Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories:Notes

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Effect IDs

ID    Effect
--    ------
02    Monster Card
03    Forest
04    Wasteland
05    Mountain
06    Sogen
07    Umi
08    Yami
09    Mooyan Curry
0A    Red Medicine
0B    Goblin's Secret Remedy
0C    Soul of the Pure
0D    Dian Keto the Cure Master
0E    Sparks
0F    Hinotama
10    Final Flame
11    Ookazi
12    Tremendous Fire
13    Dark Hole
14    Raigeki
15    Legendary Sword
16    Sword of Ruin
17    Dark Energy
18    Axe of Despair
19    Lazer Cannon Armor
1A    Insect Armor with Fire
1B    Elf's Light
1C    Beast Fangs
1D    Steel Shell
1E    Vile Germs
1F    Black Pendant
20    Silver Bow & Arrow
21    Horn of Light
22    Horn of the Unicorn
23    Dragon Treasure
24    Electro-whip
25    Cyber Shield
26    Mystical Moon
27    Malevolent Nuzzler
28    Violet Crystal
29    Book of Secret Art
2A    Invigoration
2B    Machine Conversion
2C    Raise Body Heat
2D    Follow Wind
2E    Power of Kaishin
30    Stop Defense
31    Dragon Capture Jar
32    Swords of Revealing Light
33    Dark-Piercing Light
34    Spellbinding Circle
35    Elegant Egotist

4D    Magical Labyrinth
4E    Salamandra
4F    Kunai with Chain

5F    Warrior Elimination