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Bardorba's Manor

Enemy Weapon Shield Zone Filename
Guildenstern Rapier none ZONE001.ZND Z001U00.ZUD
Müllenkamp Soldier none none ZONE001.ZND Z001U01.ZUD
Müllenkamp Soldier Spatha none ZONE003.ZND Z003U00.ZUD
Müllenkamp Soldier Spatha none ZONE003.ZND Z003U01.ZUD
Wyvern N/A N/A ZONE006.ZND Z006U00.ZUD

Wine Cellar

Enemy Weapon Shield Zone Filename
Mandel Rapier none ZONE009.ZND Z009U00.ZUD
Zombie Fighter Hand Axe none ZONE009.ZND Z009U01.ZUD
Zombie none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U02.ZUD
Ghoul none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U03.ZUD
Silver Wolf N/A N/A ZONE009.ZND Z009U04.ZUD
Bat N/A N/A ZONE009.ZND Z009U05.ZUD
Sackheim Spatha Buckler ZONE009.ZND Z009U06.ZUD
Goodwin Scimitar none ZONE009.ZND Z009U07.ZUD
Crimson Blade Spatha Buckler ZONE009.ZND Z009U08.ZUD
Crimson Blade Gastraph Bow none ZONE009.ZND Z009U09.ZUD
Zombie Knight Battle Knife none ZONE009.ZND Z009U10.ZUD
Zombie Knight Hand Axe none ZONE009.ZND Z009U11.ZUD
Zombie Knight Scimitar none ZONE009.ZND Z009U12.ZUD
Zombie Knight Gastraph Bow none ZONE009.ZND Z009U13.ZUD
Ghoul none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U14.ZUD
Ghoul Scramasax none ZONE009.ZND Z009U15.ZUD
Zombie none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U16.ZUD
Zombie Goblin Club none ZONE009.ZND Z009U17.ZUD
Zombie Fighter Spatha none ZONE009.ZND Z009U18.ZUD
Dummy (Human) none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U19.ZUD
Dummy (Human) none none ZONE009.ZND Z009U20.ZUD
Dullahan Rhomphaia none ZONE011.ZND Z011U00.ZUD
Silver Wolf N/A N/A ZONE011.ZND Z011U01.ZUD
Bat N/A N/A ZONE011.ZND Z011U02.ZUD
Hellhound N/A N/A ZONE011.ZND Z011U03.ZUD
Dullahan Rhomphaia none ZONE011.ZND Z011U04.ZUD
Minotaur Hand of Light none ZONE012.ZND Z012U00.ZUD
Minotaur Zombie Hand of Light none ZONE012.ZND Z012U01.ZUD
Minotaur Hand of Light none ZONE012.ZND Z012U02.ZUD
Minotaur Zombie Hand of Light none ZONE012.ZND Z012U03.ZUD


Enemy Weapon Shield Zone Filename
Ghost N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U00.ZUD
Ghost N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U01.ZUD
Ghost N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U02.ZUD
Ghost N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U03.ZUD
Ghost N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U04.ZUD
Skeleton none none ZONE013.ZND Z013U05.ZUD
Skeleton Goblin Club none ZONE013.ZND Z013U06.ZUD
Skeleton Hand Axe none ZONE013.ZND Z013U07.ZUD
Skeleton none none ZONE013.ZND Z013U08.ZUD
Skeleton Spatha none ZONE013.ZND Z013U09.ZUD
Skeleton Battle Axe none ZONE013.ZND Z013U10.ZUD
Skeleton Spear none ZONE013.ZND Z013U11.ZUD
Hellhound N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U12.ZUD
Bat N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U13.ZUD
Slime N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U14.ZUD
Mummy none none ZONE013.ZND Z013U15.ZUD
Zombie Knight Rapier none ZONE013.ZND Z013U16.ZUD
Zombie Knight Spatha none ZONE013.ZND Z013U17.ZUD
Zombie Knight Broad Sword none ZONE013.ZND Z013U18.ZUD
Zombie Knight Langdebeve none ZONE013.ZND Z013U19.ZUD
Zombie Knight Gastraph Bow none ZONE013.ZND Z013U20.ZUD
Ghoul Dirk none ZONE013.ZND Z013U21.ZUD
Hellhound N/A N/A ZONE013.ZND Z013U22.ZUD
Dummy (Undead) none none ZONE013.ZND Z013U23.ZUD
Lizardman Spear none ZONE014.ZND Z014U00.ZUD
Lizardman Glaive none ZONE014.ZND Z014U01.ZUD
Slime N/A N/A ZONE014.ZND Z014U02.ZUD