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Zone Unit Data Zud files are archives. They group various files relating to a single character together in one file. Zud files have a single SHP file which defines the character, a zud file may have up to two WEP files, where the first is the 3d model for the weapon and the second is the shield. Also a Zud file may have up to two SEQ files that define the common (unarmed) animation and the battle (armed) animations specific to the weapon currently equipped.

$00	1	idCharacter (as used by ZND files)
$01	1	idWeapon (as per weapons list)
$02	1	idWeaponCategory (as per weapon categories)
$03	1	idWeaponMaterial (as per materials list)
$04	1	idShield (as per armours list)
$05	1	idShieldMaterial (as per materials list)
$06	1	Unknown
$07	1	padding (Always == 0)
$08	4	ptrCharacterSHP
$0C	4	lenCharacterSHP
$10	4	ptrWeaponWEP
$14	4	lenWeaponWEP
$18	4	ptrShieldWEP
$1C	4	lenShieldWEP
$20	4	ptrCommonSEQ
$24	4	lenCommonSEQ
$28	4	ptrBattleSEQ
$2C	4	lenBattleSEQ

+ character section (same as SHP format)
+ weapon section (same as WEP format)
+ shield section (same as WEP fromat)
+ common animations (standard SEQ format)
+ battle animations (standard SEQ format)