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Just casually edited the Pokémon Red/Blue RAM map twice.

Member of the Glitch City Laboratories Forums and Wiki. Also member of the PRAMA Initiative team and semi-active researcher.

I also program a BUNCH of stuff, like on claculators and Game Boys (heck yeah !)

To-Do list : 1-1 Gain arbitrary code execution outside of the 3DS VC using Pokémon R/B (maybe Y ?)

 2 Gain control over the freaking 3DS OS
 3 Prove Game Freak the should have patched these games (U LAZY DEWDZ)

2-1 Finish a RPG on TI-83+ calculators

 2 Publish its engine alone (the RPG was no more than a demo !!1)
 3 ???
 4 Profit

3-1 Wait, maybe I should study my exams--

 2 Nah, let's go Skyrim. HECK YES.