Vagrant Story:accessories list

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61   Rood Necklace
62   Rune Earrings
63   Lionhead
64   Rusted Nails
65   Sylphid Ring
66   Marduk
67   Salamander Ring
68   Tamulis Tongue
69   Gnome Bracelet
6A   Palolo's Ring
6B   Undine Bracelet
6C   Talian Ring
6D   Agrias's Balm
6E   Kadesh Ring
6F   Agrippa's Choker
70   Diadra's Earring
71   Titan's Ring
72   Lau Fei's Armlet
73   Swan Song
74   Pushpaka
75   Edgar's Earrings
76   Cross Choker
77   Ghost Hound
78   Beaded Anklet
79   Dragonhead
7A   Faufnir's Tear
7B   Agales's Chain
7C   Balam Ring
7D   Nimje Coif
7E   Morgan's Nails
7F   Marlene's Ring