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(Future Plans: no longer true, working on other projects outside of rom-hacking)
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*'''Monkeyspike V'Ball''' - hack of Superspike V'Ball
*'''Monkeyspike V'Ball''' - hack of Superspike V'Ball
==Future Plans==
He is currently toying around with Hyrule Magic and PKHack and may make a Super Monkey RPG style hack of either A Link to the Past or Earthbound.

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Juggaleaux was a romhacker in the late 90's and early 00's. He made the Super Mario RPG hack Super Monkey RPG in 2001 under his previous alias "chiefmonkey."

He made a few other substandard NES hacks that were mainly for learning experience and are not worth having an article for them:

  • Fuck Tales - hack of Duck Tales
  • Adventures in the Monkey Kingdom - hack of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
  • Monkeyspike V'Ball - hack of Superspike V'Ball


Juggaleaux and NinjaChipmunk are brothers.