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New policy is mentioned here. If you have any questions/problems, take it up with AnyoneEB. If the hacks are not on, it might be time to start uploading them.

See this also.

It's my understanding that they'll be kept for a while in case people want to back them up and move them elsewhere. Sure, some of the hack pages are filled with useful information, but 90% of them are not, and are merely just a title, and an author. Sites like are designed to be a hack/translation repository. If the hacks are great, they are most likely already on there... also features wiki-like descriptions that anyone can edit. But, like I said before, it's ultimately up to AnyoneEB what happens to them. It's his wiki... But this wiki was designed to be a data wiki, listing hacking information related to a game, such as offsets, table files, rom maps, etc... not how many hacks are based on a game, nor which hacks are the best. This is why the utilities are being maintained, as they are directly related to the game's data.