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The original name is Sega Mega Drive! Systems should be refered to their original names! ~X-or

Oh, sorry, I did not know that. That comment should really go on Talk:Sega Genesis. Although, Wikipedia says that Genesis is the name of the system in North America. Wouldn't suggesting that we call the Sega Genesis the Sega Mega Drive be like calling the NES the Famicom? At least, a redirect is in order from one to the other. --AnyoneEB 16:40, 25 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Why did you remove "contributed by X-or"? This is my original code and I don't want anyone to publish it without crediting my name. If you disagree this, I won't post any original code of mine anymore.

Data Crystal:Copyrights. That is exactly what you should do. Link to your code off-site if you do not agree with the license. Common courtesy dictates that someone does not take someone else's code (or work of any kind) without giving credit to the creator. --AnyoneEB 10:10, 1 November 2005 (EST)

Hi, I'm Gilgamesh, emulation researcher, former emulation programmer, and active editor on the main Wikipedia. I've started a new category, Category:Registered users, so that the editors can be listed similarly to Wikipedia's Category:Wikipedians. If you want to be listed in this category, you can add [[Category:Registered users]] to your user page and appear on the category page. Involvement is purely on a voluntary basis. - Gilgamesh 08:37, 21 November 2005 (EST)