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New policy is mentioned here. If you have any questions/problems, take it up with AnyoneEB. If the hacks are not on, it might be time to start uploading them.

See this also.

It's my understanding that they'll be kept for a while in case people want to back them up and move them elsewhere. Sure, some of the hack pages are filled with useful information, but 90% of them are not, and are merely just a title, and an author. Sites like are designed to be a hack/translation repository. If the hacks are great, they are most likely already on there... also features wiki-like descriptions that anyone can edit. But, like I said before, it's ultimately up to AnyoneEB what happens to them. It's his wiki... But this wiki was designed to be a data wiki, listing hacking information related to a game, such as offsets, table files, rom maps, etc... not how many hacks are based on a game, nor which hacks are the best. This is why the utilities are being maintained, as they are directly related to the game's data.

Danke pretty well summed it up. I do not want to destroy the data accumulated here about hacks. I made the decision based partially on the fact that has a user-editable database of hacks. Please migrate the information over there or to another site if you think it is important.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the hack pages have pretty much no information on them -- some even lacking a link and many not wikified -- and fixing up those pages would be a distraction from the main goal of this wiki of gathering any and all information about the ROMs themselves. Detailed coverage of assembly and even discussions of hacks that add specific features (like the Earthbound run-button hack or extended text-scripting hacks) which would be used in other hacks is within the scope of this wiki.
Also, note that I have not heard from anyone supporting keeping hack pages around. Perhaps if you could explain why you are against the solution of moving the information to, I may change my mind.
--AnyoneEB 05:44, 22 July 2009 (UTC)
The hack sections on the Mega Man II and IV pages have been temporarily restored with requests to remove information if and only if it has been transferred to --AnyoneEB 14:48, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

Moving hacks

I'm all for making Data Crystal into a repository of ROM-hacking related data, but I think some kind of coordinated effort ought to be made to put the hack pages with download links into ONE place, whether it's RHDN or somewhere else. The fact is that Data Crystal in many cases has more information on ROM hacks than RHDN or ACMLM or the other hacking sites. As an example, less than 1 / 6 of all the known hacks with working download links for Megaman II are available on either RHDN or ACMLM, and similar statements could truthfully be made about many of the other Megaman series hacks, as well. Data Crystal may not have been intended for the purpose, but it DID serve as a useful supplement to other ROM-hacking sites. Is there any way we could coordinate our efforts to move hacks with useful pages and download links to one place, or at least to make a temporary site that holds only hack related information, all of which can then be transferred to RHDN or elsewhere? My only concern is that the site that ambitiously attempted to become a "repository of all known hacking information" by bringing together information scattered on disparate sites all throughout the Internet should suddenly consign all of its information and pages on hacks to just such a fate, simply because the hacks themselves are not part of Data Crystal's original purpose. As has been said, this is ultimately AnyoneEB's call; but I for one have learned more about and located far more ROM hacks on Data Crystal than anywhere else on the net, and I hate to see all of the valuable information on hacks scattered across the Internet simply because someone decided to move them to several different places, or not to move them at all.

--Fabiansummers 08:12, 22 July 2009 (UTC)