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file   bones groups character
00.SHP 0x18  0x15   Ashley Riot (Normal)
01.SHP 0x1D  0x1A   Romeo Guildenstern (Normal)
02.SHP 0x18  0x14   Jan Rozencrantz (Normal)
03.SHP 0x1C  0x18   Callo Merlose (Normal)
04.SHP 0x19  0x15   Joshua Bardorba (Normal)
05.SHP 0x20  0x1A   Tia Riot (Normal)
06.SHP 0x18  0x15   Ashley Riot (Bloodsin)
07.SHP 0x17  0x14   Marco Riot (Normal)
08.SHP 0x1C  0x18   Callo Merlose (Checker)
09.SHP 0x18  0x15   Tiger (Normal)
0A.SHP 0x1C  0x17   Neesa (Normal)
0B.SHP 0x1C  0x18   Samantha (Normal)
0C.SHP 0x16  0x10   Zombie
0D.SHP 0x16  0x12   Zombie 2
0E.SHP 0x16  0x12   Mummy
0F.SHP 0x16  0x10   Ghoul
10.SHP 0x16  0x13   Ghoul 2
11.SHP 0x16  0x14   Ghast
12.SHP 0x1A  0x14   Zombie Fighter
13.SHP 0x1A  0x14   Zombie Fighter 2
14.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Zombie Knight
15.SHP 0x17  0x12   Zombie Mage
16.SHP 0x1A  0x11   Skeleton
17.SHP 0x1A  0x13   Skeleton
18.SHP 0x1A  0x13   Dark Skeleton
19.SHP 0x1A  0x12   Skeleton Knight
1A.SHP 0x0E  0x0C   Ghost
1B.SHP 0x0E  0x0D   Ghost (Vanishing/Appearing?)
1C.SHP 0x18  0x14   Goblin
1D.SHP 0x18  0x14   Goblin Leader
1E.SHP 0x18  0x15   Orc
1F.SHP 0x18  0x15   Orc Leader
20.SHP 0x1A  0x17   Lizardman
21.SHP 0x22  0x1E   Lich
22.SHP 0x14  0x13   Gargoyle
23.SHP 0x14  0x13   Imp
24.SHP 0x1C  0x19   Gremlin
25.SHP 0x1F  0x19   Minotaur Lord
26.SHP 0x14  0x12   Mimic
27.SHP 0x15  0x14   Shadow
28.SHP 0x1B  0x1A   Hellhound
29.SHP 0x08  0x05   Bat
2A.SHP 0x08  0x05   Stirge
2B.SHP 0x09  0x07   Slime
2C.SHP 0x07  0x05   Darkeye
2D.SHP 0x14  0x11   Basilisk
2E.SHP 0x09  0x05   Ichthious
2F.SHP 0x1E  0x1B   Air Elemental
30.SHP 0x1C  0x19   Fire Elemental
31.SHP 0x16  0x15   Earth Elemental
32.SHP 0x1B  0x19   Water Elemental
33.SHP 0x1A  0x19   Dark Elemental
34.SHP 0x1C  0x12   Dullahan
35.SHP 0x1F  0x1C   Minotaur
36.SHP 0x1E  0x1C   Ogre
37.SHP 0x1E  0x13   Golem
38.SHP 0x20  0x1F   Kali
39.SHP 0x22  0x1C   Giant Crab
3A.SHP 0x26  0x23   Dragon Eye/Mouth
3B.SHP 0x26  0x23   Dragon Eye/Mouth
3C.SHP 0x1B  0x18   Harpy
3D.SHP 0x27  0x26   Dragon
3E.SHP 0x27  0x26   Sky Dragon
3F.SHP 0x27  0x26   Flame Dragon
40.SHP 0x27  0x26   Earth Dragon
41.SHP 0x27  0x26   Snow Dragon
42.SHP 0x27  0x26   Arch Dragon
43.SHP 0x27  0x26   Dark Dragon
44.SHP 0x25  0x24   Dragon Zombie
45.SHP 0x05  0x04
47.SHP 0x0E  0x0C   Wraith
48.SHP 0x0E  0x0C   Wraith (Vanishing/Appearing?)
49.SHP 0x1B  0x18   Harpy 2
4A.SHP 0x1B  0x18   Harpy 3
4B.SHP 0x1A  0x15   Mandel (Crimson Blade/Zombie)
4C.SHP 0x1D  0x13   Romeo Guildenstern (Bloodsin)
4D.SHP 0x1D  0x14   Romeo Guildenstern (Possessed)
4F.SHP 0x1D  0x16   Bloodsin
51.SHP 0x17  0x13   Duane (Normal)
52.SHP 0x19  0x14   Grissom (Bleeding)
54.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade
58.SHP 0x22  0x1C   Lich Lord
59.SHP 0x22  0x1E   Death
5A.SHP 0x1E  0x1B   Djinn
5B.SHP 0x1C  0x19   Ifrit
5C.SHP 0x16  0x15   Dao
5D.SHP 0x1B  0x17   Marid
5E.SHP 0x1A  0x17   Nightmare
5F.SHP 0x1C  0x12   Nightstalker
60.SHP 0x1C  0x14   Dark Crusader
61.SHP 0x1F  0x19   Minotaur Zombie
62.SHP 0x1E  0x1A   Ogre Lord
63.SHP 0x1E  0x1A   Ogre Zombie
64.SHP 0x1E  0x12   Iron Golem
65.SHP 0x1E  0x13   Damascus Golem
66.SHP 0x1F  0xDB   Ravana
67.SHP 0x20  0x1F   Asura
68.SHP 0x22  0x1C   Iron Crab
69.SHP 0x22  0x1C   Damascus Crab
6A.SHP 0x26  0x23   Dragon Eye/Mouth
6B.SHP 0x26  0x23   Dragon Eye/Mouth
6C.SHP 0x18  0x13   Quicksilver
6D.SHP 0x1E  0x19
6E.SHP 0x12  0x0C
6F.SHP 0x1E  0x1B   Sydney Losstarot (Dying)
70.SHP 0x18  0x13   Duke Bardorba
71.SHP 0x19  0x12   Dukes Assistant
72.SHP 0x19  0x13   Dukes Assistant 2
73.SHP 0x02  0x01   Dead man
74.SHP 0x02  0x01   Dead man 2
75.SHP 0x02  0x01   Dead Crimson Blade
76.SHP 0x02  0x01   Dead Crimson Blade 2
77.SHP 0x18  0x13   Quicksilver 2
78.SHP 0x18  0x15   Ashley Riot (White Tunic)
79.SHP 0x1D  0x12   Man from Briefing
7A.SHP 0x1F  0x1B   Baldy from Briefing
7B.SHP 0x26  0x1D   Lady from Briefing
7C.SHP 0x1B  0x17   Jan Rozencrantz 2
7D.SHP 0x19  0x14
7E.SHP 0x1B  0x19   Silver Wolf
80.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade
81.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
82.SHP 0x17  0x14   John Hardin
83.SHP 0x1E  0x1B   Sydney Losstarot (Normal)
84.SHP 0x04  0x03   Rope (Maybe)
85.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
86.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
87.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
88.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
89.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
8A.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Soldier
8B.SHP 0x03  0x02   Door (Maybe)
8C.SHP 0x02  0x01   Door (Maybe)
8D.SHP 0x02  0x01   Door (Maybe)
8E.SHP 0x03  0x01   Door (Maybe)
8F.SHP 0x03  0x01   Door (Maybe)
90.SHP 0x19  0x15   Bandit
91.SHP 0x19  0x14
92.SHP 0x1A  0x14   Goodwin
93.SHP 0x1A  0x14   Sackheim
94.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade
95.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade
96.SHP 0x19  0x14   Grissom (Zombie)
97.SHP 0x05  0x04   Romeo Guildenstern (Ascending)
98.SHP 0x24  0x21   Sydney Losstarot (White Robe)
99.SHP 0x20  0x1F   Matrix Ashley
9A.SHP 0x19  0x15   Lord Joshua
9B.SHP 0x24  0x21   Matrix Merlose
9C.SHP 0x1C  0x18   Callo Merlose
9D.SHP 0x1A  0x17   City Gaurd
9E.SHP 0x20  0x1A   Tia Riot (Dying)
9F.SHP 0x17  0x14   John Harding (Dying)
A0.SHP 0x17  0x12   Duane
A1.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade
A2.SHP 0x1A  0x14   Crimson Blade
A3.SHP 0x09  0x08   Crimson Blade
A4.SHP 0x04  0x03
A5.SHP 0x05  0x04
A6.SHP 0x22  0x19   Duke Bardorba
A7.SHP 0x19  0x14   Grissom (Normal)
A8.SHP 0x19  0x16   Mullenkamp Solder (Dying)
A9.SHP 0x1E  0x1B   Samantha (Normal)
AA.SHP 0x1D  0x1A   Romeo Guildenstern (Normal)
AB.SHP 0x02  0x01
AC.SHP 0x03  0x02
AD.SHP 0x17  0x14   Ashley Riot (Arm/Torso)
AE.SHP 0x03  0x02   
AF.SHP 0x28  0x1A
B0.SHP 0x28  0x0C
B1.SHP 0x13  0x0C   Platform During Final Battle
B2.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
B3.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
B4.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
B5.SHP 0x02  0x01   Lever / Switch (Opens Door in Wine Cellar)
B6.SHP 0x02  0x01   Lever / Switch (Opens Door in Wine Cellar)
B7.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
B8.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
B9.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BA.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BB.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BC.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BD.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BE.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
BF.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
C0.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
C1.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
C2.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
C3.SHP 0x02  0x01   Stone
C4.SHP 0x19  0x14   Grissom (Freshly Dead)
C5.SHP 0x03  0x02   Bloodstain
C6.SHP 0x20  0x1B
C7.SHP 0x02  0x01   Metal Gate
C8.SHP 0x03  0x02   Bloodstain
C9.SHP 0x18  0x15   Ashley Riot (White Tunic)
CA.SHP 0x18  0x15   Ashley Riot (White Tunic)
CB.SHP 0x1A  0x16   Crimson Blade Dummy
CC.SHP 0x1E  0x1C   Ogre Dummy
CD.SHP 0x1A  0x12   Skeleton Dummy
CE.SHP 0x0E  0x0C   Ghost Dummy
CF.SHP 0x1A  0x17   Lizardman Dummy
D0.SHP 0x1C  0x19   Gremlin Dummy