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This data is based on the US version Vagrant Story [NTSC-U] [SLUS-01040]

233eC	graphics (?) $800 bytes, 32*32, font
30a10	? table x4 bytes
31214	? table x1 bytes
31418	? table x2 bytes
31598	? table x2 bytes
39954	graphics "NOW LOADING" $1380 bytes, W/H(126,20) 
3ad30	LBA 400 files: folders SOUND, MUSIC(except WAVE0200.DAT), SE(except EFFECT00/1.DAT)
	(8 files missing (102-109) in MUSIC folder, their values point to 100)
3b370	size of the above files
3b9b0	pointers to positions in the above table (WAVE files)
3c1dc	256*skills
3f6cc	32*status effects list; Format: status effects
3f8cc	? list of rooms (zone/map) why?
3fc0c	? table 2x96 bytes
3fccc	ZND files list (LBA & rounded up size) $800 bytes
405E4	40*2    Break Arts kills requirements table
	        4 BA levels * 10 weapon_categories, 2 bytes each value
40688	?*1	table for enemies (indicates if has special effect)