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This data is relevant to Wizards & Warriors (USA) (Rev A) and may not be correct for other dumps.


RAM Information
0x0073 Gems (high byte) 0x00 to 0x09
0x0074 Gems (low byte) 0x00 to 0x63
0x0076 Energy 0x00 to 0x0C
0x0077 Extra lives
0x0078 Item in slot 5 (special items) 0x05 = Wand of Wonder, 0x06 = Cloak of Darkness, 0x07 = Boots of Force, 0x08 = Boots of Lava Walk, 0x0a = Horn, 0x0b = Map (unobtainable), 0x0c = Staff of Power, 0x0d = Lightning Bolt (unused?, crash if you press select)
0x062B Have Dagger of Throwing if 0x01
0x062C Have Shield of Protection if 0x01
0x062D Have Feather of Feather Fall if 0x01
0x062E Have Potion of Levitation if 0x01
0x062F Have Battle Axe if 0x01 (Must have Dagger of Throwing too)
0x0630 Have blue key if 0x01
0x0631 Have red key if 0x01
0x0632 Have pink key if 0x01

Internal Data for Wizards & Warriors

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