Vice: Project Doom:RAM map

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RAM Information
0x003a Current palette
0x0099 Current music
0x00f4 Music or sound effect to play
0x0180 Invincibility counter
0x0181 Projectile 1 duration
0x0182 Projectile 2 duration
0x0183 Projectile 3 duration
0x0191 Projectile 1 arc
0x0192 Projectile 2 arc
0x0193 Projectile 3 arc
0x0211 Projectile 1 y-position
0x0212 Projectile 2 y-position
0x0213 Projectile 3 y-position
0x0250 Hp (0x14 = full)
0x0284 Boss hp (0x14 = full)
0x035e Time
0x035f Ammo
0x0360 Grenades
0x0361 Coins
0x0362 Lives
0x0363 Score * 100
0x0364 Score * 25600
0x0369 Ammo reload timer
0x0400 Stage data (top to bottom, left to right. Lower 5 rows are ignored, so effective 11 blocks vertically)

Internal Data for Vice: Project Doom

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