   a,(C73A)
ROM3:5EED 47               ld   b,a
ROM3:5EEE 0E 03            ld   c,03
ROM3:5EF0 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROM3:5EF3 CD B3 19         call 19B3
ROM3:5EF6 C1               pop  bc
ROM3:5EF7 F1               pop  af
ROM3:5EF8 C9               ret

Player's card effects

No effect (ret)

ROM3:61CC C9               ret  


ROM3:61CD C5               push bc
ROM3:61CE CD 44 28         call 2844
ROM3:61D1 CF               rst  08
ROM3:61D2 51 01
ROM3:61D4 C1               pop bc
ROM3:61D5 C9               ret


ROM3:61D6 CD 44 28         call 2844
ROM3:61D9 CF               rst  08
ROM3:61DA 51 01
ROM3:61DC C1               pop bc
ROM3:61DD C9               ret


ROM3:61DD CD 54 7D         call 7D54
ROM3:61E0 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM3:61E2 EA AC C8         ld   (C8AC),a
ROM3:61E5 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM3:61E7 EA FC C8         ld   (C8FC),a
ROM3:61EA FA D7 C8         ld   a,(C8D7)
ROM3:61ED EA F6 C8         ld   (C8F6),a
ROM3:61F0 FA D8 C8         ld   a,(C8D8)
ROM3:61F3 EA F7 C8         ld   (C8F7),a
ROM3:61F6 FA D9 C8         ld   a,(C8D9)
ROM3:61F9 EA F8 C8         ld   (C8F8),a
ROM3:61FC FA DA C8         ld   a,(C8DA)
ROM3:61FF EA F9 C8         ld   (C8F9),a
ROM3:6202 FA DB C8         ld   a,(C8DB)
ROM3:6205 EA FA C8         ld   (C8FA),a
ROM3:6208 FA DC C8         ld   a,(C8DC)
ROM3:620B EA FB C8         ld   (C8FB),a
ROM3:620E CF               rst  08
ROM3:620F 07 06
ROM3:6210 CD 15 5F         call 5F15
ROM3:6214 C9               ret  

Summon Monster card from hand

ROM3:6215 F5               push af
ROM3:6216 CD 6E 20         call 206E          ;Fusion subroutine
ROM3:6219 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:621B 20 05            jr   nz,6222       ;If the Fusion failed, jump to 3:6222
ROM3:621D CD DD 61         call 61DD          ;SE: Failed Fusion
ROM3:6220 18 0F            jr   6231
ROM3:6222 CD 54 28         call 2854
ROM3:6225 CD 6F 5E         call 5E6F
ROM3:6228 CD 54 7D         call 7D54
ROM3:622B CD D1 7B         call 7BD1
ROM3:622E CD ED 7B         call 7BED
ROM3:6231 F1               pop  af
ROM3:6232 C9               ret  

Field Spell

ROM3:6233 F5               push af
ROM3:6234 CD 38 41         call 4138
ROM3:6237 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:623A CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:623D 3E 1D            ld   a,1D
ROM3:623F CF               rst  08
ROM3:6240 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6241 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6243 C9               ret  
ROM3:6244 F5               push af
ROM3:6245 CD 40 41         call 4140
ROM3:6248 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:624B CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:624E 3E 1E            ld   a,1E
ROM3:6250 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6251 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6252 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6254 C9               ret  
ROM3:6255 F5               push af
ROM3:6256 CD 48 41         call 4148
ROM3:6259 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:625C CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:625F 3E 1F            ld   a,1F
ROM3:6261 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6262 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6263 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6265 C9               ret  
ROM3:6266 F5               push af
ROM3:6267 CD 50 41         call 4150
ROM3:626A CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:626D CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:6270 3E 20            ld   a,20
ROM3:6272 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6273 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6274 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6276 C9               ret  
ROM3:6277 F5               push af
ROM3:6278 CD 58 41         call 4158
ROM3:627B CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:627E CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:6281 3E 21            ld   a,21
ROM3:6283 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6284 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6285 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6287 C9               ret  
ROM3:6288 F5               push af
ROM3:6289 CD 60 41         call 4160
ROM3:628C CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:628F CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:6292 3E 22            ld   a,22
ROM3:6294 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6295 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6296 06 F1            ld   b,F1
ROM3:6298 C9               ret  

Healing Spell

Mooyan Curry
ROM3:6299 F5               push af
ROM3:629A C5               push bc
ROM3:629B CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:629E 01 00 02         ld   bc,0200
ROM3:62A1 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62A2 0D               dec  c
ROM3:62A3 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:62A4 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:62A6 20 10            jr   nz,62B8
ROM3:62A8 CD A8 5C         call 5CA8
ROM3:62AB CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:62AE CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:62B1 3E 25            ld   a,25
ROM3:62B3 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62B4 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:62B5 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:62B7 0C               inc  c
ROM3:62B8 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62B9 0F               rrca 
ROM3:62BA 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:62BB CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:62BE CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:62C1 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62C2 07               rlca 
ROM3:62C3 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:62C5 F1               pop  af
ROM3:62C6 C9               ret  
Red Medicine
ROM3:62C7 F5               push af
ROM3:62C8 C5               push bc
ROM3:62C9 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:62CC 01 00 05         ld   bc,0500
ROM3:62CF CF               rst  08
ROM3:62D0 0D               dec  c
ROM3:62D1 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:62D2 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:62D4 20 10            jr   nz,62E6
ROM3:62D6 CD A8 5C         call 5CA8
ROM3:62D9 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:62DC CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:62DF 3E 26            ld   a,26
ROM3:62E1 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62E2 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:62E3 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:62E5 0C               inc  c
ROM3:62E6 CF               rst  08
ROM3:62E7 0F               rrca 
ROM3:62E8 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:62E9 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:62EC CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:62EF CF               rst  08
ROM3:62F0 07               rlca 
ROM3:62F1 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:62F3 F1               pop  af
ROM3:62F4 C9               ret  
Goblin's Secret Remedy
ROM3:62F5 F5               push af
ROM3:62F6 C5               push bc
ROM3:62F7 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:62FA 01 00 10         ld   bc,1000
ROM3:62FD CF               rst  08
ROM3:62FE 0D               dec  c
ROM3:62FF 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6300 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:6302 20 10            jr   nz,6314
ROM3:6304 CD A8 5C         call 5CA8
ROM3:6307 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:630A CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:630D 3E 27            ld   a,27
ROM3:630F CF               rst  08
ROM3:6310 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:6311 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:6313 0C               inc  c
ROM3:6314 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6315 0F               rrca 
ROM3:6316 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6317 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:631A CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:631D CF               rst  08
ROM3:631E 07               rlca 
ROM3:631F 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:6321 F1               pop  af
ROM3:6322 C9               ret  
Soul of the Pure
ROM3:6323 F5               push af
ROM3:6324 C5               push bc
ROM3:6325 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:6328 01 00 20         ld   bc,2000
ROM3:632B CF               rst  08
ROM3:632C 0D               dec  c
ROM3:632D 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:632E FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:6330 20 10            jr   nz,6342
ROM3:6332 CD A8 5C         call 5CA8
ROM3:6335 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6338 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:633B 3E 28            ld   a,28
ROM3:633D CF               rst  08
ROM3:633E 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:633F 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:6341 0C               inc  c
ROM3:6342 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6343 0F               rrca 
ROM3:6344 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6345 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6348 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:634B CF               rst  08
ROM3:634C 07               rlca 
ROM3:634D 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:634F F1               pop  af
ROM3:6350 C9               ret  
Dian Keto the Cure Master
ROM3:6351 F5               push af
ROM3:6352 C5               push bc
ROM3:6353 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:6356 01 00 50         ld   bc,5000
ROM3:6359 CF               rst  08
ROM3:635A 0D               dec  c
ROM3:635B 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:635C FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:635E 20 10            jr   nz,6370
ROM3:6360 CD A8 5C         call 5CA8
ROM3:6363 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6366 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6369 3E 29            ld   a,29
ROM3:636B CF               rst  08
ROM3:636C 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:636D 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:636F 0C               inc  c
ROM3:6370 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6371 0F               rrca 
ROM3:6372 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6373 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6376 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6379 CF               rst  08
ROM3:637A 07               rlca 
ROM3:637B 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:637D F1               pop  af
ROM3:637E C9               ret  

Damage Spell

ROM3:637F F5               push af
ROM3:6380 C5               push bc
ROM3:6381 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:6384 01 50 00         ld   bc,0050
ROM3:6387 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6388 0D               dec  c
ROM3:6389 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:638A FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:638C 20 10            jr   nz,639E
ROM3:638E CD D8 5C         call 5CD8
ROM3:6391 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6394 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6397 3E 2A            ld   a,2A
ROM3:6399 CF               rst  08
ROM3:639A 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:639B 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:639D 0C               inc  c
ROM3:639E CF               rst  08
ROM3:639F 0F               rrca 
ROM3:63A0 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:63A1 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:63A4 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:63A7 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63A8 07               rlca 
ROM3:63A9 06 C1            ld   b,C1
ROM3:63AB F1               pop  af
ROM3:63AC C9               ret  
ROM3:63AD F5               push af
ROM3:63AE C5               push bc
ROM3:63AF D5               push de
ROM3:63B0 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:63B3 01 00 01         ld   bc,0100
ROM3:63B6 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63B7 0D               dec  c
ROM3:63B8 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:63B9 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:63BB 20 10            jr   nz,63CD
ROM3:63BD CD D8 5C         call 5CD8
ROM3:63C0 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:63C3 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:63C6 3E 2B            ld   a,2B
ROM3:63C8 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63C9 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:63CA 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:63CC 0C               inc  c
ROM3:63CD CF               rst  08
ROM3:63CE 0F               rrca 
ROM3:63CF 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:63D0 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:63D3 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:63D6 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63D7 07               rlca 
ROM3:63D8 06 D1            ld   b,D1
ROM3:63DA C1               pop  bc
ROM3:63DB F1               pop  af
ROM3:63DC C9               ret  
Final Flame
ROM3:63DD F5               push af
ROM3:63DE C5               push bc
ROM3:63DF D5               push de
ROM3:63E0 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:63E3 01 00 02         ld   bc,0200
ROM3:63E6 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63E7 0D               dec  c
ROM3:63E8 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:63E9 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:63EB 20 10            jr   nz,63FD
ROM3:63ED CD D8 5C         call 5CD8
ROM3:63F0 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:63F3 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:63F6 3E 2C            ld   a,2C
ROM3:63F8 CF               rst  08
ROM3:63F9 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:63FA 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:63FC 0C               inc  c
ROM3:63FD CF               rst  08
ROM3:63FE 0F               rrca 
ROM3:63FF 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6400 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6403 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6406 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6407 07               rlca 
ROM3:6408 06 D1            ld   b,D1
ROM3:640A C1               pop  bc
ROM3:640B F1               pop  af
ROM3:640C C9               ret  
ROM3:640D F5               push af
ROM3:640E C5               push bc
ROM3:640F D5               push de
ROM3:6410 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:6413 01 00 05         ld   bc,0500
ROM3:6416 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6417 0D               dec  c
ROM3:6418 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6419 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:641B 20 10            jr   nz,642D
ROM3:641D CD D8 5C         call 5CD8
ROM3:6420 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6423 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6426 3E 2D            ld   a,2D
ROM3:6428 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6429 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:642A 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:642C 0C               inc  c
ROM3:642D CF               rst  08
ROM3:642E 0F               rrca 
ROM3:642F 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6430 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6433 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6436 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6437 07               rlca 
ROM3:6438 06 D1            ld   b,D1
ROM3:643A C1               pop  bc
ROM3:643B F1               pop  af
ROM3:643C C9               ret  
Tremendous Fire
ROM3:643D F5               push af
ROM3:643E C5               push bc
ROM3:643F D5               push de
ROM3:6440 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:6443 01 00 10         ld   bc,1000
ROM3:6446 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6447 0D               dec  c
ROM3:6448 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6449 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:644B 20 10            jr   nz,645D
ROM3:644D CD D8 5C         call 5CD8
ROM3:6450 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6453 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6456 3E 2E            ld   a,2E
ROM3:6458 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6459 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:645A 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:645C 0C               inc  c
ROM3:645D CF               rst  08
ROM3:645E 0F               rrca 
ROM3:645F 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:6460 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6463 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:6466 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6467 07               rlca 
ROM3:6468 06 D1            ld   b,D1
ROM3:646A C1               pop  bc
ROM3:646B F1               pop  af
ROM3:646C C9               ret  

Dark Hole

ROM3:646D F5               push af
ROM3:646E C5               push bc
ROM3:646F D5               push de
ROM3:6470 E5               push hl
ROM3:6471 01 01 00         ld   bc,0001
ROM3:6474 78               ld   a,b
ROM3:6475 FE 05            cp   a,05
ROM3:6477 30 06            jr   nc,647F
ROM3:6479 CD AF 1F         call 1FAF
ROM3:647C 04               inc  b
ROM3:647D 18 F5            jr   6474
ROM3:647F 01 02 01         ld   bc,0102
ROM3:6482 78               ld   a,b
ROM3:6483 FE 06            cp   a,06
ROM3:6485 30 06            jr   nc,648D
ROM3:6487 CD 96 1F         call 1F96
ROM3:648A 04               inc  b
ROM3:648B 18 F5            jr   6482
ROM3:648D CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:6490 CD 9C 28         call 289C
ROM3:6493 CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:6496 3E 23            ld   a,23
ROM3:6498 CF               rst  08
ROM3:6499 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:649A 06 E1            ld   b,E1
ROM3:649C D1               pop  de
ROM3:649D C1               pop  bc
ROM3:649E F1               pop  af
ROM3:649F C9               ret  


ROM3:64A0 F5               push af
ROM3:64A1 C5               push bc
ROM3:64A2 D5               push de
ROM3:64A3 E5               push hl
ROM3:64A4 CD C2 5B         call 5BC2
ROM3:64A7 CF               rst  08
ROM3:64A8 0D               dec  c
ROM3:64A9 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:64AA FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM3:64AC 20 1F            jr   nz,64CD
ROM3:64AE 0E 01            ld   c,01
ROM3:64B0 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM3:64B2 78               ld   a,b
ROM3:64B3 FE 05            cp   a,05
ROM3:64B5 30 06            jr   nc,64BD
ROM3:64B7 CD AF 1F         call 1FAF
ROM3:64BA 04               inc  b
ROM3:64BB 18 F5            jr   64B2
ROM3:64BD CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:64C0 CD 9C 28         call 289C
ROM3:64C3 CD 68 41         call 4168
ROM3:64C6 3E 24            ld   a,24
ROM3:64C8 CF               rst  08
ROM3:64C9 0B               dec  bc
ROM3:64CA 06 18            ld   b,18
ROM3:64CC 0F               rrca 
ROM3:64CD CF               rst  08
ROM3:64CE 0F               rrca 
ROM3:64CF 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM3:64D0 CD B0 5F         call 5FB0
ROM3:64D3 CD 84 28         call 2884
ROM3:64D6 CD 7B 5D         call 5D7B
ROM3:64D9 CF               rst  08
ROM3:64DA 07               rlca 
ROM3:64DB 06 E1            ld   b,E1
ROM3:64DD D1               pop  de
ROM3:64DE C1               pop  bc
ROM3:64DF F1               pop  af
ROM3:64E0 C9               ret

Bank 4

Menu ID handling


ROM4:43CB CD AC 27         call 27AC
ROM4:43CE F1               pop  af
ROM4:43CF C9               ret  


ROM4:43D0 3E 04            ld   a,04
ROM4:43D2 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM4:43D5 CD 09 44         call 4409          ;Decrement Menu ID
ROM4:43D8 CD 1C 44         call 441C
ROM4:43DB CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM4:43DE AF               xor  a             ;a = 0
ROM4:43DF C9               ret  


ROM4:43E0 3E 04            ld   a,04
ROM4:43E2 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM4:43E5 CD F7 43         call 43F7          ;Increment Menu ID
ROM4:43E8 CD 1C 44         call 441C
ROM4:43EB CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM4:43EE AF               xor  a             ;a = 0
ROM4:43EF C9               ret  

Sets Menu ID to 0

ROM4:43F0 F5               push af
ROM4:43F1 AF               xor  a             ;a = 0
ROM4:43F2 EA B4 C8         ld   (C8B4),a      ;menu_id = 0
ROM4:43F5 F1               pop  af
ROM4:43F6 C9               ret  

Increment Menu ID

ROM4:43F7 F5               push af
ROM4:43F8 CD 34 28         call 2834
ROM4:43FB FA B4 C8         ld   a,(C8B4)
ROM4:43FE 3C               inc  a             ;a++
ROM4:43FF FE 05            cp   a,05          ;Max Menu ID is 4
ROM4:4401 20 01            jr   nz,4404
ROM4:4403 AF               xor  a
ROM4:4404 EA B4 C8         ld   (C8B4),a
ROM4:4407 F1               pop  af
ROM4:4408 C9               ret  

Decrement Menu ID

ROM4:4409 F5               push af
ROM4:440A CD 34 28         call 2834
ROM4:440D FA B4 C8         ld   a,(C8B4)
ROM4:4410 3D               dec  a             ;a--
ROM4:4411 FE FF            cp   a,FF          ;Min Menu ID is 0
ROM4:4413 20 02            jr   nz,4417
ROM4:4415 3E 04            ld   a,04
ROM4:4417 EA B4 C8         ld   (C8B4),a
ROM4:441A F1               pop  af
ROM4:441B C9               ret  


ROM4:441C F5               push af
ROM4:441D C5               push bc
ROM4:441E D5               push de
ROM4:441F E5               push hl
ROM4:4420 CD 79 13         call 1379
ROM4:4423 06 00            ld   b,00
ROM4:4425 FA B4 C8         ld   a,(C8B4)      ;a = menu_id
ROM4:4428 4F               ld   c,a
ROM4:4429 CB 21            sla  c
ROM4:442B 21 4C 44         ld   hl,444C
ROM4:442E 09               add  hl,bc         ;hl = 0x444C + (menu_id × 2)
ROM4:442F 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM4:4430 66               ld   h,(hl)
ROM4:4431 6F               ld   l,a           ;hl = (hl)
ROM4:4432 11 00 C5         ld   de,C500
ROM4:4435 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM4:4436 47               ld   b,a
ROM4:4437 78               ld   a,b
ROM4:4438 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM4:443A 28 0B            jr   z,4447
ROM4:443C 0E 04            ld   c,04
ROM4:443E 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM4:443F 12               ld   (de),a
ROM4:4440 13               inc  de
ROM4:4441 0D               dec  c
ROM4:4442 20 FA            jr   nz,443E
ROM4:4444 05               dec  b
ROM4:4445 18 F0            jr   4437
ROM4:4447 E1               pop  hl
ROM4:4448 D1               pop  de
ROM4:4449 C1               pop  bc
ROM4:444A F1               pop  af
ROM4:444B C9               ret  

SRAM Operations

SRAM Initialization

  • 0x1118D-0x111A4 - Blanks SRAM (New Game)
ROM4:518D F5               push af
ROM4:518E C5               push bc
ROM4:518F D5               push de
ROM4:5190 E5               push hl
ROM4:5191 21 00 A0         ld   hl,A000
ROM4:5194 AF               xor  a
ROM4:5195 06 20            ld   b,20
ROM4:5197 0E 00            ld   c,00
ROM4:5199 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM4:519A 0D               dec  c
ROM4:519B 20 FC            jr   nz,5199
ROM4:519D 05               dec  b
ROM4:519E 20 F7            jr   nz,5197
ROM4:51A0 E1               pop  hl
ROM4:51A1 D1               pop  de
ROM4:51A2 C1               pop  bc
ROM4:51A3 F1               pop  af
ROM4:51A4 C9               ret


  • 0x11367-0x1136D - Date of build and « !KONAMI » string used to check SRAM existence.
00 08 02 00 31 4B 4F 4E 41 4D 49
August 02, 2000 - !KONAMI

Data copy from SRAM to HRAM

  • 0x113C1-0x113F3 - Copies some data (Deck Capacity...) from SRAM to HRAM
ROM4:53C1 F5               push af
ROM4:53C2 C5               push bc
ROM4:53C3 D5               push de
ROM4:53C4 E5               push hl
ROM4:53C5 11 00 A0         ld   de,A000
ROM4:53C8 01 F4 53         ld   bc,53F4
ROM4:53CB 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM4:53CC 6F               ld   l,a
ROM4:53CD 03               inc  bc
ROM4:53CE 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM4:53CF 67               ld   h,a
ROM4:53D0 03               inc  bc
ROM4:53D1 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM4:53D3 20 05            jr   nz,53DA
ROM4:53D5 7D               ld   a,l
ROM4:53D6 FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM4:53D8 28 11            jr   z,53EB
ROM4:53DA 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM4:53DB E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a
ROM4:53DD 03               inc  bc
ROM4:53DE C5               push bc
ROM4:53DF 0A               ld   a,(bc)
ROM4:53E0 4F               ld   c,a
ROM4:53E1 1A               ld   a,(de)
ROM4:53E2 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM4:53E3 13               inc  de
ROM4:53E4 0D               dec  c
ROM4:53E5 20 FA            jr   nz,53E1
ROM4:53E7 C1               pop  bc
ROM4:53E8 03               inc  bc
ROM4:53E9 18 E0            jr   53CB
ROM4:53EB 3E 01            ld   a,01
ROM4:53ED E0 70            ld   (ff00+70),a
ROM4:53EF E1               pop  hl
ROM4:53F0 D1               pop  de
ROM4:53F1 C1               pop  bc
ROM4:53F2 F1               pop  af
ROM4:53F3 C9               ret

Bank 5

Duel text

  • 0x14834 - Text pointers
  • 0x14950 - Duel text, cards effects text

Load card Illustration ?

ROM5:5E38 F5               push af
ROM5:5E39 C5               push bc
ROM5:5E3A D5               push de
ROM5:5E3B E5               push hl
ROM5:5E3C 3E 05            ld   a,05
ROM5:5E3E CD E0 12         call 12E0
ROM5:5E41 3E 4F            ld   a,4F
ROM5:5E43 CD CB 11         call 11CB
ROM5:5E46 CD 5B 19         call 195B
ROM5:5E49 3E 1E            ld   a,1E             ;ROM Bank ?
ROM5:5E4B CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM5:5E4E CD 8E 11         call 118E
ROM5:5E51 CD 70 5E         call 5E70
ROM5:5E54 CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM5:5E57 01 00 80         ld   bc,8000          ;VRAM
ROM5:5E5A 3E 1E            ld   a,1E             ;ROM Bank ?
ROM5:5E5C CD 87 0F         call 0F87
ROM5:5E5F CD 8E 11         call 118E
ROM5:5E62 CD 70 5E         call 5E70
ROM5:5E65 CD 7D 11         call 117D
ROM5:5E68 CD 04 13         call 1304
ROM5:5E6B E1               pop  hl
ROM5:5E6C D1               pop  de
ROM5:5E6D C1               pop  bc
ROM5:5E6E F1               pop  af


ROM5:5E70 F5               push af
ROM5:5E71 C5               push bc
ROM5:5E72 E5               push hl
ROM5:5E73 21 00 D0         ld   hl,D000
ROM5:5E76 0E 0A            ld   c,0A
ROM5:5E78 CD 11 02         call 0211
ROM5:5E7B 0D               dec  c
ROM5:5E7C 20 FA            jr   nz,5E78
ROM5:5E7E E1               pop  hl
ROM5:5E7F C1               pop  bc
ROM5:5E80 F1               pop  af
ROM5:5E81 C9               ret  
ROM5:5E6F C9               ret

Deck Capacity

Deck Capacity Initialization

0x15E96-0x15EA0 - Initializes Deck Capacity at 1600 when New Game is selected

ROM5:5E96 F5               push af
ROM5:5E97 3E 40            ld   a,40
ROM5:5E99 E0 D7            ld   (ff00+D7),a
ROM5:5E9B 3E 06            ld   a,06
ROM5:5E9D E0 D8            ld   (ff00+D8),a      ;Copies 0x640, 1600 in decimal, to (FFD7)
ROM5:5E9F F1               pop  af
ROM5:5EA0 C9               ret

Load Deck Capacity in bc

ROM5:5EA1 F5               push af
ROM5:5EA2 F0 D7            ld   a,(ff00+D7)
ROM5:5EA4 4F               ld   c,a
ROM5:5EA5 F0 D8            ld   a,(ff00+D8)
ROM5:5EA7 47               ld   b,a
ROM5:5EA8 F1               pop  af
ROM5:5EA9 C9               ret  

Load Deck Capacity in bc, Duelist Level in e

ROM5:5EAA C5               push bc
ROM5:5EAB F0 D7            ld   a,(ff00+D7)
ROM5:5EAD 4F               ld   c,a
ROM5:5EAE F0 D8            ld   a,(ff00+D8)
ROM5:5EB0 47               ld   b,a
ROM5:5EB1 CD B6 5E         call 5EB6           ;Duelist Level calculation
ROM5:5EB4 C1               pop  bc
ROM5:5EB5 C9               ret  

Duelist Level calculation

ROM5:5EB6 C5               push bc
ROM5:5EB7 D5               push de
ROM5:5EB8 79               ld   a,c
ROM5:5EB9 D6 40            sub  a,40
ROM5:5EBB 5F               ld   e,a
ROM5:5EBC 78               ld   a,b
ROM5:5EBD DE 06            sbc  a,06
ROM5:5EBF 57               ld   d,a            ;de = Deck_Capacity - 1600
ROM5:5EC0 01 03 00         ld   bc,0003
ROM5:5EC3 CD 90 14         call 1490           ;de ÷ 3
ROM5:5EC6 7B               ld   a,e
ROM5:5EC7 C6 48            add  a,48           ;Duelist Level += 72
ROM5:5EC9 5F               ld   e,a
ROM5:5ECA 7A               ld   a,d
ROM5:5ECB CE 00            adc  a,00
ROM5:5ECD 57               ld   d,a
ROM5:5ECE 7A               ld   a,d
ROM5:5ECF FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM5:5ED1 28 02            jr   z,5ED5         ;if(Duelist_Level ≤ 255), jump to 5:5ED5
ROM5:5ED3 1E FF            ld   e,FF           ;else Duelist_Level = 255
ROM5:5ED5 7B               ld   a,e
ROM5:5ED6 D1               pop  de
ROM5:5ED7 C1               pop  bc
ROM5:5ED8 C9               ret

Copy string to VRAM

ROM5:6095 F5               push af
ROM5:6096 C5               push bc
ROM5:6097 D5               push de
ROM5:6098 E5               push hl
ROM5:6099 CF               rst  08
ROM5:609A 13               inc  de
ROM5:609B 08 3E 14         ld   (143E),sp
ROM5:609E CF               rst  08
ROM5:609F 05               dec  b
ROM5:60A0 0E CF            ld   c,CF
ROM5:60A2 07               rlca 
ROM5:60A3 0E 21            ld   c,21
ROM5:60A5 21 99 11         ld   hl,1199
ROM5:60A8 C1               pop  bc
ROM5:60A9 C5               push bc
ROM5:60AA FA D5 C5         ld   a,(C5D5)          ;# of characters to display
ROM5:60AD 4F               ld   c,a
ROM5:60AE 1A               ld   a,(de)
ROM5:60AF CF               rst  08
ROM5:60B0 11 08 FA         ld   de,FA08
ROM5:60B3 D7               rst  10
ROM5:60B4 C5               push bc
ROM5:60B5 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60B6 13               inc  de
ROM5:60B7 0D               dec  c
ROM5:60B8 20 F4            jr   nz,60AE
ROM5:60BA 3E 80            ld   a,80
ROM5:60BC 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60BD 3E 71            ld   a,71
ROM5:60BF 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60C0 21 41 99         ld   hl,9941
ROM5:60C3 11 C1 C5         ld   de,C5C1
ROM5:60C6 FA D5 C5         ld   a,(C5D5)
ROM5:60C9 4F               ld   c,a
ROM5:60CA 1A               ld   a,(de)
ROM5:60CB CF               rst  08
ROM5:60CC 11 08 FA         ld   de,FA08
ROM5:60CF D8               ret  c
ROM5:60D0 C5               push bc
ROM5:60D1 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60D2 13               inc  de
ROM5:60D3 0D               dec  c
ROM5:60D4 20 F4            jr   nz,60CA
ROM5:60D6 3E 23            ld   a,23
ROM5:60D8 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60D9 3E 4F            ld   a,4F
ROM5:60DB 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60DC 3E 6D            ld   a,6D
ROM5:60DE 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60DF 3E 43            ld   a,43
ROM5:60E1 22               ldi  (hl),a
ROM5:60E2 E1               pop  hl
ROM5:60E3 D1               pop  de
ROM5:60E4 C1               pop  bc
ROM5:60E5 F1               pop  af
ROM5:60E6 C9               ret

Bank 6

Graphics 1

  • 0x019B40 - « This game is designed for use on GAME BOY ® COLOR only »

Bank 7

Card data


ROM7:4078 F5               push af
ROM7:4079 C5               push bc
ROM7:407A 47               ld   b,a
ROM7:407B FA AB C6         ld   a,(C6AB)
ROM7:407E 4F               ld   c,a
ROM7:407F CD 6B 43         call 436B
ROM7:4082 4F               ld   c,a
ROM7:4083 CD 0D 43         call 430D
ROM7:4086 CD 41 43         call 4341
ROM7:4089 C1               pop  bc
ROM7:408A F1               pop  af
ROM7:408B C9               ret  


ROM7:408C F5               push af
ROM7:408D 78               ld   a,b
ROM7:408E EA A5 C6         ld   (C6A5),a
ROM7:4091 79               ld   a,c
ROM7:4092 EA A6 C6         ld   (C6A6),a
ROM7:4095 F1               pop  af
ROM7:4096 C9               ret  

Read card data - main routine

ROM7:4097 F5               push af
ROM7:4098 C5               push bc
ROM7:4099 CD 3F 1A         call 1A3F          ;Checks if bc ≠ 0
ROM7:409C FE 00            cp   a,00
ROM7:409E 20 05            jr   nz,40A5       ;if(card_ID == 0), jump to 7:40A5 (fail-safe)
ROM7:40A0 CD AB 40         call 40AB          ;Read card data
ROM7:40A3 18 03            jr   40A8
ROM7:40A5 CD 0E 41         call 410E          ;Set fail-safe card data
ROM7:40A8 C1               pop  bc
ROM7:40A9 F1               pop  af
ROM7:40AA C9               ret
Read card data
ROM7:40AB F5               push af
ROM7:40AC C5               push bc
ROM7:40AD D5               push de
ROM7:40AE E5               push hl
ROM7:40AF 79               ld   a,c
ROM7:40B0 EA A3 C6         ld   (C6A3),a            ;wC6A3 = Card ID
ROM7:40B3 78               ld   a,b
ROM7:40B4 EA A4 C6         ld   (C6A4),a
ROM7:40B7 21 4C 52         ld   hl,524C             ;Card Type array
ROM7:40BA 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x524C + (card_ID)
ROM7:40BB 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40BC EA AB C6         ld   (C6AB),a            ;wC6AB = Card Type
ROM7:40BF 21 D1 55         ld   hl,55D1             ;Card Cost array
ROM7:40C2 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x55D1 + (card_ID)
ROM7:40C3 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40C4 EA AC C6         ld   (C6AC),a            ;wC6AC = Card Cost
ROM7:40C7 21 56 59         ld   hl,5956             ;Card Attribute array
ROM7:40CA 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x5956 + (card_ID)
ROM7:40CB 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40CC EA AE C6         ld   (C6AE),a            ;wC6AE = Card Attribute
ROM7:40CF 21 DB 5C         ld   hl,5CDB             ;Card Effect (Magic, Rituals and Traps) array
ROM7:40D2 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x5CDB + (card_ID)
ROM7:40D3 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40D4 EA AF C6         ld   (C6AF),a            ;wC6AF = Card Effect (Magic, Rituals and Traps)
ROM7:40D7 21 60 60         ld   hl,6060             ;Card Effect (Monster) array
ROM7:40DA 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x6060 + (card_ID)
ROM7:40DB 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40DC EA B0 C6         ld   (C6B0),a            ;wC6B0 = Card Effect (Monster)
ROM7:40DF 21 49 64         ld   hl,6449             ;Card Level array
ROM7:40E2 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x6449 + (card_ID)
ROM7:40E3 7E               ld   a,(hl)
ROM7:40E4 EA AD C6         ld   (C6AD),a            ;wC6AD = Card Level
ROM7:40E7 CB 21            sla  c                   ;bc = card_ID × 2
ROM7:40E9 CB 10            rl   b
ROM7:40EB 21 90 43         ld   hl,4390             ;Card ATK array
ROM7:40EE 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x4390 + (card_ID × 2)
ROM7:40EF 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM7:40F0 56               ld   d,(hl)
ROM7:40F1 5F               ld   e,a
ROM7:40F2 7B               ld   a,e
ROM7:40F3 EA A7 C6         ld   (C6A7),a            ;wC6A7 = Card ATK
ROM7:40F6 7A               ld   a,d
ROM7:40F7 EA A8 C6         ld   (C6A8),a
ROM7:40FA 21 9A 4A         ld   hl,4A9A             ;Card DEF array
ROM7:40FD 09               add  hl,bc               ;pointer = 0x4A9A + (card_ID × 2)
ROM7:40FE 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROM7:40FF 56               ld   d,(hl)
ROM7:4100 5F               ld   e,a
ROM7:4101 7B               ld   a,e
ROM7:4102 EA A9 C6         ld   (C6A9),a            ;wC6A9 = Card DEF
ROM7:4105 7A               ld   a,d
ROM7:4106 EA AA C6         ld   (C6AA),a
ROM7:4109 E1               pop  hl
ROM7:410A D1               pop  de
ROM7:410B C1               pop  bc
ROM7:410C F1               pop  af
ROM7:410D C9               ret
Set fail-safe card data
ROM7:410E F5               push af
ROM7:410F 79               ld   a,c
ROM7:4110 EA A3 C6         ld   (C6A3),a            ;Card_ID = bc
ROM7:4113 78               ld   a,b
ROM7:4114 EA A4 C6         ld   (C6A4),a
ROM7:4117 3E 17            ld   a,17
ROM7:4119 EA AB C6         ld   (C6AB),a            ;Card_Type = 0x17 (Invalid)
ROM7:411C 3E 00            ld   a,00
ROM7:411E EA AC C6         ld   (C6AC),a            ;Card_Cost = 0
ROM7:4121 3E 0B            ld   a,0B
ROM7:4123 EA AE C6         ld   (C6AE),a            ;Card_Attribute = 0x0B (Non-Monster Card)
ROM7:4126 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROM7:4128 EA AF C6         ld   (C6AF),a            ;Card_Effect_MagicRitualTrap = 0x02 (Monster card)
ROM7:412B 3E FF            ld   a,FF
ROM7:412D EA A7 C6         ld   (C6A7),a            ;Card_ATK = 0xFFFF
ROM7:4130 3E FF            ld   a,FF
ROM7:4132 EA A8 C6         ld   (C6A8),a
ROM7:4135 3E FF            ld   a,FF
ROM7:4137 EA A9 C6         ld   (C6A9),a            ;Card_DEF = 0xFFFF
ROM7:413A 3E FF            ld   a,FF
ROM7:413C EA AA C6         ld   (C6AA),a
ROM7:413F F1               pop  af
ROM7:4140 C9               ret

Cards data arrays

Bank 8

Graphics 2

  • 0x20100-0x20510 - Character table

Bank 9

Cards Passwords

0x2454F : Passwords

Bank A

Opponent's decks

0x28087-0x28716 : Opponent decks



FB 02 32 00 32 02 D1 00 FA 01 C4 01 16 01 61 02 
E5 01 F5 01 DC 01 61 03 31 01 36 00 FB 02 32 00 
32 02 D1 00 FA 01 FA 02 61 02 E5 01 F5 01 DC 01 
32 01 FC 02 FB 02 32 00 32 02 D1 00 FA 01 C4 01 
34 00 61 02 E5 01 F5 01 DC 01 61 03 83 03 25 03

3× Zarigun
3× Winged Cleaver
3× Needle Worm
3× Bladefly
3× Gale Dogra
1× Soldier Ant
3× Korogashi
3× Basic Insect
3× Parasite Paracide
2× Dragon Pirate Soldier
1× Petit Moth
1× Infinite Dismissal

Mako Tsunami


8E 01 E4 01 D5 01 0C 02 BC 01 B4 01 DB 01 21 01
A7 00 89 01 ED 00 84 02 98 00 CE 02 8E 01 E4 01
D5 01 0C 02 BC 01 B4 01 DB 01 21 01 A7 00 89 01
ED 00 84 02 98 00 81 03 8E 01 E4 01 D5 01 0C 02
BC 01 B4 01 DB 01 21 01 A7 00 89 01 ED 00 84 02

1× Whale Fortress

3× Star Boy
2× Melting Red Shadow
3× White Dolphin
3× Haniwa
3× Turu-Purun
3× Change Slime
3× Ancient Jar
3× Flame Viper
3× Amoeba
3× Sinister Serpent
3× Armed Ninja
3× Ooguchi
3× Zone Eater

1× Torrential Tribute


ROMA:4D64 F5               push af
ROMA:4D65 C5               push bc
ROMA:4D66 3E 02            ld   a,02
ROMA:4D68 EA AC C8         ld   (C8AC),a
ROMA:4D6B 3E 03            ld   a,03
ROMA:4D6D EA FC C8         ld   (C8FC),a
ROMA:4D70 FA 62 CA         ld   a,(CA62)
ROMA:4D73 47               ld   b,a
ROMA:4D74 FA 63 CA         ld   a,(CA63)
ROMA:4D77 4F               ld   c,a
ROMA:4D78 CD 9D 19         call 199D
ROMA:4D7B CD E0 19         call 19E0
ROMA:4D7E FA DD C7         ld   a,(C7DD)	// Current card ID
ROMA:4D81 EA F6 C8         ld   (C8F6),a
ROMA:4D84 FA DE C7         ld   a,(C7DE)
ROMA:4D87 EA F7 C8         ld   (C8F7),a
ROMA:4D8A 3E 81            ld   a,81
ROMA:4D8C EA F8 C8         ld   (C8F8),a
ROMA:4D8F 3E 03            ld   a,03
ROMA:4D91 EA F9 C8         ld   (C8F9),a
ROMA:4D94 0E 02            ld   c,02
ROMA:4D96 06 01            ld   b,01
ROMA:4D98 78               ld   a,b
ROMA:4D99 FE 06            cp   a,06
ROMA:4D9B 30 06            jr   nc,4DA3
ROMA:4D9D CD 96 1F         call 1F96		// Destroy Player's card
ROMA:4DA0 04               inc  b
ROMA:4DA1 18 F5            jr   4D98
ROMA:4DA3 CD 1D 47         call 471D
ROMA:4DA6 C1               pop  bc
ROMA:4DA7 F1               pop  af
ROMA:4DA8 C9               ret

Bank B

Limited cards

0x2C04D-0x2C0AC : Limited cards

11 00 12 00 13 00 14 00 15 00 38 00 39 00 43 00
48 00 87 00 E0 00 02 01 16 01 50 01 51 01 56 01
5C 01 91 02 AC 02 AD 02 AE 02 DB 02 DE 02 0D 03
10 03 11 03 15 03 40 03 41 03 42 03 7D 03 7E 03
7F 03 81 03 82 03 64 01 65 01 68 01 6A 01 6C 01
6D 01 76 01 7C 01 BD 02 BE 02 BF 02 C0 02 C1 02
C2 02 C4 02 C5 02 C6 02 CB 02 CC 02 CD 02 CE 02
CF 02 D0 02 D1 02 00 00

Checks if the card is allowed in the version

ROMB:40AF C5               push bc
ROMB:40B0 D5               push de
ROMB:40B1 E5               push hl
ROMB:40B2 AF               xor  a
ROMB:40B3 CB 38            srl  b
ROMB:40B5 CB 19            rr   c
ROMB:40B7 1F               rra  
ROMB:40B8 CB 38            srl  b
ROMB:40BA CB 19            rr   c
ROMB:40BC 1F               rra  
ROMB:40BD CB 38            srl  b
ROMB:40BF CB 19            rr   c              ;bc >> 3
ROMB:40C1 1F               rra  
ROMB:40C2 1F               rra  
ROMB:40C3 CB 37            swap a
ROMB:40C5 F5               push af
ROMB:40C6 21 DC 40         ld   hl,40DC
ROMB:40C9 CD 4D 2A         call 2A4D
ROMB:40CC FE 01            cp   a,01
ROMB:40CE 20 03            jr   nz,40D3        ;if the player didn't beat Pegasus 5 times, hl = 0x40DC
ROMB:40D0 21 4D 41         ld   hl,414D        ;else hl = 0x414D
ROMB:40D3 09               add  hl,bc
ROMB:40D4 F1               pop  af
ROMB:40D5 CD CB 16         call 16CB
ROMB:40D8 E1               pop  hl
ROMB:40D9 D1               pop  de
ROMB:40DA C1               pop  bc
ROMB:40DB C9               ret  

Allowed cards flags (pre-credits)

0x2C0DC - Allowed cards flags (pre-credits)

10 F9 01 30 01 08 18 20 31 C0 07 00 70 4E 01 A6
EE FF BF FE AF 77 F9 8B FF FD 7C 40 00 00 00 40
FF FF DD 8F F7 FF FF 1F 08 03 00 04 48 97 9F 66
E1 5F BD F7 97 E7 FF FF F8 FB 9B FF FF 7F F0 37

0x2C14D - Allowed cards flags (post-credits)

10 F9 01 30 01 08 FE E3 39 C1 07 00 70 4E 01 A6
EE FF FF FE AF 77 FF FB FF FD 7D 40 0A C2 BF 41
FF FF DD 8F F7 FF FF 1F 08 03 00 04 48 97 9F 7E
E1 5F BD F7 F7 E7 FF FF FC FB 9B FF FF 7F F0 37

Bit flags

01 02 04 08 10 20 40 80

Bank E

Copy Player's Name

ROME:6AAF F5               push af
ROME:6AB0 C5               push bc
ROME:6AB1 D5               push de
ROME:6AB2 E5               push hl
ROME:6AB3 21 CB 6A         ld   hl,6ACB       ;Player's name
ROME:6AB6 11 C1 C5         ld   de,C5C1       ;where to copy the string
ROME:6AB9 0E 08            ld   c,08          ;# of characters to copy
ROME:6ABB 2A               ldi  a,(hl)
ROME:6ABC 12               ld   (de),a
ROME:6ABD 13               inc  de
ROME:6ABE 0D               dec  c
ROME:6ABF 20 FA            jr   nz,6ABB
ROME:6AC1 3E 03            ld   a,03          ;# of characters to display
ROME:6AC3 EA D5 C5         ld   (C5D5),a
ROME:6AC6 E1               pop  hl
ROME:6AC7 D1               pop  de
ROME:6AC8 C1               pop  bc
ROME:6AC9 F1               pop  af
ROME:6ACA C9               ret  
  • 0x3AACB - Player's Name

Bank 10

Debug Character Viewer


RO10:4101 C5               push bc
RO10:4102 E5               push hl
RO10:4103 3E 02            ld   a,02
RO10:4105 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
RO10:4108 CD 7D 11         call 117D
RO10:410B FA 55 CA         ld   a,(CA55)
RO10:410E FE 18            cp   a,18
RO10:4110 30 10            jr   nc,4122
RO10:4112 FA 55 CA         ld   a,(CA55)
RO10:4115 EA 32 C7         ld   (C732),a
RO10:4118 AF               xor  a
RO10:4119 EA 33 C7         ld   (C733),a
RO10:411C CF               rst  08
RO10:411D 03               inc  bc
RO10:411E 02               ld   (bc),a
RO10:411F CF               rst  08
RO10:4120 11 02 3E         ld   de,3E02
RO10:4123 01 E1 C1         ld   bc,C1E1
RO10:4126 C9               ret  


RO10:4127 14               inc  d
RO10:4128 15               dec  d
RO10:4129 16 17            ld   d,17
RO10:412B 3E 02            ld   a,02
RO10:412D CD 87 0F         call 0F87
RO10:4130 CD 7D 11         call 117D
RO10:4133 3E 01            ld   a,01
RO10:4135 C9               ret  

Increment Character ID

RO10:4136 FA 55 CA         ld   a,(CA55)
RO10:4139 C6 01            add  a,01
RO10:413B EA 55 CA         ld   (CA55),a
RO10:413E 3E 06            ld   a,06         ;(C5AE)=6, then ?
RO10:4140 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
RO10:4143 CD 60 41         call 4160
RO10:4146 CD 7D 11         call 117D
RO10:4149 AF               xor  a
RO10:414A C9               ret

Decrement Character ID

RO10:414B FA 55 CA         ld   a,(CA55)
RO10:414E D6 01            sub  a,01
RO10:4150 EA 55 CA         ld   (CA55),a
RO10:4153 3E 06            ld   a,06
RO10:4155 CD 87 0F         call 0F87
RO10:4158 CD 60 41         call 4160
RO10:415B CD 7D 11         call 117D
RO10:415E AF               xor  a
RO10:415F C9               ret  


RO10:4160 F5               push af
RO10:4161 C5               push bc
RO10:4162 01 46 98         ld   bc,9846
RO10:4165 CD 8E 11         call 118E
RO10:4168 FA 55 CA         ld   a,(CA55)
RO10:416B EA E7 C5         ld   (C5E7),a
RO10:416E 3E 00            ld   a,00
RO10:4170 EA E8 C5         ld   (C5E8),a
RO10:4173 CD 61 15         call 1561
RO10:4176 78               ld   a,b
RO10:4177 E6 0F            and  a,0F
RO10:4179 3C               inc  a
RO10:417A CD CF 11         call 11CF
RO10:417D 79               ld   a,c
RO10:417E E6 F0            and  a,F0
RO10:4180 CB 37            swap a
RO10:4182 3C               inc  a
RO10:4183 CD CF 11         call 11CF
RO10:4186 79               ld   a,c
RO10:4187 E6 0F            and  a,0F
RO10:4189 3C               inc  a
RO10:418A CD CF 11         call 11CF
RO10:418D AF               xor  a
RO10:418E 0E 11            ld   c,11
RO10:4190 CD CF 11         call 11CF
RO10:4193 0D               dec  c
RO10:4194 20 FA            jr   nz,4190
RO10:4196 C1               pop  bc
RO10:4197 F1               pop  af
RO10:4198 C9               ret

Bank 18

Cards names

0x60014-0x63F4F - Cards names

Bank D0

Miscellaneous Text

0x340EFD - Password Entry screen text

Bank FE-FF

Cards texts

0x3F8002-0x3FFE87 - Cards Text

Internal Data for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Kaiba Deck

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